“We Vote REPUBLICAN Because Small Government, Commies!”

Hillary Strong If you are a species of American with an identity that says: “I am a Republican,” then you think to yourself: “I am a conservative.  I believe in State’s rights” and “I will kill and die for small government.”

Only, you are conned into believing the orange-tinted House emperor is actually wearing clothes over his limply little Boehner.  Conservative doesn’t mean regressive.  A conservative believes in conserving.  Conserving our wildlife.  Our middle class.  Not going back to a Jim Crow era or segregation and confederate slavery; kept women; and unregulated industry that allows the billionaire class to get away with profiting off the blood of fellow humans.

It sure doesn’t mean that we spend hundreds of billions expanding government to play the Minority Report role of big brother to build fantasy walls keeping the world out and entrapping all of us IN the borders of our crumbling country and its sadly-deteriorating infrastructure.

It doesn’t mean creating an army of police-state Sturmabteilung (S.A.) agents to do what we did with the Iraq war and drain our economy dry to round up 11 million people in rail cars to ship off to camps before achieving some soul-less “final solution.”  This is not only racist, short-sighted, and anti-American to the core; it is wildly hypocritical.

Everyone — even the rubes towing the disgraced Tea Party line knows this.  Hillary Clinton — our next POTUS — spells it out in a press briefing at the summer DNC meeting.

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Did President Obama Really Let Shell Oil Flush the Arctic?

I love my president, Barack Obama. But, I love truth, reality, and justice much more.

Obama has done a TON of good amidst unprecedented obstruction. All dripping with Republican race-hate and otherwise evil regressive right wing anti-American urine trickled down on him from the penthouse suite.

But, what is this I hear? The President is in Alaska touting an environmental call-to-arms just after allowing Shell Oil to head to the Arctic to Katrina up one of the last pristine habitats left on the planet?

Arctric Oil PlatformOh, but he did, and I for one want to know why he would do such a thing. And, I want to know how any Liberal — any progressive-minded human could give him some kind of pass on it. How could anyone not employed by Shell Oil be down with it?

But, this is from Democracy Now. Hands down the most liberal News program out there. Maybe they’re just going hyper-progressive in attack-the-Demcrat-for-not-being-Democrat-enough. Right? How’s about a reality vaccination:

“The Obama administration, citing “rigorous safety standards” and a long review process, has granted conditional approval to energy giant Shell to begin oil drilling in the Arctic waters off the coast of Alaska.”

The Guardian.
“U.S. President Barack Obama has removed one of the last obstacles to oil drilling in Arctic waters, granting Shell permission to bore two new exploratory wells.”

The Washington Post.
“The Obama administration gave Shell the go-ahead Wednesday to drill two oil exploration wells in the Chukchi Sea about 70 miles off Alaska’s Arctic coast.”

Think Progress.
The Obama administration is now allowing the oil company to drill even deeper. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) approved Shell’s application to modify one if its exploratory drilling permits on Alaska’s northwest shoreline, meaning that Shell can “burrow into potential oil-bearing reservoirs thousands of feet below the seafloor that previously had been off limits.”

It is true. The Oil Industry boon that Greenpeace had people hanging off of bridges and risking being crushed in kayaks to prevent was allowed to happen because President Barack Obama chose to allow it to happen.

Why, exactly?

Well, Obama counters the allowance to the Dutch company with a ban on drilling on 1.4 million acres of Alaskan shoreline and by saying that the Arctic drilling is in waters much less deep than in the already-destroyed Gulf of Mexico (Reuters).

So, Dutch Shell Oil should be trusted with this pristine habitat like British Petrolium (BP) was trusted to do in the Gulf of Mexico.

Brilliant planning. The earth is well on its way to Hell in a handbasket we wove, so why the hell not, right?

So, the President flew to Alaska today to give a speech about how committed he is to saving the planet through his dedication to renewable energy. Has everyone gotten it all wrong, or is this one of the biggest hypocritical attempts at saving face in his entire presidency?

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Child Trump Drags Poo into the Kitchen . Ewww. Ignore the poop.

Trump Rat Head Poo ChildDon’t waste time on Donald Trump.

He won’t get the Republican nomination, and were he to somehow steal and BS his way into the slot, we should all wait and aim weapons at him in the general. No use wasting good rounds before the firefight. Let them continue shooting themselves in their shriveled little nuts. They’ll be limping impotently into the showdown. Hillary isn’t spending a lot of time going back and forth with them yet for this reason.

Don’t stress yourself out on these half-wit loudmouths now. All you’ll do is lose your voice. They none of them deserve to have people at the adult table discuss the poop they dragged out of their training toilet into the kitchen. Nasty little children. That’s what Trump is. A dirty little Pigpen of a kid dragging poop into the kitchen and saying: “lookie what I got mama!”

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BREAKING: Truth in Hillary Classified Email on Rogue Server?

Cool Hillary ChattinI meant: Broken. BS accusations by bitter Nazi propagandist wnnabes in the Republican echo machine have no more validity than their Big Oil arguments against taking responsibility for our culpability in causing Global Climate Change.

They tried to create a false-reality with the Benghazi incident, and they’re trying to lie and BS the same kind of big-lie campaign here, hoping enough people are just ignorant and misogynist enough to buy it with this fake-scandal.

Below, you’ll see the State Department explain how Secretary Clinton followed all of the rules and regulations that were written by Republicans in Colin Powell’s era. No classified information was ever distributed by the Democratic Presidential frontrunner. They may retrospectively mark things as classified, but that doesn’t make anything she did a break from protocol. They can retrospectively make being female outside a man’s kitchen a felony (don’t laugh, that’s not far outside the GOP sharia drive), but that isn’t going to haunt Hillary either.

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BROKEN: Reposting This Blog in 10 Minutes

Cool Hillary ChattinSorry for the need to clean up house a bit.  Due to a need to edit the title.  Already edited, but with WordPress, if you publish with a title and edit it, the title when posting it elsewhere remains as it was originally published.  A bit frustrating.  Big fingers lead to some of the strangest typos.  Don’t like appearing stoopider than I already am.  ~Steven

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Kos Tossin’

The Daily Kos is a community of thousands of writers of political and social essays  on current events, moderated by the community and commented on veraciously by members.  Visit: www.dailykos.com

The Daily Kos is a community of thousands of writers of political and social essays on current events, community-moderated and discussed veraciously by members. Visit: www.dailykos.com

Didja know Magnana Mouse is on the Daily Kos?  Yep.  Magnana Mouse has been there for a year or so.  I’ve personally been a writer on the site far apart from Magnana Mouse’s existence since there were only 7,000 people using it.  My User ID says it so-like.

Anyway, Magnana Mouse.  Haven’t been cross-posting the Magnana Mouse blog to there on the Magnana Mouse page.  Will, but, man, we’re busy up in my joint, and I only have so much time to pretend I still do stuff like this for dime.

What I do do there is comment and reply to the replies.   Follow me, it’s fun, promise.

The Daily Kos is similar to Facebook in that it is filled with people who give a shit about their realities.  Great people.  Doctors.  Politicians.  Activists.  Union folk.  Actors and directors.  All kinds of people writing about current events from their life perspectives.  A better stock to discuss and debate relevant topics with than you’ll find on Facebook or any other where with pixel backdrop you’ll run across.

But, just like Facebook, “organic grassroots” sets of wee ideallist progressive hopefuls and the same Libertarians and Young Republicans who don’t realize you know they’re playing pretend flock around their “feel the bern” or bust campaigns.

I don’t debate them, because, well for a number of reasons.  When Hillary is representing the party, we don’t want them angry and 3rd party suicidal.  That, and arguing with them is just pointless.  They know their impressions of  Bernie and of Clinton are right.  Even if they’re wrong.  Kind of exactly like the Tea Party.  Corective information will only soligdify their convictions.

“Global warming?  Whatever, dude.”

I don’t outright argue.  I come off as playfully condeseending.  Toying with their naive behavior.  Kind of how you let the kids be kids because, well, they’re kids and kids need to be kids.  Figuring out the box’ edges is tanamount to knowing how to push the boundaries.

Today, an essay was posted: “Now that Bernie Sanders is taken seriously, supporters must get real,” that implies that now that people have started to listen to the crazy, they have to stop being poo-flinging children under the table and come sit with the adults and they’ll all just magically know what do do with the various forks and whatnot.  I laid one out.

Oh, they’re going to get what, all of a sudden?

Real?  This should be nice.  Heard the same thing from Camp Donald yesterday.  Now that they’re solidly out in front of the Clown Car Night Train, they’re gonna have to get real.  It’s all relative.  What “real” is.  Hey, my daughter saw the LGBT Hillary commercial last week.  Little tyke smiled; cried a little, and whimpered, “Daddy, is she going to do Obama’s job?  I hope so.  She’s a nice one.”

It’s OK for Sanders organsmic grasstooters to ignore “real” for some longer.  It doesn’t make much of a matter.  Creative thought and fantasy is great outlet.  As long as we all stay in the calm bold forward of the big Blue, all’s well and ends well.  

I just hope the Libertarians, nihilists, and mole Young Republicans gaming how they’re gaming are monumentally affected by their dark causes.  That’s not the same as wishing pain and deserved suffering on someone, right?  Meh, I’ll worry about hell after a couple decades with a left-leaning SCOTUS.

Couple things about it.

First, they’re going to “get real?”  That’s something to poke fun at.  Real.  They’re all kind of annoyingly delusional.  Their grandparents learned from the gut punch of supporting George McGovern and ending up with Nixon for it and their parents learned the same thing when their support of Ralph Nader gave us all Dubya, two wars, and a near-depression.  Hopefully, these kids don’t need to learn the same kind of lesson.

Hillary vs Bernie

They won’t, though, I think we all know.  Hillary will embarrass sweet ol’ Bernie.  He says silly revolution kind of stuff that sounds neat, but is about as real as what Donald Trump is vomiting up.  The bigots in the GOP loved obstructing President Obama because Socialist.  But, Bernie vomits up actual socialism.  The Republicans would hog-tie him from go, and this guy tearing out the roof in a rainstorm is about as far from what most Democrats would even joke at accepting.  So, this is about as real as teleportation and war for peace sake.

Sad Real Daughter Not Really Real DaughterThe bit with my “daughter” sniffling in want of having Hillary succeed Obama was a joke.  I don’t have a daughter.  Or a son.  Just a prop for a ribbing.  The other day, one of the “recommended” essays was a Bernie-swarm propaganda piece about a little daughter hearing Bernie’s speech in South Carolina on TV and telling Daddy, “please vote for him, he’s the bomb, big daddy.”   Total fiction.  They don’t bother with “Real,” so my “daughter” doesn’t, either.

Now, listen to my daughter and go vote Hillary, alright? 

Fer Real.

Yeah, the rest of it is a swipe at all of the right wing moles doing with poor Bernie what they did with the Occupy movement.  Of them, and of all the low-hanging idealistic fruity boys and girls who cavort with them not even having a clue what they do.

Poor Bernie.

(Photo By Tom Williams)

(Photo By Tom Williams)

But, I digress.  Come follow along with Magnana Mouse on the Daily Kos.  If you have an account, follow us.  Uprate our comments and when we publish blogs, “recommend them.”  And, no matter what, peruse the Daily Kos.  The diaries are ethically-sourced and you’ll be more informed than if you had an AP IV hooked up to your jugular.

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It Ain’t Just Trump.

xen·o·pho·bi·a: Intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

xen·o·pho·bi·a: Intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

It’s easy to brush off the sad ego-whorish depravity of Donald Trump along with the demographic that laps it up off the heels of his shoes after he’s stepped in it.

But, it isn’t Trump. This xenophobic and racist hate-drive is reflected in the mirror every time a member of the GOP passes in front of one. Enjoy and share this video made by the creative and relentless idealists under the Blue Tent.

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