Kansas Now Officially Gay, Jimmy Carter Deemed Wizard of OZ

Marriage Equality Kansas WP

In a flash, gay marriage becomes LAW in Kansas.  Finally, Sam Brownback won’t have to live illicitly anymore, carting his rent-boys to Thailand to satisfy his primal urges.

Finally, the Republican majority in the Kansas Legislature won’t have to cower like cowards in their closets, going to truck stops and airport bathrooms to get their rocks off when they can’t “pray the gay away” any longer!

Freedom at last!

The U.S. Supreme court ended a stay on the lower court’s ruling that had said their bigoted “gay marriage ban” was unconstitutional.  Happy day for happy people everywhere!  Congrats to all the suppressed gays in the GOP and all the victims their policies had made!

Supreme Court Drops Stay, Kansas Marriages Can Begin

closet suckers FB

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Republicans Absolutely Confused By Obama Attorney General Nominee [UPDATED]

President Obama's Eric Holder Attorney General Replaement, Loretta Lynch.

President Obama’s Choice to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General: Loretta Lynch.

In a rather brilliant move by President Barack Obama, he chose an African American woman named Loretta Lynch to replace outgoing Eric Holder.  It’s brilliant for a couple reasons.

First, it’s an African American woman.  Only the second African American, and the first woman in the position.  This pisses off neo-confederate Tea Party Republicns (pretty much all of them, now) to no end.  It makes them act stupid.  But, they just won the Senate, so surely, they’ll be adult about this like they were when they lost the fight to stop Blacks and whites from being allowed to legally marry, of course.

Secondly, she’s more than uber-qualified.  She was not only approved for her current position on the bench with a unanimous voice roll call vote, she was approved that way twice.  She’s a shoe-in for the position.  They’re going to WANT to den her, but doing so will highlight the fact that the GOP is and has been disgustingly racist for as long as it has existed.  Here’s her sterling biography:


And, third, her name absolutely confuses poor hill-folk.  Loretta Lynch is almost identical to their favorite twang darling, the Coal Miner’s Daughter herself, Loretta Lynn.  That not only confuses them, it infuriates them violently.

How dare them darkies mes with our virgin princess Loretta?

Here’s a bit about Kentucky hill country coal miner heroine Loretta Lynn.  Great woman and great singer, actually, but you know the type of knuckle-dragger that claims her as their own.


So, in a little nutshell, Loretta Lynch will be the next US Attorney General who will be charged with prosecuting election fraud and other various cases of corruption in politics, primarily amongst the ones doing it — our Republican opponents.  And any attempt they had been making to pretend that they were not racist — that racism in America is dead, will be hung from their cowboy hats like a big Scarlet Letter.

Oh, here it comes, right on schedule:

Loretta Lynch Racist PortrayalHere’s the article by Jean Ann Esselink at the New Civil Rights Movement about the predictable racist reaction already by the Republican Right.  FOX’s brood, in all its glory.



The dead Junkie ne0-Nazi Andrew Breitbart’s echo chamber magazine ran a story on Loretta Lynch as being one of Bill Clinton’s defense attorneys back when the Neocon Right came after him with the last big fake congressional outrage, “Whitewater.”  The Goebbelian hatchet job was obviously a purposefully incorrect report, but pegging it as a purposeful lie was adorable.  Here’s the segment on the Colbert Report.

Here’s the article about the Neo-Nazi hit piece in Talking Points Memo:

Stephen Colbert Praises Breitbart For Sticking With Its Wrong Story

And, I’ll end this with the video to Loretta Lynn’s famous song, Coal Miner’s Daughter:

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Obama Post-Red Wedding Press Conference

Red Weding Press Conference

In classic Barack Obama fashion, our President handles crisis with grace, honor, and class. Just hours after the results of America’s lazy, if not apathetic failure to vote out bigotry, ignorance, and destructive obstruction, the President got up on stage and explained how he would continue to do what he has been doing — repairing an economy mortally wounded by the Republicans who dragged us into two wars and allowed banks to nearly bankrupt the nation he swore to serve and protect.

The video below is the stream from the press conference yesterday.

“Our democracy is messy and we’re diverse, and we’re big.  And, there are times when you’re a politician and you’re disappointed with the results.   Maybe I’m just getting older, but it doesn’t make me mopey.  It energizes me ‘cos it means that this democracy is working.  People in America are restless and impatient; and we want to get things done.  Even when things are good, we want them to do better.  That’s why this is the greatest country on earth, and that’s why I’m privileged to be President for the next couple years.”  

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There is Hope!

Nate Silver Math WP

The DCCC just informed me that Nate Silver updated his tune a bit.  Early numbers suggest that Democrats may have better than even chances at winning the following races today, and thus, the Senate.

Nate Silver: “Democrats could win in a shocker.”

KY 44-43 (McConnell),
NC 43-42,
GA 47-47,
CO 45-43,
IA 47-47,
AK 46-45.

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D-Day is Judgment Day is Election Day is Upon Us

Judgment Day WP

D-DAY IS UPON US. It’s do or die. See the D’s? D-Day. Determined. Be it. Get out the vote. Do everything you can to help everyone you can to ensure their voice is heard.

Now for some Bill Maher lambasting Democrats who foolishly run from a successful President.

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Colbert Describes Democrats’ Balls

Oh My Balls 1It doesn’t take a lot to intro this post.  Stephen Colbert explains how Hanes has a difficult time constructing underpants that can house his manhood, speaking metaphorically for all Democrats.  GOTV!

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Happy Halloween!

GOP Halloween Card I

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