Blames it on the Rain [Obama Photo Tribute]

Donald Trump shows the world yet again how classless he is.  And, by extension, how classless we all are, as his subjects.  Willingly or not.  Today, our illegitimate President refused to stand with the rest of our allies’ leaders as they honored all of our fallen heroes.  It was sprinkling on the solemn Aisne Marne American Cemetery that marks the  ferocious Battle of Belleau Wood.

Donald and Melania were rightfully worried that they could get whetted.  Mussed.  So, they threw in a DVR of Hannity re-runs and lounged out on Air Force One.  Here’s a couple photos proof positive that any President in their right mind would cower at the first sign of raindrops.  This is President Obama cowering from scary rain.

The Hill  –>



Blame it all on something, you always-losing, ceaselessly-lying con artist. May as will blame it on the rain. There are a bunch of other pics of our last legitimate President not-cowering like trump cower from the scary poison rain after the “SEE MORE,” below.

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Don’t Holster Up Just Yet

For most of us, a good month of work went into the Midterm elections.  For some, the groundwork for these contests started two years ago or more.  That Stacey Abrams was even within striking distance when the initial vote counting started to wrap up seems absolutely miraculous.  But, it was more than that.

The Georgia elections were testament to some very good candidates and a lot of hard workers.  Ones who deserve REST.

But, not yet.  Stacey Abrams may be getting a runoff with the crooked Secretary of State cheating bigot.  But, one runoff has become official.  The Democrat who would be in charge of CRUSHING Voter Suppression that has held back candidates like Abrams will face off for all the marbles on DECEMBER 4th.

Georgia Secretary of State Runoff WP



Atlanta Journal Constitution  –>–regional-govt–politics/georgia-secretary-state-race-likely-headed-for-runoff/HhhuYQupISMQCF0ce02CWL/

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Trump Brownshirts Mole into Facebook Safe Places

This was a “Days Until the Miterm Election” post in Get Out the Dem Vote Facebook page.

Facebook  –>

Get Out the Dem Vote posted it in a Facebook Group focused on grassroots activism.  The group is used as a means of distributing information that aids Democratic and other Resistance-oriented campaigns.  As you might imagine, there are no Republicans in the group.  Besides the moles there for no good to be had.

Well, today one of those moles popped its head out of the shadows.  As you can imagine, Magnana Mouse was there to hammer its head back to whence it came.  Here is record of the carnage.  And, yes, Magnana Mouse artists customized the beat down:


Douchebag Trump Mole in a Grassroots Action Group.jpg

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Advise and Contempt

Madam Secretary - Madeline Powell Hillary First Frame STILL 2This is new. Former office holders rarely, if ever, participate in fictional portrayals of politics on Television program. But, then you have a reality show con artist as your illegitimate President, you have to fight battles in the theaters (punny, eh?) he drags his troops into.

Here, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, and our legitimate President, Hillary Clinton appear in groundbreaking cameos to advise the current Secretary of State how to confront . . . the foes who attacked the White House.

The story wasn’t about Trump and his Russian handlers. Not really. But, the story seems to have been written so that these three could deliver a public service announcement to our Resistance to the Trump-Russian-Republican coup that is playing out in real life just out of view of the show.


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“Grab ’em” Seminar Tix Selling Like Hotcakes [VID]

grab em by the pussy trump sign

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court is comfortably hostile to women; now that Republicans have forced through a drunken, angry, hyper-partisan, lying accused rapist on as the majority vote, “Grab ’em” seminars are all the rage.

Women are quite officially “breeder stock” and are no more than property. It’s good that men can learn to grab random womens’ “pussies” with pro techniques so’s not to injure their fingers, hands, or arms.

Tickets are only $319, with proceeds being split between the Trump for President campaign, the Ku Klux Klan, and the NRA.


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Welcome to the Next 35 Years

Yup WP

Susan just announced that she was a YES for Kavanaugh making it a 5-4 EXTREMIST RIGHT SUPREME COURT.  In an hour-long speech on the U.S. Senate floor, she tried to justify her decision to the women she just let down.  Every word came across as a plea for all of the women on the edge of their chairs NOT to stand up and walk away from her.

Didn’t work.  And, just like that, a yet-to-be-determined Democratic challenger to Collins in 2020 just received millions of dollars in grassroots campaign contributions.

The Hill  –>

Joe Manchin, bookend Democrat in West Virginia, was in favor of Kavanaugh.  He’s a socially conservative Southern Democrat.  Had Collins voted NO, he would not let women down by being the person who cast the deciding vote to put him on the Supreme Court.  But, Collins voted yes.  How he chose to vote would be neither here nor there.

It allowed him to vote in support of Kavanaugh.    The pro-Kavanaugh vote will likely ensure he keeps his seat  in the upcoming Midterm.  This confirmation of Kavanaugh will hurt the people of the United States for decades.

That said, the chances of the Democrats taking back the Senate in a month just spiked.

A whole lot of congressional investigations will begin on Nov. 7th.

Further, 2020 just got VERY ugly for the Trump-Putin-Repubican party.  Trump is toast  He’ll be impeached by the House.  And, should he somehow steal the election, as many believe he and Russia will try to do, there will likely be a super-majority of Democrats in Senate.  There is a good chance that:

  1.  Both Kavanaugh an Clarence Thomas will be impeached.
  2.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire and be replaced.
  3.  A Democratic President will replace all three with center-left judges.
  4.  The days of Republican Gerrymandering and mass-suppression and mass incarceration in private prisons will come to an en.
  5.  Congress will likely add two more judges to the Supreme Court and establish term limits on the position.  Likely 9-yr terms.

When the dust settles in 2021, there will be an 11-member court 8-3 Liberal.  There will be a Democratic super-majority in both the U.S. House and Senate.  On top of it all, there will be a DEMOCRAT in the Oval Office.  We will be DEEP in the process of undoing all of the damage that Trump and the Republican party have done to us.

We will be hard at work desperately trying to save the waning future of the planet.

We will be very busy reorganizing Healthcare, housing, and public education; fixing our crumbling infrastructure; saving all of the institutions that have been left bleeding on the floor after metaphorical gang rapes by the Trump-cult; and actually draining that swamp.

We WILL earn back our friendship an partnership with the world.

Today is the day we begin a REAL Revolution.

Killer Democrat Scares Pussy Republican WP.jpg


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TrumpCare Spam Con Commences

This was in my SPAM folder this morning.  The Trump Republican Reich hasn’t murdered the Affordable Care Act, and already they have unleashed the vultures to bleed it dry.

To bleed ALL Americans dry:

TrumpCare BS Mail.jpg

Of, course, I had to take a look at Trump’s Privatized Medicaid had for my parents.  I was greeted by their mission statement and an invitation for me to give them my personally identifying contact information:

Trump Care Medicare Mission

The Healthcare landscape has been rapidly changing under the Trump administration, with his collective policy updates often being referred to as Trumpcare. For example, tax penalties instilled under previous regulation have been rolled back, along with the reveal of the “American Patients First” plan which aims to lower prescription drug prices for consumers. Under these revisions, seniors are expected to have more freedom in choosing their coverage. Our goal is to help demystify the confusing landscape of Medicare plans and help match you with a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

So, Trump’s Medicaid is an opening for private insurers to solicit consumers to purchase private insurance plans.  Yeah, sure.  That’s Medicare.  That’s a social safety net.  Our parents are in good hands.

Trump’s Medicare Healthcare plan advertised a phone Number to call with questions.  I recommend that everyone call it.  From a work phone.  Maybe a burner?  Someplace they can’t put you on a SPAM solicitation list, because you know that this Administration operates within this ideology of social and economic anarchy.

TrumpCare BS Phone

Please leave comments about your exploits with their customer service.  Oh, if you would like to spend time on the TrumpCare Medicare website, I present:

TrumpCare  –>

Be careful what personally identifiable information you give them.  If you use a TOR browser, it would be best to use it when going to this site.  Always assume that webmasters on this administration are working from an office in the Kremlin.

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