Satan Speaks in Las Vegas

Pence Satan Speaks WP

You thought that when the Devil came, it’d be down in Georgia.  In a shocking surprise, he came as an old Nazi to Vegas.  If only what happened there STAYED THERE.  Bury this cultist POS in a shallow grave in the desert and be done with him, for chrissake.

Pun intended.

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Republicans Cool With Their Own Disgracing Our Flag

Kis Rock For President WP

A man (Colin Kaepernick) knelt at the recitation of the national anthem.  Not to protest America, but to protest the systematic murder and legal condoning of it through absolute lack of prosecution of the crimes.

Magnana Mouse –>

Republicans cry to mommy when a scary black guy peacefully drops to a knee in protest of hate and genocide, but are OK with a meth addict wiping his filthy ass with a flag he has carved up to shove his little head through and wear like a Superdouche cape.  Kid Rock (Robert James Ritchie) epitomizes how far the Republican party has fallen and how little their empty words mean about anything.

Randy Thomasson, the  president of Campaign for Children and Families, was outraged that the disgraced lunatic, posing as a “rapper,” could ever be welcomed as a Republican standard bearer.

“I just read Kid Rock’s sexually explicit lyrics and feel ashamed and dirty for even looking at his songs.  This is the worst I’ve ever seen. This guy’s singing about how he drugs and molests every girl and then demands to be allowed to do it with their moms. ”

NY Daily News –>

The big difference between the drug-addled Nugent and the meth-soaked Kid Rock is that Kid rock believes that he’s actually qualified to represent Americans in the U.S. Senate.  Again, Randy Thomasson, the president of Campaign for Children and Family explains the insanity of Kid Rock representing ANYONE as an elected leader.

“If this sex-depraved animal, whose favorite word is F.U.C.K., is allowed to oust the honorable Michigan Senator, Debbie Stabenow,  this will send a clear message to pro-family Americans that the Republican Party has taken them for a ride and ditched them in the gutter.”

Politico –>

Debbie Stabenow WP.jpg

With the rise of the likes of Sarah Palin; the Tea Party; Donald Trump, and now Kid Rock, America has more and more begun to resemble a real-life version of Matt Judge’s Idiocracy.  The race to elect an actual President Camacho is no longer a parody joke.

Youtube –>


President Camacho WP

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Colin Kaepernick Wasn’t Protesting America, Genius

Tom Morello of Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine stood up not for Colin Kaepernick, but for the sanctity of peaceful protest not to be mischaracterized by untoward people who would use what Kaepernick did to forward their own bigotry.

Watch Real Time with Bill Maher on Hulu –>

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Trump’s Brilliant Tax Relief Plan

Trump has a Tax Plan.  Hold on to your seats, because it appears that Donald was in this from the beginning to Rob the US Treasury of all of its gold and ensure he could safely conceal it in Russian Banks offshore.

The Washington Post –>

The More you know.


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Grand Ol’ Cross Burns Anew

Klan GOP Reunion WP

The people who imagine themselves “conservative” are herded into a guns n glory march with the super-wealthy masters of their everyday.  This engineered base of folk tend to have a penchant for nationalist, largely nativist cultural identity.  They tend to unite behind a misguided reverent fondness for the slave state confederate traitors against the United States.  There is an undeniable bigotry and shameful belief in their superiority as melanin-deficient hairless apes.

And, now the KKK is de-hooded and proudly marching in step with their Nativist brothers in arms.

David Duke openly praises Trump for defending the White Supremacy movement, showing neo-Confederate and neo-Nazi white supremacists shade and encouraging their race hate.

Independent –>

It’s always been there, the ancient vile race-hatred.  It just cowers in shame in the dark closets of the scumbags who harbor it.

Trump has deemed it honorable to be a white power neo-Nazi in his fiefdom.  And, now, the FBI has declared the effort to have created an Americn ISIS, easily as dangerous as their desert cousins.

Independent –>

Good people aren’t this, though.  The “Grand Old” party of the incoming generation’s parents handed down to them a rote loyalty to what turned out to be the party of hate, bigotry, misogyny, and the Ku Klux Klan.  And, in their defense, they hearken back to a hero of their message, Joseph Goebbels.  Goebbels was a sick man who was Propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler’s 3rd Reich who believed, in a nutshell, that you can convince people that “he who smelt it, dealt it.”

Joseph Goebbels Accuse Other Side WP

Young Americans and their parents are starting to come to full grips with the scope of the con through which they were led to base their worldview.  It took them a while, but it takes some hard proof that Santa was just manipulative parents keeping their children young, naive, and dependent on them.  They are waking from a long, dreamless sleep.

Trump, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan are about to be on their own.  An awakened youth won’t be going down with this shamed ship.



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White House Press BS Machine on a Loop

Repetition Addition WP

Sarah Huckabee Sanders saunters to the White House Briefing podium daily and is asked questions about things you wouldn’t remember from her guiding press to meaningful understanding.  Daily, she refuses to answer questions with anything resembling clarity.  Instead, she defaults to:

“The President has been very clear about that,” or

“I’ll have to look into that and get back to you,” or

“I’m not aware of any specifics,”

Why the White House Press Corps bothers continuing ask this sow questions is perplexing.  One can only surmise they are just waiting for her to clip or crack up.

Huckabee-Sanders may have coasted this far into her false-tenure as Trump’s propaganda minister without answering a single question. She is a spectre.  Nothing more than spin, lies, and manipulation. She is not just some grunt infantry dupe.

She is in this coup up to her beady eyes.

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Ages Unite

Unite. It means something.

Republicans see that their party is walking rot. A living corpse. Without honor. Led by a Russian useful idiot godless rich human garbage. They have done nothing but obstruct progress and spread their darkness like a virus cancer for the last decade.

Their leader is destroying America as he destroys the very fabric of Western Civilization. The right in America is utterly destroying the American healthcare system. They are hastening  a thermonuclear war which will end our species on this planet long before the Global Climate Change they have welcomed on us does it in slo-mo.

Now, the Deplorables and their Bern-or-Bust Russio-bot cousins cry out that we must UNITE and fix the problems that THEY created.

Well, I am for uniting. But, not with Republicans. Not with a damn one of them. They caused all of this shit to catalyze, so now they can lock themselves up in their rooms andstay high & quiet on Oxycodone until they die.

Don’t get me wrong, though.  I do believe in uniting to beat back fascism and march America FORWARD. Liberals of all ages who have RESISTED the slow-disgraceful de-evolution of the Republican cabal coming together to suffocate all of the darkness that has bled out from Trump’s rotting corpse. Tonight in New York’s Central Park, we did just that . This is Stevie Wonder singing five or so decades of hits that shaped all of our lives.

Ages Unite 1 WP

He was supposed to deliver a warm stage to young Grasshopper, Pharrell Williams and kind of hand off the baton to a musical disciple.

Ages Unite 2 WP

In the end, poor Pharrell was either too awed by being around Stevie or he got too high in the trailer to carry the baton (which would be hyper-ironic concerning Millennials being able to host our planet after us, but I digress). People still came together and danced and loved. The Global Citizen Festival was a GIANT success.

Ages Unite 3 WP

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