Colbert Describes Democrats’ Balls

Oh My Balls 1It doesn’t take a lot to intro this post.  Stephen Colbert explains how Hanes has a difficult time constructing underpants that can house his manhood, speaking metaphorically for all Democrats.  GOTV!

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Happy Halloween!

GOP Halloween Card I

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Another Dangerous Virus Gets Through DFW International Airport Gates

DFW Asshola

The most virulent, dangerous disease to make it into Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport this year is Bigot Asshola, not harmless Ebola. Asshola is airborne, as the stink of rot and crusted feces from the carrier’s flatulent carcass indicates. Native to Texas, this virus is common throughout the Southern US, usually contained in trailer parks amongst the uneducated ranks of wannabe militant secessionists.

It’s not been determined if the fact that most cases have been found in assailants with rap sheets is a contributing factor to contracting it, or if it is one of the symptoms that comes from having been infected. Either way, the CDC has washed its hands, hoping that the Justice Department will be able to isolate and quarantine the burnouts with the disease.

In all seriousness, this story is about a yet-to-be-identified redneck who kicked and struck an innocent man he identified as a “queen” and a “fagot.”

He was wrestled to the ground by bystanders and police. The arresting officers happened to be African American, and were berated with bigoted slur as he was handcuffed. If ever a crime was to be deemed a “hate crime,” it would be this, as it was caught entirely on camera from start to finish.

It being Texas, the DA will probably not do so, even if charges are even filed, and it may have to be filed federally by the Department of Justice. Just like was the protocol in Alabama during the Civil Rights era.

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What Is That On Hill Over Yonder?

In New Hampshire this weekend, an occupy-style St. Patrick’s day drunken flash-mob of a riot happened.  It sure looks like it was a good ol’ time for the under 21 dorm ramen and cheap beer crowd.  They have deemed it the

Pumpkin Riot Billboard

The media, specifically Twitter, is having a good time chastising law enforcement for how different it is between pasty white New Hampshire and melanin-rich Ferguson-villes when they riot.  Twitter plays viral with jokes that poke fun at all the bigots who condescendingly criticized a predominately African American community for bizarre racist reasons.  For example:

pumpkin tweeet

There is a plethora of other tweets #pumpkinriot and #keanepumpkinfest.  And, there are some phenomenal photos of the riot:

But, that’s hardly the story behind this glaring neon warning in all of our faces.

White America has felt comfortable with the influx of militant US Vets back from war, filling the roles of what could have once been called “peace officers” in forces across the country.  It’s like the campaigns of fear of everything has kept us dutifully occupied with nice, shiny objects as they have become giant swat teams.  We have all sat idly by as the Department of Defense has supplied police forces with war machines they do not need and trained them to treat us like Taliban insurgents.

White America has basked in a  naively comfortable glow as police have descended on black communities with tanks and automatic firearms.  They fatten up like cattle, proving  to their predictable selves  that “it’s only blacks and their violent behavior” who have anything to fear from gestapo as it grows like poison ivy around their own legs.   Incidences like the Zimmerman “child-hunting murder” and the assassinations of the African American children by criminal policemen in St. Louis.   It’s serving to empower a comically-entitled caste of bigots.  To them, it’s only descendants of slaves who have the targets on their backs.

A fool’s paradise.

The brilliantly-produced military response to the rowdy students who got all  Manchester United hoodlum on a pumpkin festival showed how the United States is mobilizing police forces unlike the world has seen outside of Iraq and Afghanistan.  For the first time outside of Occupy Wall Street, America has seen that these shock and awe forces aren’t just New York and LA, but every town of noticeable size in the country.

Military as  Police

The question we should all be asking is WHY?  Why is this happening and what scenarios are the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) preparing for?

Water shortages and mass drought?

An economy that won’t sustain?

I don’t have answers to these questions, but it should be very apparent to every American that we all need to pay close attention to what is happening locally, of course, but that we should not  take our eyes off the ball nationally or internationally when it even remotely looks like the shiny object in front of us makes it appear OK to.  Police states don’t build forces like these in countries with black sites that allow torture and detention without trial as an innocent oversight.

We are all a bit too naive for our own good, and I hypothesize that this will become more apparent as the future unfolds around us, leading up to and through the 2016 Presidential election.  For now, VOTE BLUE to try to at least put a cork in the dam.

At least slow the leaks.

The pools gathering at its base reflect the darkest parts of our American soul.  The right wing flood pressuring through is ominous, regardless of whether or not the folk in the Republican Tea Party can recognize it or not.  Seeing anything around them is nearly impossible as they’re rushing gleefully off the cliff to behind the droning whistle of FOX’a Pied Piper dog whistle.  Their sad delusion of being some kind of genetic king of a trailer jungle is comic false arrogance.  The Tea-stained base of the Republican Party are in a place not much better off than the untouchables.

untouchableWith any luck, instances like this will show them that they are all in the same position as all those they labor to hate and fear.

Below is video of the Rowdy college drunks rallying around pumpkin mayhem and the Military crackdown that ensued:

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California Highway Patrol Misunderstanding Update

California Highway Patrol Brutal Attack

You’ve probably heard all you can stomach about the California Patrol Officer, Daniel Andrew.

About police Brutality at its ugliest.

About officer Andrew, who beat an elderly woman with a mental illness to unconsciousness on the side of the road.

Yeah, that one. If not, no problem. Being months late means the wheels of justice are finally moving and you get to learn of justice the same time you hear of the crime.

Takes a while for the white establishment to charge one of their uniformed own for anything. Be thankful to the passerby citizen who videoed it, because this is more the norm than not, and without the video, this would have never even been judged.

Marlene Pinnock

As it turns out, it has and is being judged. A jury penalized the California Highway Patrol $1.5 Million for allowing a culture where something like this could happen, and the Holder Justice Department is pursuing federal charges on Andrew.

Andrew could still be charged criminally in the case. The CHP forwarded the results of its investigation of the incident to Los Angeles County prosecutors last month, saying he could face serious charges.” (from Yahoo News)

Eric Holder may brush off the Los Angeles Prosecutor’s office to charge this violent criminal with federal charges.

People who defend police above all else commonly say that the kinds of low lives with badges like Daniel Andrew are the exception. Bad apples who do not represent the entirety of the various forces in which they serve.

Most police are good, hard-working, honest people.

That would be true if it were true.

At all.

But, it is not true. You may not have been in the bank when the “really bad apple robber” shot the pregnant teller, but it doesn’t matter. If you drove the getaway car, you are going to be charged with the robbery and the murder the same as if you had pulled the trigger.

In the video of the disabled woman being brutally beaten,  you see a second officer come to assist Daniel  Andrew.  That officer saw this. crime happen in front of him.  Yet, it took a citizen with a random, roving camera to bring this to light.

It’s easy and obvious to say that officers of Andrew’s caliber do not exist in a vacuum. But, when the supposed good cops cover for crimes like this, it calls the whole force’s credibility into appropriate question.

All police know about these types of people in their ranks.  They are the exception, but it only takes one fart to spoil the elevator ride, so to speak.  Having ANY militant, racist, violent, or otherwise unstable people charged with the responsibility that comes with carrying a badge is grossly unacceptable.

Having even one rogue officer like this with a license to kill is too much.

Until every peace officer is willing to brave the thin blue line to see to it that the police at risk to violate their sacred public trust don’t carry firearms, the entire system is flawed and illegitimate.  Unless every officer takes this responsibility to heart, they are all bad seeds.

Analogous is the recent ironic tragedy of the glorious New Jersey state champion football team. The most steroid-charged amongst them thought it would be ritualistically empowering to bend the freshman team over a locker room bench and molest them.

Lord of the Flies Football Gang Rapists

No one is arguing that the seven bad apples of this bunch need to meet Justice. Well, Juvenile probation justice, but whatever. A little bit of justice. Gotta start somewhere.

But, alas, counter-controversy hits the Jersey Shore: the goldarn gub’mnt cancelled the rest of the season. And, maybe next season too.

Oh Hellz no!

Why would they go and punish the whole team — and the good ol’ boys who love watching them some Jersey High School football like that just because of a few bad apples?

I’ll tell you why:

The entire team — players, coaches, and alumni alike — all knew either about the crime as it happened or that “indiscretions” like this happen with traditional regularity. No way this was a fluke gang rape ceremony. This high school’s football program has a “Lord of the Flies” culture of social and general moral degradation. Parties like this are more akin to tradition. The program has a culture of rotten apple worship that you just can’t fix.

If we have any police forces in the United States that are just dirty – corrupt, racist, and violent to the core it may be necessary to shut them down and reboot the system.

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Hong Kong: Lesson in the Beauty of Direct Democracy

By Citizen D’Mused

If you haven’t heard much about the massive protests going on in China the past couple of weeks, then you are a victim of horrible news reporting.  Did I say China?.

Hong Kong 1That’s Hong Kong, specifically. They are part of China now. Venice, California doesn’t like being told to cover up their bikinis when coming in for a latte, folks in Hong Kong don’t like having long-held freedoms being state-censored.

Hong Kong is a progressive Western democracy being repressed 18th century-style. They were traded like a territorial slave at auction, wholesale, and they want a voice in their future. So, they took to the streets. Made Occupy look like they weren’t even serious about it.

The police at first behaved like American or Egyptian police behave. They attacked with militant force and tried dispersing the unrest with chemical weapons.

Hong Kong 2That didn’t work out so well. During the Cold War, we always talked about China being a scary potential threat to the US, because who wants to imagine a “billion screaming Chinamen coming at you?”

Well, Chinese police don’t want to imagine it. This is a HUGE protest. Proud people used to freedom who won’t settle for anything less Not at the hands of a truly authoritarian quasi-communist regime. Hong Kong is better than that. Imagine the throngs of peaceful protesters demanding a better tomorrow.

Hong Kong 5The numbers of people protesting is as surreal as it is inspiring. On the backdrop of the beautiful Hong Kong skyline, it is absolutely storybook. Below the image is a helicopter drone video of the protests. And, below that is a grouping of news articles and updates about it.

Hong Kong Protest Beauty

The video, set appropriately to the old Star Wars theme. Ten points if you can peg the closing clip. Think Blue. Always think Blue.


Reference links and story updates:

1) First, the ubiquitous Wikipedia entry. Always the most up-to-date collection of source:

2) VOX’s take. If you don’t know VOX, get to know it. New this year, founded by our friends, Democratic Strategist and MyDD founder, Jerome Armstrong; SB Nation founder Ty Blezinski; and the founder of the Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas. This visionary digital media stock, media-bred alongside Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg. This is the new proprietary face of news, and it’s run by young progressive media moguls.

3) The Mic’s take. The voice of the Millennial generation sees it how they view the world.

4) [UPDATE] Reports of police crackdown, arrests, and injuries.

5) [UPDATE] One of the most interesting aspects to the counter-protest is the way their analysts have learned from us. Similar to what Dick Armey did through his American Enterprise Institute (AEI) with the creation of the Tea Party. The artificial pro-regime brigades were materialized with frightening “blitzkrieg” swiftness. They must spend phenomenal amounts of money maintaining these modern brownshirt Asian Green Tea Party. From the Washington Post.

6) [UPDATE] There have been talks with the non-leaders of this largely leaderless, decentralized, near-spontaneous protest movement. Not that they could negotiate a stand-down if they wanted to, but they don’t, and didn’t. They held true to themselves and Mother Earth.

7)   [UPDATE]  One of the tough things in the Western world in taking this in and finding a place to file it in the “Mind Palace.”  Hard for English-speakers to fully grasp when the protest signs are all in Chinese and Cantonese.  Here’s a nice BIG one they made just for us>:
Hong Kong Protest

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There Will Be No Congressional Right Wing Grinch This Christmas

The Republican Party, led by their same ol’ Neocon establishment and conveniently-fronted by their rabid Dick Armey-cultured pet Tea Party anti0reconstruction segregationist Confederate Obstructionists have failed to tank the U.S. economy.  Despite all they’ve done to drown it in their bile, President Obama has yet again proven that when your opponent weighs you down with every rock in their quarry, slow and steady will ALWAYS win the race.

Endless budget deal sabotage?  FAIL.

Obstruct Jobs bills at every turn?  FAIL.

Prevent minimum wage increase and deny workers healthcare?  FAIL.

Obstruct and filibuster everything Obama has tried to do?  FAIL.

Holding our nation hostage and starving her children?  FAIL.

The right wing leading this dead elephant of a party has done EVERYTHING they can to damage the economy of the U.S. and even sabotage our foreign policy, putting Americans in clear and present danger at home and abroad in order to con us all into placing the blame for their actions on our President.  Calling him a Communist.  Drooling unabashed racism and praying to the shadows their hopes come from that an angry white war criminal can again lead them into doom.  But, it didn’t work.

Obama Santa A WEB

The Commerce Department revised their 3rd quarter numbers, bringing the US GDP’s rise from 3.6% to a blazing 4.1%.  As the Washington Post Reports:

This stunning rise is the second highest rise in a quarter’s GDP growth since the recession started in 2007, only eclipsed by 2011’s Christmas 4th quarter.  This is amazing, especially the nefarious roadblocks put up by the Republican party to prevent it from ever having happened.  Some of it has to do with inventory, but regardless, this is excellent news.  A very good Christmas present from a President who has chosen not to give up under the greatest of adversities and is going to be remembered for it.

Merry Christmas!

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