Magnana Mouse Music News – Pete n Rach

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Trump Angry His Autocracy Threatened

Donald was told by his paramedics and the WH cleaning staff that he couldn’t have any more burgers in bed.  Not until they could find exterminators who could get rid of the roach infestation.

Individual 1 thought about it and just knew the cows had to be taught a lesson.  So he ordered the Army to carpet bomb every cattle ranch in the Midwest.  For desert, he  announced a trillion dollar tariff on all “foreigny beef importers.”

Trump No Cloths Again WP PREVIEW

Dishes are done, man.

Well, satirically an metaphorically speaking.

The real story of the mindless idiocy and hate we elected to destroy Western Civilization is a little darker.  Donald has been making America complicit in Saudi Arabia’s genocide in Yemen since signing his contract with Putin to run us into the ground.  The DEMOCRATIC House passed a resolution invoking the War Powers Act to get us TFO of Yemen NOW.

So, Trump OF COURSE vetoes it.

And, of course, even with a clear majority, there are not enough Republicans with BALLS enough to help Democrats override his Fascist, Axis military masturbation.

Washington Post  –>

The faux-emperor with no clothes said to reporters that he did this to stop an “unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my empirical right to do anything I damn well want, so quit bitching before I throw your ass in a kennel with the other illegals.”

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Is FOX the Stopped-Up Toilet or the Ass Dumping Into Toilet-YOU?

FOX Toilet WP Preview

FOX News is a backed up toilet at its best. But, as a good book says, “everybody poops.”

While 67% of people parked in front of this idiot-box of hate and stank, that leaves a full third who are Democrats or who “lean independent,” as NBC News points out:


That is, lemme see … millions of people.  So, Democrats (and left-wing independents trying to use the Democratic Party to sneak into the Oval Office) should continue to accept invitations to appear on the White Nationalist Network to expose them to plungers and disinfectant.

Not FOX News Democratic Debaate WP Preview.jpg

That said, this doesn’t mean that the Democratic National Committee should change their mind about letting the White Nationalist Network sponsor and host a Democratic Primary Debate.  While wise to appear on their network, allowing the Murdoch Right Wing propaganda network to profit off a Democratic inter-party electoral process is not acceptable.Of Course Democrats Shouldn’t Let Fox News Host a Primary Debate

Of Course Democrats Shouldn’t Let Fox News Host a Primary Debate

NY Mag Intelligencer  –>

They will get to host a debate in the General.  They don’t get to have any kind of direct say in the candidate we choose to oust their autocrat.

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Magnana Mouse Music News — Omar, Clinton, and Game of Thrones

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Magnana Mouse Music News — Mirror in the White House

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Magnana Mouse Music News – Military Cages

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Magnana Mouse Music News – King of Bad

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Magnana Mouse Music News Television 2018-04-11

April 11th’s Magnana Mouse Music News Television.  Julian Assange got thrown out of an Embassy and swept up by London fuzz.  And on and on. Enjoy vibing while absorbing today’s headlines and  Cable news bylines.  This one is mostly (all) from MSNB.  I know you don’t got’s a problem widat.

The music  is courtesy Nathan Anderson and Pink.  Kaleo’s Way Down We Go, and Led Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.


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Sorry, Donald, We See You Really Care

Trump is so misunderstood.  Old boy just doesn’t want all y’all snowflake libs to go out and get yourselves dead, is all.

Save the birds!

And, the golf course coastal views of his club members!

Windmil Cancer Awareness March For a Cure

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Dax’s Magnana Musial Screen Grab News Menagerie – March 24th

D-Day in America, as Mueller’s Report is summarized by Billy Barr.  I could write for two hours about how disappointing this was and why.  How none of it is over and what we should all be doing now.  But for the moment, just kick back and watch news of it that you avoided so you could otherwise enjoy your Sunday.

The video below is a summary of all of it.  Kind of an MTV News kind of format.  Film screenwriter, Dax Snaer, collected a lot of screen grabs from Cable TV and wove a story from it over music.  Soak it in and enjoy.

If you need to get caught up on it from a golden news source, here is a New York Times article summing it all up:

Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy, but Stops Short of Exonerating President on Obstruction

New York TImes  –>

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Black? Your Vote May be Caged by the GOP

embracing one radical, half-baked socialist proposal after another. It’s really a sight to see.It’s called VOTER CAGING.  Heard of it?  You’re not supposed to have.

Voter Caging Black Man in a Birdcage

It says Jim Crow.  That’s not hyperbole.

What “Voter Caging” is is a racist act that the Republican Party still does, whereby they pick collections of registered voters to attempt to rip away their Constitutional right to vote away from them.

Wikipedia  –>

How, you ask?  Well, they choose a bunch of people (millions of people) in places that minorities statistically live.  Knowing that they can target minorities by choosing less affluent areas, they send out NON-FORWARDABLE mail to the addresses that registered voters give.  Knowing that minorities are less affluent and have to move to new rental units.

Oftentimes, updating registration information is on the bottom of their survival list.

People will continue going to their polling location to vote, as they generally move to new digs close enough by, right?  Well, when the GOP doesn’t receive a reply to their mail, they wipe the voters from the rolls.  This happens to a lot of people.  It is one way old Jim Crow laws suppressed the minority vote.

It is how the new Jim Crow laws are doing the same thing again, thanks to Donald Trump’s white nationalist push.  And, to a continuation of our white nationalist GOP establishment This has got to stop NOW.  Your new Democratic House majority got on it lightning fast in HR.1 (the “For the People Act of 2019”).

Congress Dot Gov  –>

There’s a whole section of the bill that outlaws voter caging (which the SCOTUS has already found unconstitutional.  But, as usual, the GOP has no room for the Constitution’s quaint rules in their plan to outlaw all minorities once and for all.  Mitch McConnell has gone so far as to ridiculously re-name H.R. 1 “Democrat Politician Protection Act.”

“[The Democratic House majority is] embracing one radical, half-baked socialist proposal after another. It’s really a sight to see.” ~McConnell


Go ahead and behold it in full at the link provided above.  This egalitarian bill is very all-American.  The  type of bill that only Vladimir Putin and other anti-American garbage would oppose.  Call your representative — whether Democrat or Republican — and demand that this bill pass, and that the Senate override our illegitimate president’s sure-fire coward’s veto.

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Dax’s Magnana Musical Screen Grab News Menagerie

Dax Snaer is an accomplished film Screenwriter who also happens to be a political junkie.  Oh she also has the fortune (or misfortune) to share a partner’s desk with me.

I’m sure you know that authors sometimes get word / idea constipated.  Yeah it’s actually a thing.  One way for writers to bust through the block is to watch MSNBC and CNN news in the background. Let their minds bounce through and around this landscape as it bounces around the shadows in the back of their minds.

It does help when your genre is fed by the circus going on around you.  Hers does.

She doesn’t just leave it on in the background.  Dax takes screen grabs of the breakingest of the headlines.  Between breaks, etc., she’ll filter through them; organize; an scout for royalty-free music to weave them around.  She’s offered to provide Magnana Mouse with copies of them as they are rendered.

I have offered to upload them and publish them in the magazine.  The setup was approved, and I’d like to unveil Season 1 Episode  1 of Dax’s Magnana Musial Screen Grab News Menagerie:

Eventually, we’ll have her a staff of ppl scouring the cable news universe for grabs from every news station and we’ll have this running 24 hours / day like an MTV CSPAN 🙂

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A Beto By Any Other Name

Beto Pledge WP

People have been invited by media to be born  into this Presidential cycle with a knowing of what makes Beto O’Rourke tick, tock, and hum along.


The credentials of his very political idealism have been attacked since his days on the El Paso, Texas city council.  When the truth about his convictions prove naysayers petty and wrong (which has also been going on since his days on the El Paso, Texas city council), his opponents have stooped to attacking his name.  They have crassly and continuously accused him of being a white good old boy appropriating a Mexican name to somehow fool Latinos into voting for him in 2020.

Barring any actual legitimate criticisms or non-existent scandal to boil down his reputation in, O’Rourke’s opponents have stooped to reaching for the electoral mob’s basest nature.  They tempt the public to perseverate in a hurtful and false narrative of Beto’s origin story.

Beto was Christened “Robert O’Rourke.”  After his grandpa, Robert.  To distinguish him from the family patriarch, the family called young Robert “Beto.”

Why Beto?  Beto is a common abbreviation for Robert — Roberto — in Spanish.

Beto signed his name as it appears on his birth certificate in places where the rules and tradition prompted him to.  But, everyone in Beto’s life knew and know Beto as “Beto.”  To illustrate this, Beto tweeted a photo.  A group-shot of him with his grade school classmates.  In it, Beto was wearing a sweater that his grandmother embroidered for him with his name:


Image from a Beto tweet. Link below.

Twitter  –>

Now, there is a lot more to do in the process of committing ourselves to the candidate best able to topple Individual 1 — our orange, autocratic pretender in the White House.  Each of us are supposed to vet every candidate in our urgent resistance to falling into the abyss.  Some in the PR and Media sphere have questioned O’Rourke’s progressive — and even his Democratic credentials.

That would be a fairer rabbit hole to venture into.  Not irrelevant, shiny object swiftboat narratives about his name.  But, more on that a bit later . . .

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Trump NY Sewer-Rat Brownshirt Brigade Strikes at Dangerous Gangsta RBG

RBG Grafitti WP

So, some Trumpie white nationalist neo-Nazi confederate clowns went on their own version of their heroes’ “Kristallnacht.”  These brave halfwits pulled out their best sharpie markers and drew swastikas and “Die Jew Bitch” on the Justice’s book promotional posters for “Unstoppable.”

New York Times  –>

See, now people will DEFINITELY not know the book or the movie made from it even exist.  Neo-Nazis are always thinkin’, huh?  Oh yeah, buy the book:

Barnes an Noble  –>

And, once you’re an expert on RBG, don’t dare miss the film created about her life and times.

RBG On the Basis of Sex STILL

On the Basis of Sex  –>

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The Sun is Setting on our White Nationalist Fuhrer [VID]

It will get better. It always does. Like the tides the moon brings, the waters always flow back out to sea. The villain always loses in every end and that’s not going to change for one loudmouthed halfwit. Individual 1’s time representing a world he doesn’t rightfully deserve to even deserve to share in draws to a close.  His journey to his final pages promises to be a fittingly chaotic one.  Traitors don’t fare well in the wild without the shield of a Secret Service he’s attempted to turn into his very own “Republican Guard.”

And, yes, it was intended as a double entendre 🙂

Imagining Baby-hands lying in his bed, alone, inhaling a handful of White Castle burgers while fondling himself with his other hand is pretty much the norm for Americans, at this point in his pathetic tenure.  Now, a thought bubble over his head appears with Individual 1 fantasizing the late Saddam.  A bubble with our clothes-less emperor seeing the Secret Servicemen around him in Iraqi strongman special force thug uniform, defending his golden throne.

He will fall, this illegitimate thug of a “leader.”  Be patient.

Stay true to American ideals and values

Work harder than they could ever imagine.


Help your friends an neighbors vote.

America will blow this stank black cloud from over our heads and the sun will again shine.   From sea to shining sea.

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Our Only Friend, the End

It’s coming.  This ridiculously keystone Russian puppet President is not long a free man.

And, no, that’s not Frank Sinatra you hear crooning at the end of the video, believe it or not.  That’s the Sir Douglas Quintet.  Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, Jim Stallings, and Martin Fierro in the band they formed in 1954 in San Antonio, Texas.

Wikipedia  –>

Props to Evan Wise and Charles Divak who are the Circus’ film editors that placed it.  Give them credit due for their work on this Showtime original.  That said, we’ve heard that the song came straight from the Circus’ host, Mark McKinnon’s playlist.  He thunder-bumps screws loose in the cameras that follow him around  filming the show.  He’s been itching to use it for months.

The more you know . . .

The More You Know


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Another Trump Attorney Flips on Him

Ty Cobb — the guy who looks almost as ridiculous as Trump’s hippie doctor — has praised the special counsel who is coming for trump heads

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Bernie STILL Hates Liberal Democrats


This little man has no business seeking the Democratic nomination to represent their party in the 2020 Presidential primary.  As a Senator representing Vermont, sure.  He whips into the vote on DEMOCRATICALLY-SPONSORED BILLS.

We welcome him to vote our (and thus, his) way.

But, to let him speak for Democrats after more than a quarter-century of loudly damning the union he seeks a coup-tastic power grab from is just NOT going to be allowed happen.

Yet again.  You’d figure a smart guy like him would learn something about how stupid he’s looking.

Bernie Sanders Is Not the Left

New Republic –>

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Magnana Mouse Music News – Not a Kiddie Pool News Day

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