Idiocracy – 2024

America is just after cauterizing a wound inflicted not by a foreign adversary. No, we were struck down and left bleeding out by he who we trusted as our most loyal watchdog of the American way.

Donald Trump turned out to be an obese malignant narcissist who sold America out to Russia and his corporate masters.

We are just started exorcising this Demon from our palate when another is seeking to replace him.

Dwayne “the Rock:” Johnson.

(Newsweek) 46% Want Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as President, as He Floats Potential Run

Like trump, the dumb-as-a-rock Dwayne is a fully malignant narcissist.

They are equally blind and dumb where their most rudimentary understanding of the operation of even a local political system is concerned. In other words, they’re both idiots who think they can run OUR nation like they’d give themselves open-heart surgery the way fantasize they learned how to do on a Youtube channel comment thread.

They both have a history in professional wrestling. The difference being trump was just an obese clown, buying his way on stage, while Dwayne was actually a beefcake wrestler. This kind of “legitimacy” is plenty enough to con the “deplorable” half of the U.S. electrorate into handing this “Bam Bam” half-wit the keys to the kingdom.

Dude’s like, “Bring it on, idiots.”

#BTW, if you don’t know who President Camacho is in the preview image, you prolly don’t remember #Idiocacy. One of the best cult classic films in U.S. history. Matt Judge (Beavis & Butthead; King of the Hill, and Silicon Valley) wrote and produced it in 2006. About two ppl launched 500 years in the future after generations and generations of dumbing TF down through Republican mal-management of the country.

You don’t know about it because FOX distributed it and FOX did NOT like what it said about the future their ideology promised us. So, they shelved it and tried to make it disappear. Only kind of worked.

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Is Corporate Media TRYING to be the Problem?

Joe Biden held his 1st press briefing as the U.S. President.

He had it in the midst of a pandemic that has killed half a million Americans. Tens of new variants of the virus threaten to start a 4th wave.

Biden had just finished upping his goal of Americans vaccinated for FREE from 100 to 200 million people. This success on the heels of passing a new recovery act that brings hope to all Americans that we’re turning a corner.

What kinds of narratives are our media looking to frame for the beginning of Joe Biden’s Presidency? What kinds of vital questions did our media pepper Biden with, you ask?

There were 13 questions asked, including follow-ups, about immigration and zero about COVID-19.

Looked at another way, there were:

33 mentions of the words #immigration or #border,
27 mentions (yes, 27) of the word #filibuster,
2 mentions of #COVID and 2 mentions of #vaccinations,

And, it was the President who mentioned each of those last two. It is frustrating that not only is the Biden Administration under assault by the defunct Republican Party. The media is looking for tabloid sensationalism. They don’t root for peace and contentment. Peace and contentment don’t sell advertising.

So, root for our species’ survival from all that ails it. Just don’t get your hopes up for “liberal media” to play a role in saving America from the burning building he left us all tied up in.

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Um *gulp* Karma, Line One

Sad news. In Trump-Republican Party circles, anyway. It seems that after a battle with Karma, Rush Limbaugh went down for the count. Apparently, she went for the fat junkie’s lungs. He tried holding on to them. After a couple months, sister Fate moved in and turned them into rotted goo. Karma just said, “F#ck it, let the fat idiot keep them.”

Shortly thereafter, he choked to death on his own putrid bile.

Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70; Turned Talk Radio Into a Right-Wing Attack Machine

New York Times —>

We, the ones not victims of neo-Confederate ignorance, have been looking forward to this day for decades.

Americans not seduced like cheap whores by Trumpian bigotry and sedition knows Rush Limbaugh as the Devil’s mouthpiece, and celebrate this annoyingly-delayed karmic justice.

And, yes, Limbaugh is a convicted drug dealer and unrepentant JUNKIE.

Limbaugh reaches settlement in drugs case

NBC —>

This kind of feels like the last GARBAGE right wing, anti-American Putin-worshipping JUNKIE rotted ino earth.

Andrew Breitbart’s Cause of Death Revealed

Hollywood Reporter —>

I pray that Limbaugh’s surviving S.U.C.K.E.R.S disposing of this waste chooses to burn him to ash. I am still ashamed we forced the Earth to swallow the putrid remains of Breitbart. It’s small, compared to the wrongs we’ve done to her, ripping out all her coal to power our suicidal stupidity. But, it feels grosser. Putting this rotten filth into her feels like rape. I hope we don’t do this again. Oh Christ, not at the same time we’re desperately trying to save her.

#CremateRush #DontBuryRottingRush #SaveTheDirt


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And, The Toilet Bowl Ballet Commences

Trump — or “Individual 1” as the Southern District of New York refers to him — has survived another round of GOP Senate disiplinary hearing charades. He equates it with “the Mob Don being cleared of all guilt for his crimes.”

He’s so naively (childishly) confident, that he’s embarking on a white nationaslist-themed Nazi spite-tour. TrumpCo is trying to resurrect a militarized version of Donald’s MAGA rallies. Point the stupid at the stupid. He only knows to enact revenge on every Senator who dared let reality in the boy’s club disciplinary hearing. Boy is he going to suffer emotional — perhaps spiritual whiplash. The moment that nearly countless states and munipalities around the country open up criminal investigations against him, he’ll psychologically implode.

As RICO charges begin to be filed his major organs will just begin to shut down.

This is Trump’s Heaping List of Legal Problems Post-Impeachment

CNN –>

Just as Steve Bannon; Stephen Miller; and Rudy Guiliani join in the trumpeting calls for all youth domestic terrorist sleeper cells to activate, the Republican world begins to crumble: Tens of scores of now FORMER Republicans are bleeding from the party like the proverbial rats jumping from the sinking ship.

Post-Impeachment Updates: Republican Leaders Divided Over Trump’s Future

New York Times –>

So, trump has full control of a completely infected and rotted, inept and irrelivant, republican party. He undeniably conspired to organize a violent, terrorist coup. Not just a coup. Trump sent teams of paramilitaries on a mission to assassinate Trump’s own Vice President; the Speaker of the House; and various members of the Progressive Democratic caucus. And, not just the Democratic caucus. His “kill list” included multiple members of his own party. Republicans he deems “untouchable.” “R.I.N.O.’S.” People he deems Republicans “in name only.”

Basically, party members who don’t praise and salute his Reich enough.

Trump has killed the Republican Party. In it’s death throes, it is about to kill him. Metaphorically. They say.

It appears the Republican Party is in the midst of a full-on civil war.

Remaining (surviving) members of the party are those comfortable representing the ideoologies of the Racist.

The White Nationalist.

The person who kidnaps babies from despondant, desperate parents, and locks them in cold dungeons until they can traffic them to barren party members.

These remaining members of the party trump has hijacked are in no way innocent. They are comfortable being complicit of any and all of Trump’s militant domestic terrorist actions. If you are a republican and you’re not yet ill or bleeding out, pack up your lunchbox; get up; and RUN. Run in the opposite direction. Don’t slow to take any ill-gotten belongings you left sitting around. Get up immediatyh and run as fast as you can. You MIGHT outrun Fate.

If you are lucky, the Fates will overlook you. Maybe you can fool the universe into believing it never saw you play your part in the Trump MAGA rebellion or the Tea Party domestic terrorist super-cell.

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Just a Little Reminder


Thanks`SNL for this. Thanks Jim Carey for playing Uncle Joe — if only for a minute.

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McConnell Plays Trump Like the Fattest Smallest Orange Violin on the Planet

MITCH MCCONNELL just voted with RAND PAUL to throw the entire DONALD TRUMP impeachment trial out altogether.

Before a single witness is called.

It makes Mitch look like a cultist. But, you know him. He is a poisonous snake in the grass at your childrens’ feet. MITCH MCCONNELL deserves all of your hate, as a true Nazi devil in our midst. But, not because he’s a DONALD TRUMP 4th Reich loyalist.

MITCH MCCONNELL is playing DONALD TRUMP hard. DONALD’S minions know how much sway MCCONNELL’S every move has on the zeitgeist of the entire U.S. legislature. House and Senate.

MCCONNELL kind of holds DONALD’S fruture in his little hands.

And, in a very different — very disturbing way — DONALD holds MITCH’S future in his.

If Mitch leans toward any kind of move supporting the push to de-clothe the would-be emperor, DONALD TRUMP would trigger. He has clearly shown everyone that he would very literally have someone a degree away from the Senator accidentally fall down some stairs.

MCCONNELL knows his every twitch is carefully (if not drunkenly) being scrutinized. He’s such a manipulative POS, though, and has expertly woven right around the defenders. MITCH knew the vote was going to fail. He had the vote whipped and knew exactly whether or not he could take the cover vote.

The whole time, TRUMP believes he is taking MITCH and the pencilneck REPUBLICAN “girlie boys” for a ride.

In the real world, though, TRUMP is too congenitally STUPID to know he’s the one being played by the pencilneck “girlie-boy” in a bow tie.

McConnell (just like trump) isn’t a moron. And, he’s not JUST a coward. This weak-sauce play just gives it up (if TRUMP and his white nationalist domestic terrorist adult children pretend SS crew are watching. According to trump’s very not-camera shy mob-army, MCCONNELL is a total p.u.s.s.y.and his entire family are soft fair game targets

But, never fear, turtle fanbois and girls. Trump is too dumb to see it coming. He’ll be SO surprised) when he feels Mitch’s snake fangs in his bloated ankles.

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QAnon Congresswoman Tweets Pelosi Hideout to Q

In the middle of the confederate Trump-riot of the Capitol, freshman REPUBLICAN QAnon cultist, Lauren Boebert outed herself as a key member of the RIOT.


She leaked the location of the safe room Nancy Pelosi was being secured in by Secret Service. The moment that Pelosi was whisked away from House chambers and taken post haste to a skiff, Boebert tweeted the location to actively RIOTING QAnon Confederates. She assisted her co-conspirators in their goal of kidnaping and assassinating the Democratic Speaker of the House and 3rd in the line of succession to trump.

QAnon congresswoman faces calls for arrest after live-tweeting Nancy Pelosi’s location to rioters

(The Sierra Madre Tattler)

This criminal needs be arrested immediately and charged with whatever sedition coalition dirtbags get charged with post-insurrection.

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Congress Officially Confirms Biden is Your Next President

Late last night, the U.S. Congress — under the leadership of House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Scfhumer solidified the final electoral college LANDSLIDE victory for President Elect Joseph Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.

Pence declares Biden winner of the presidential election after Congress finally counts electoral votes

(Washington Post)

All in the midst of an attempted coup d’état staged by a battalion of rag-tag white nationalist domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol Building — leading to at least 4 deaths. But, thanks to the leadership of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser; Democratic Congressional leadership; and yes, the now official Vice President Elect, Joe Biden, the insurrection was quelled.

With Merrick Garland as our new Attorney General, let the wheels of justice commence t’ churnin’.

Of course, as EVERYONE has known for over a month, there hasn’t been a valid impediment for Joe and Kamala to evict Donald. Yesterday’s Pence-led ceremony was just a rubber stamp formality.

The voice of the archaic Electoral College was nothing more than Pence reading the results of the POPULAR VOTES delivered him from the source. Pence was simply charged with reading the results. The results of the votes giving voice to each States’ citizens’ choices on November 3rd.

Regardless of what our criminal mob-boss pretender of a President has done — however he’s tried to extort Pence and countless others to “re-calculate,” the votes their constituents — it was always a fool’s errand.

Donald’s Vice President had ZERO authority to overturn the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Still, 6 U.S. Senators tried to overthrow the will of the Arizona people and 7 Senators did the same with the Pennsylvania

Here is the FULL list of EVERY U.S. Congressman and Congresswoman who lobbied and spoke out forcefully to OVERTHROW U.S. Democracy.

The 147 Republicans Who Voted To Overturn Election Results

(New York Times)

This is your BLACKLIST. Democrats need to act with pragmatic bipartisanship WHERE POSSIBLE. Negotiating ANYTHING with confederates; with terrorists; threats foreign and DOMESTIC. Each of these anti-American terrorists must be rooted out of the U.S. electoral system forever.

Arrested; tried; and imprisoned for their crimes against the United States of America.

Sidebar: Mitch McConell isn’t mentioned in this article. It’s how his agent is campaigning. He knows his reign of terror is over (for now, at least). He wants to obstruct from the shadows. He wants to wave the filibuster flag and keep ALL progress ground to a permanent halt.

He doesn’t care. There’s still a fortune to be had. For HIM.

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Gender Bias and Outrage

By guest contributor, filmmaker Dax Snaer.


Many women who have looked up to Peggy Noonan are shocked and disappointed with her op-ed diminishing Kamala Harris’ intellect and style with harsh judgments. Fellow female journalists are calling the piece ‘nasty, low, tone-deaf, bitchy.’

‘Though President Donald Trump has taken to dancing at his campaign rallies Noonan didn’t say anything negative about him. Rather, she lauded Trump for continuing to hold “lively” gatherings despite the coronavirus pandemic.

‘On the menu: healthcare, racism, voting rights, destruction of environment, infrastructure, violence, stock exchange, more hospitals, education, necessary innovative ideas NOW … yet.

Why can’t we humans get it together.

International Business Times –>

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Say Her Name

We commissioned a nice RBG EMOJI for our friends to respect Ginsburg’s memory with. Change your profile pic. With ANY Notorious RGB image as your profile pic om whatever social media platform you’re using: Facebook; Insta; Twitter. Here on WordPress / Gravitar. Wherever.

Just say it loud and say it proud. Keep supernove-hot heat on all confederate trump allies. Make it impossible for them to get a shady-as-s#it vote off trying to steamroll an illegitimate judge onto the court.

Here you go!

In case you have been sleeping in an underground bunker on the moon and didn’t hear, Ruth Bader Ginsburg succumbed to her cancer and the Trump anti-American set of commie Putin cult worshippers are now trying to dishonor their own:


rule by jamming through her replacement before trump and his cabal can be UN-ELECTED in November.

Biden to GOP senators: Don’t jam through Ginsburg nominee

Washington Post –>

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More Trash if there’s No More Cowbell

Trump is hosting a trumpo reality TV version of a Republican convention this week.  Stating tonight.  From the White Houe.  Or maybe a golf clubhouse in a Carolina.  Not that it matters.

The mentally degrading bigot-king can’t con or scare any A or even B politicians to join him and speak at his party convention.  Democrats, as always, score Platinum artists to entertain the viewers.  Donald couldn’t even con aunt Jenny to come sing “Jesus love me.

So, what does the king of all Dumpster fires do in case of emergency?


More Cowbell Trump White Nationalist Suburban Mom Convention Invite WP Preview


Meet the TRASH of the first night that doesn’t have TRUMP stapled to it. Mark and Patty McCloskey.  The kind of trash who would be honored to speak in trump’s behalf at a convention honoring donald trump. You might remember them for being the white nationalist Klansfolk who pulled out a pistol and an assault rifle on peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters.

The St. Louis couple charged with waving guns at protesters have a long history of not backing down

What you might not have heard about is that the husband in this Tea Party Stand Your Ground prom couple is that he’s an anti-child bee murderer.  He got sick of this Jewish school’s bee hives that were near where he jogs.  Bees that were part of their curriculum and that they were collecting the honey from for the children at their school.

You didn’t hear how Mark McCcloskey poisoned and demolished the hives, then left the rabbi a note not only admitting t the terrorist action, but threatening to sue him if he didn’t clean  it up.

St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters have a history of suing neighbors

Suppose this is the ilk that will give the keynote?

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Our Very Anti-American War on Goodyear

Trump Tweet GOODYEAR

It’s a GREAT day when our honest president has kept his promise to magically  reduce that pesky Corona Virus down to ZERO and has knocked the unemployment level back down to Obama’s 2%.  It leaves the MAGA  Reich free to declare WAR on the disrespectful Goodyear THUGS.  I mean, how dare they refuse the employee they hand-picked for trump’s press conference / campaign rally wear all those MAGA hats they brought as props!

WE  REPUBLICANS HAVE TO BOYCOTT THESE ANARCHIST TERRORIST  BABY CANNIBALS.” ~ Official  WH  Press statement at trump’s Thursday campaign presser.

Goodyear tire workers rally after Trump’s call for boycott of Akron company

Goodyear workers and city leaders rally against President Trump after call to boycott top Akron employer

News5 Cleveland –>

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The Left vs. Neoconservative Creep


Whatever you feel about AOC and the progressive left (ish) wing of the U.S. electoral chess board, focus on the snake in our bed with the teeth coming for our throats.   It feels good to hear that Mista Massa Jones disavowed our russian agent in chi  A growing bloc of them are changing their voter registrations to  Independent.  These “wayward republican covens” like the Lincoln Project project effect strength across the Resistance.

Our old GOP opponents in the Lincoln Project sure do make GREAT anti-trump commercials, tho.

All any of us is saying is to be PRUDENT.  When you’re eyes are feeling heavy around republicans, always sleep with ONE EYE OPEN.

You’re going to have to be around them

We need other republicans to bask in the passion they feel  as their hatred for trump  glows feiry red.

We need other republicans to feel that heat..

We need it to help save republicans drown like witches in Tea and vinegar.  We need to save them from rising in faux-freedom ashes (right wing watch). 

We need republicans to truly start to see COUNTRY OVER PARTY.

Country Over Party

That’s what the Lincoln Project looks like at first glance.

It feels warm.

It ‘s like, “Hey, let’s all come together and beat back the darkness.


Trying to avoid op-ed script as much as even possible, anymore, the mouse just says BE PRUDENT.

The Neoconservatives (sourcewatch) are using outlets like the Lincoln Project to re-group and re-make the republican party in their image.   You will find that this group of pols is a modern version of that con, “compassionate conservatism” in the coming weeks as the POTUS race  is  called and the Lincoln Project republicans call for fealty.

And, they will come for their silver.

Hold whatever opinion you want about AOC, but at your own risk. She had words with the Freedom Caucus (right-wing watchright-wing watch).  But it wasn’t a “left” thing.

A Bernie thing.  Nope.0

AOC vs Kasich

It’s great that Kasich has woken up & realized the importance of supporting a Biden-Harris ticket. I hope he gets through to GOP voters. Yet also, something tells me a Republican who fights against women’s rights doesn’t get to say who is or isn’t representative of the Dem party.

Kasich seems warm.  A good guy who’s on our side, right?  Don’t be suckered in by these vampires. They brought us both  Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are responsible for Big Oil’s attack on environmental science, green energy, public ownership of parkland. They are the gun industry and endless war.  Overseas and on our own city streets. They’re the Big Pharma that destroys Americans with their profit margins and very purposeful addictions Opeoids ( Rutgers Univ.)

Neoconservatives are BAD.  They are what destroyed the GOP from the inside in the early 1980’s.  A lot of ppl then left the party like they’re fleeing the trump Reich.  Kasich is from that generation.  And, if you didn’t remember, he is like the conductor of the anti-choice cult in America.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion ban

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Your Mouse is Magnanimous

It’s not a Magnana Mouse reference.  Well, unintentionally.  But, not really.

I don’t  think you probably fully appreciate your mouse’s left-click when it works.  It’s  when it craps itself that you realize how awesome  what you had actually had was.

Without it, suddenly, you can’t select ANYTHING. You can’t navigate to try to troubleshoot.  You can’t even order a new mouse.  Your computer works, but trying to do ANYTHING with it is like trying to land a plane in a strait jacket.

I screwed with mine for 4 hrs and tried things that most Apple Genius Bar and Geek Squad kids wouldn’t know to try.  You prolly don’t  even know I’ve been tooling and building computers since when they were new and  I  was lucky to have a friend  with a dad who had NO IDEA what he had from work to bring home.  Long, long story that.  Bottom line is I got it singing again and pretty much have no Idea how.

Oh well.  All’s good that ends good.

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Never Forget

God bless every one of the brave, now former Republicans who are finally leaving the pen to actively fight against Trump.

Lincoln Project MMCM WP Preview

The Lincoln Project.  Hard to call them brave, as waiting until now to finally dissolve such an unholy relationship is hardly brave.  Walking from the party when it became obvious that Reagan was a scumbag.

Reagan Project WP Preview

That was brave.

Packing up and walking when Dubya started murdering hundreds of thousand innocent Iraqis to punish the WRONG people for the 9-11 bombing was even brave.

Dumbya Project WP Preview

A case could be made that is was even a little bit brave to cut ties an flip when the Tea Party made people still wearing red look like complete idiots.

Tea Rot Project WP Preview

But, waiting for an autocratic, openly racist, agent of Vladimir Putin’s Intelligence service to tear our country down to the bone isn’t brave.

Even so, all the fruit now falling from the Trump tree are welcomed in the fold with open arms and appreciation.  But, it cannot and WILL NOT be forgotten that EVERY ONE of the mortal wounds fueling Donald Trump’s killing of the American Experiment was rubber-stamped by these former-Republicans.

The anti-science.  The pro big Pharma line that addicts Americans and then bankrupts them.

The Fossil fuel-worship that  had destroyed the Earth’s environment to the point there’s nothing we can do to stop it from killing all of us.

The insane psycho-evangelicalism that has alienated and destroyed the live of millions.

Of course the cliche “eat the poor” eternal greed reveled in by idiots just above poverty level living the deluded fantasy that they’re the human-owners they worship at the altar of.

All of these turncoat Republicans are more than welcome to join the resistance against Trump and all those in his Reich who are complicit with him.

They are, for the most gentle part, welcome to join our party and participate in the nuts and bolts of keeping it operating at the top of its game to continue resisting the Darkness of Man’s eternal greed.

Pledge to RESIST WP Preview

What these splintered ex-Republicans are NOT welcome to do is join the resistance and lobby for some return to pre-Trump Republicanism. Some fictitious  “compassionate conservatism” always just barely whitewashed over the blood-stains left by their fringe-right exploits.

The FOUL ideology of the RIGHT WING failed.  It led us to Trump and this point in history.  All the turncoats joining Democrats in resisting the coming dictatorship need to keep a respectful tone and show that they join us to  LEARN, not to PREACH a failed and entirely disgraced party line.


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Protect yourself from the novel Corona Virus.



Save your family.



Save America.



Is it safe? Is it a fly trap for electoral fraud, like the most prolific LIAR in the history of U.S. politics says?  Just because trump is down HUGE in every poll and is deeply in the middle of 50 vote-suppression campaigns, surely, he is crushing the USPS for legitimate purposes.

Really, just because our tyrannical Impeached illegitimate President (whose entire family votes by mail) has boldly said that the only way he can win is by preventing Americans from exercising their Constitutional right to vote doesn’t mean he’s disabling the USPS to throw the Nov 3rd election his way, right?

Maybe Vote-by-Mail is really FUNDAMENTALLY flawed.  A way the Democrats have conspired to keep the white man down.  Lets ask some experts at NPR about that:

Why Is Voting By Mail (Suddenly) Controversial? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Trump’s new Bestie (in Song)

So, there’s this wildly unstable lady who got a medical degree in Cameroon and certified in TX earlier this year.

Crazy Bitch Ministries Semen Demons Muses WP Preview

Allegedly, she takes kickbacks from the company that distributes the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. The impeached, illegitimate U.S. President trump caught wind of her co-sponsorship and weird love for the drug and made her famous in a series of grunting tweets.

The lady is Stella Immanuel. On top of her making up stories about faked results of not actually treating patients infected with Covid-19, she holds some of the most insane conspiracy theories about the plague. She believes that we contract it because demons have sex with unfaithful husbands in their sleep.

Oh, I forgot to mention that she spread the BS fantasy that you actually GET Covid-19 from wearing protective masks.

Anyway, this lovely video clip is from the Red Hot Chili Peppers hit “Sir Psycho Sexy,” which may have either prophesied this dumpster fire or inspired it. Either way, it’s comic fool’s gold. Big Shout out to Steven D’Mused for making it.

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A Re-exam of the Palm Tree States’ #’s

California Governor Gavin Newsom early-on in the Covid-19 epidemic enacted the nation’s most progressive steps in confronting the plague.  It worked wonders — all things considered — but, the numbers leading into late-summer are disheartening.  They show us still at the top of the boards in infections.

Hold up a min., tho.  California is a very populous state, and the reported numbers don’t factor this in.  They paint a false-picture.  While California is still one of the nation’s hotspot regions for all things Corona.

As you’ll see below, when adjusted for population, California — while still registering in the orange (or yellow), is showing much less dire results than all of the other most-affected states.

COVID NEW CASES 2020 31 July

And, in case you just see unexpectedly high numbers in California and assume that things being equal, Cali just can’t hang.

You’d be very wrong.  All things are NOT equal.  California has a very disroportionate citizenry made up of people more at-risk for contracting Covid19.  Black folk.  Latin-X. Native Americans. Segments of the population too worried about being caught daring to be alive to ever seek medical checkups.

California is very high-risk for Covid-19, and that all things considered, the actual #’s here are inspiring of Hope.

Please stay healthy.  #WearYourMask.  #SocialDistance.  Vote straight Blue this Nov. 3rd!

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Who’s Your Choice?

Team Joe had the DCCC send this out to people on their mail list.

A couple things:

  1. Biden’s team has had the finalist chosen for three weeks.  Don’t be mad.  They have to play coy.
  2. Yes, I know who they’ve chosen.  I was on one of three squads that vetted her.
  3. You are going to be very pleased when  you find out who it is with everyone else.   Trust. The wait is going to be a good chunk of the worth.

Anyway, the DCCC and Team Joe need to know they’re all doing right by you.  You probably received this in the mail, but play along here, OK?  From the website, only so much can be gleaned from the data.  DC is such a small world.  Worlds.  It is a quiet game board in here, but I never would have been near it if I didn’t have some of my peeps around at least in the fringiest of peropheries.

So, back to the list your DCCC sent the faithful.  Who would you choose off this menu if you had to choose today?

Who, and why?  Is there anyone he could pick / not pick that would influence you to vote for trump or just not vote?  Don’t gun and run.  Explain your red line.

VP Choice -Biden Poll

Steve put this together.

[Disclaimer] the “reply” tab didn’t arrive with all those great logos.  None of them, actually.  It was just the button that instructs the client to send in their vote.  I do love the logos there instead. And, trust. the [submit] button in the comment thread here is a bigger button.

Alright,  in the comments, please let me know your pick.  Thanksomuch!

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Who Was ol’ Herman to YOU?

There is a sad, today.  A man who sold his soul to the devil had it called on him, today.  Herman Cain is dead.  Only 74.  Taken by the Plague.

Herman represents a lot of things to a lot of people.  He is revered and reviled.  But, the only thing that matters today is that he was someone’s Father.  Someone’s son.  Some called him grampa.

It’s impossible, though, to not think about how he was taken.  Herman Cain worked for a madman who doesn’t believe in science and thinks that masks that prevent the spread of the plague actually CAUSE THE PLAGUE.  Herman was ordered to attend a Klan Trump Rally in the middle of a horrible plague hotspot.

Herman was ordered to NOT wear a mask.

Because of this INSANE trump campaign regulatory demand, Herman was exposed to the novel Coronavirus  — COVID-19.  Very predictably, the disease took his lungs and forced him on a ventilator to extend his now-doomed existence.  And, just as predictably, Herman didn’t get off the ventilator until his last breath was artificially drawn.

Herman Cain was imprisoned and summarily executed by Donald Trump.

Who was Herman to you? Early on, he was a Corporate Golden Child.  He took much and gave back little, if anything at all.  But, he was rich, and he always respected the hands what fed him.

Who was Herman 1 Office Nigga

To a lot of us, his time as the Pizza Man was unnoticed.  His bizniz.  Good for him, but nothing we cared about.  It wasn’t until the RNC recruited him to be the black Republican to primary to take on President Barack Obama in his 2012 reelection campaign that he took his place in our lexicon.

Who is this guy?  The Klan’s token black who agreed to parroting their BIGOTED anti segregation; anti-minority; anti common-man’s talking points.  We got to know Herman as we learned that he was a vapid butt of a joke and whose entire career was now rendered a fraud because of it.

Who was Herman 2 Sellout

Maybe, like most Millennials and pretty much ALL GenZ grasshoppas, you had no clue who Herman was outside of the fact that Trump owned him and installed him in his Reich.  The Housing and Urban Development Czar who would oversee trump’s campaign to destroy the department of Housing and Urban Development.  The one black friend that justifies the plantation owner to crack his whip, because, hey look!  Mikey Likes it!!!

Who was Herman 3 Hapless Fool

Let me know your memories of this guy.  Respectfully, please.

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Ball of Confusion – 2020

Magnana Mouse Cofused

In January, Australia caught on fire.

No clue if that fire was put out, because we straight up almost went to war with Iran.

We might actually still be almost at war with them. No clue, ‘cos Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt spoke to one another at an awards show and everyone flipped the f#k out.

But then there was thing goin’ down in China . . .

Then Prince Harry and Megan  got TF out of the Royal family.

Then there was the whole impeachment trial . . .

Then COVID showed up in the U S “officially.

But then Kobe died.

Kobe Mambqa Forever WP Preview

And the UK got TF out of the European Union.

In February, Iowa crapped itself with the caucus results and the president was acquitted and the Speaker of the House took ten years to rip up a speech, but then WHO decided to give this virus a name COVID-19, which confused some really important people in charge of, like, our lives, into thinking there were 18 other versions before it, but then Harvey Weinstein was found guilty, and Americans started asking if Corona beer was safe to drink, and everyone on Facebook became a doctor who just knew the flu like killed way more people than COVID 1 through 18.

Covid Corona WP Preview


Then, in March, s#it really hit the fan.

Warren dropped out of the presidential race and Sanders was like Bernie or bust, but then Italy shut its whole behind down, and then COVID Not 1 through 18 officially become what everyone already realized — a PANDEMIC — and then a nationwide state of emergency was declared in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

But, of course, that didn’t really change anything, so everyone was confused or thought it was still just a flu.

But then COVID-not 18 was like ya’ll not taking me seriously? I’m gonna infect the one celebrity everyone loves and totally infected Tom Hanks.

But, not sure if he pulled through, to be honest, ‘cos the DOW took a 1,400 point crap on itself, but to be honest, most of us still don’t understand why the stock market is so important or even a thing,

Corona Crash WP Preview

but it didn’t really matter, anyway, ‘cos we were all introduced to Tiger King.

And, then Netflix was like you’re welcome. 

But, then we all realized there was no way we were washing our hands enough in the first place because all of our hands are now dry and gross.

In April, Bernie finally busted himself out of the presidential race, but then NYC became the set of The Walking Dead and we learned that no one has face masks, ventilators, or toilet paper, or FREAKING PINE SOL.

But then, Kim Jong-Un died. And,  uh oh, he came back to life.

Kim Jong Un Dead Undead WP Previes

Or did he?  Who knows, because then the Pentagon released videos of UFOs and nobody cared, and we were like man, it’s only April….

In May, the biblical end times kicked off historical locust swarms and then we learned about murder hornets and realized that 2020 was the start of the Hunger Games but people forgot to let us know.  Oh,  then people for frigging real protested lockdown measures with AR-15s, and then sports events were cancelled everywhere.

But then people all over America finally reached a breaking point with race issues and violence. There were protests in every city, but then people forgot about the pandemic called COVID PLAGUE. Media struggled with how to focus on two important things at once.

Oh dammit.  Just when we figured that out, a dead whale was found in the middle of the Amazon rain forest after monkeys stole COVID 1 Through 19 from a lab and ran off with them, and either in May or April (no one is keeping track of time now) that a giant asteroid narrowly missed Earth.

In June, science and common sense just got thrown straight out the window and somehow wearing masks became a political thing.

Wait, wut?

Partisan Maskery WP Preview

Yeah, something like that.

But, then a whole lot of people realized the South was actually the most unpatriotic thing ever and actually lost the freakin’ Civil War, and there are a large amount of people who feel that statues they don’t even know the name of are needed for . . . so they could all stay history-smart?

But, then everyone sort of remembered there was a pandemic, but then decided that not wearing a mask was somehow a God-given right (still haven’t found that part in the bible or even in the constitution).

But, then scientists announced they found a mysterious undiscovered mass at the center of the earth, and everyone was like:


But, then everyone took a pause to realize that people actually believed Gone With The Wind was like non-fiction.


Wind with the Cops GONE WP Prewview

ut then it was also announced that there is a strange radio signal coming from somewhere in the universe that repeats itself every so many days, and everyone was like:


But. then America reopened from the shutdown that actually wasn’t even a shutdown, and so far, things have gone SPECTACULARLY F#CKED.  America has joined Russia and Brazil on the list of countries banned from entry into the EU.  Hell, only 4 percent of Canadians want us allowed over their border.

So, everyone is on Facebook arguing that masks kill because no one knows how breathing works.  But, then Florida was like hold my beer and let me show you how we’re number one in everything, including CORONA PLAGUE INFECTION AND DEATHS. Trump decides now is a perfect time to ask the Supreme Court to burn ObamaCare because what better time to do in the middle of a  DEADLY PLAGUE, but then we find out that President Mayhem has known about Russia paying the Taliban $100,000 per head of every U.S. soldier they can murder in Afghanistan.


But, no worries, Trump isn’t doing anything to stop or punish them for it.

Then, we learned there is a massive dust cloud coming straight at us from the Sahara Desert, which is totally normal, but this is 2020, so the ghost mummy thing is most likely in that blowing over in it.

It all seems insane, so why not wrap it up with a happy midseason happy ending?  It seems that the Congo’s worst ever Ebola outbreak is  finally over, and we were all like, there was an Ebola outbreak that was the worst ever?

And, today is what?  Day 184, exactly half way through this banner year?

Oy freakin’ vey.

Also, why didn’t I know about

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California is This Close to Total Lockdown II

Sunny California.

The Golden land of hard work, hopes, and drams.

They and all of America are so F#CKED because of this plague.

We all know Arizona and Florida are  dangling off an existential cliff, too, but Los Angeles, y’all.  If California goes, so goes Hollywood and the hope for the world.  Because trump — inbred FOOL that he its — conned his half-witted followers that masks actually  cause  the “hoax coronavirus” or something like that.  Now a county just outside of California metros Los Angeles and San Diego is facing an emergency lockdown because they have predictably become one of the nation’s most virulent hot spots.

Imperial Country WP Precview

“Imperial County, Newsom work this weekend to take ‘additional steps’ against COVID-19”
The Desert Sun (June 26th)

California opened up for business.  ‘Cos 5th largest economy in the world.  Western civilization depends on California, no doubt.

“These are the California businesses that can reopen, and these are the rules”
L.A. Times (May 8th)

Governor Newsom had the best of intentions.  His peeps were stir-crazy, having been locked down for 3 months.  They needed RELEASE.  If Gavin didn’t give it up, there would have been outright revolt.  California, like any predominately liberal place in America,  isn’t free from the mirror ilk of people who fuel the racist and shamefully-dumb right.  There are just fewer of ’em.

Mix in absolutely everyone’s pent up need for getting their party on, and  they just proved that as a people, they were definitely more restless than remotely smart.  They have learned since “getting back on the road again” that for as much as Blue- staters talk about being better than all those deplorable inbred rednecks in Trumplandia theye’re no smarter by a longshot.

The good people of California just showed the rest of America and the world that while we Golden-staters are  definitely tan, pretty, and more woke than most Yanks, they’re not nearly uniquely American.  Like their poorly educated ilk all across the land, California is full of entitled people drunk on their “God-given rights” with no room left over for responsibility and greater good.   They’ve shown the wold that the days when American exceptionalism meant something are sadly over.

The myth of American Exceptionalism persists, but is becoming a punchline.  Here, the joke is the U.S. presidential administration’s handling of the corona virus epidemic.  While the rest of the civilized world beats the plague back, from their own shores, America, Russia, and Brazil coalesce  into an Axis of diseased shame and stupidity.

America Russia Brazil Covid Pariahs

“First Thing: Covid-19 has made the US a ‘pariah nation’ “
The Guardian (June 25th)

No-fly lists?  Remember when trump was vindictively putting countries he didn’t favor for whatever racist reason on them?  Well, now the U.S. is on the EU’s no-fly-list for actual good reason.


So, now we can’t go infecting Europe on “idiot American” vacation sprees.  LOL, as if any of us who any of us give half a s#it about could afford to, now, anyway.  We’re all stuck here in a trump economy without jobs or hopes for getting them.

The cherry on the s#it cream sundae is that if we don’t come together as a nation and turn it all around immediately, we’re going to die without a roof over our head.  Forget hopes for enjoying any kind of pleasure cruises cross pond.  We’ll all be lucky to have a place to lay our heads as we succumb to the plague.

Millions of Americans will be facing eviction if trump doesn’t forgive months of rent of the  renters and mortgages for the rich property owners  who rent it all out.

Forgive our Rent WP Preview

 “A Housing ‘Apocalypse’ is Coming as Coronavirus Protections Across the Country Expire”
CNBC (June 10th)

So, get off your  rear NOW and add RENT FORGIVENESS and MORE STIMULUS to POLICE REFORM.

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Be an Angry American

Angry Americans Ep63 WP

This quote from Paul Rieckhoff’s  latest episode of his  Earth-shattering podcast, “Angry Americans” is a show in and of itself.  But, Episode 63 is filled with 3 hours and 9 minutes of electricity.

  • A bodacious Wayne Smith interview.
  • The Funeral of George Floyd.
  • “Defund The Police” vs “Reform the Police”
  • COVID-19 Hits the DC National Guard
  • Secretary of Defense Yesper Almost Gets Fired
  • General Milley Apologizes
  • COPS Gets Cancelled
  • Trump Yanks Troops Out of Germany
  • Our Enemies Are Celebrating
  • And, Banksy is right.

Like I said above, this vid is a teaser-traier of the full Episode 63 podcast, but get a taste to let you know it’s worth 3 hours of your time.  It definitely is.

Now, for the full episode.  While you’re there, subscribe to the podcast for FREE and look forward to each new episode, wondering how in the HELL this guy doesn’t have a show on MSNBC (my guess is that he uses way too many music clips and the TV royalty fees would make it too expensive.)

Angry Americans: Ep 63

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As Long as it’s Just THEM

Re-Open it NOW WP Preview

I know you were wondering how white confederates formerly known as “conservatives” are OK with “re-opening” the broader economy before science gives an OK.  Well, wonder no more.

It’s not “a coincidence that the reopen movement started after it became widely known that minorities, people of color, are much more vulnerable to the virus than white people. That gives your average conservative white person some reassurance that they are not at significant risk.”

As long as the people who are going to get sick and die from your selfish irresponsibility are black and brown “others,” it’s OK to open the floodgates to a “second wave” of Covid-19 epidemic on the U.S..

As long as the “others” are the blacks they don’t give 2 s#its about being murdered indiscriminately by “bad apple” racist police officers, they’re fine with it.  These precious snowflake white bigots can handle a 2-9 percent fatality rate.

“Meh.  They won’t be voting if they’re dead.  One stone, 2 birds, right?” ~Your Local Trump SS

GOTV this November.  Like your life depends on it.  Between “bad apple” racist police; slave-labor wages; indiscriminate imprisonment; and medieval healthcare MIS-treatment aside from the rolling corona virus tragedy. This time, it really does.

Black and Blue Wave 2020


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In 2016, Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic primary.  He pledged his support for the party’s nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Unfortunately for America, his supporters didn’t follow his lead.  As a result, a lot of young liberal votes went to the Green or other 3rd party protest candidates.  Many — disgusted their revolutionary leader was no more, actually cast for Trump.

To them, “Donald Trump.  Hillary Clinton.  What’s the difference? ”

Well, we’ve had 3 1/2 years to show just how stark a contrast was possible.

Now, the primary struggle is between President Obama’s VP and Bernie, with what is looking like another heartbreaking loss for Bernie.

Biden Bernie Battle FIN

And, yet again, Sanders pledges to support the winner, should it not be him.  Surely this time, the “Bernie Bros” wouldn’t risk assuring Donald trump another 4 years in office by taking their balls and just going home, right?

You’d think.  But sample people at Sanders rallies, and maybe not so much.

Now, not all Bernie Sanders supporters are this suicidal.  Most are drawn to him because he promises a big game.  He inspires and has answers to their biggest fears.  (no matter how unlikely they will be able to ever come to pass).  But, it’s important to understand why many of these soldiers are still beating war drums.

Sanders’ chief of staff, Jeff Weaver, has built Bernie’s base by emulating the Tea Party’s moves.  By operating the same playbook that trump and most other republicans use:  He strips away his opponent’s humanity and makes them “ENEMY.”

Weaver teaches that you must eviscerate the ENEMY.  There is no coming together.  No compromise.   It is BERN OR BUST.  Many libertarian young republicans long ago moled into the Weaver / Bernie camp and spread this kamikaze theology.  And, it stuck.  We all like to think that since the only real alternative this election will be trump, every liberal American — any followers of Bernie —  would lay down their inner-party arms and stand with the Democratic candidate.

Right?  I mean, if trump is allowed another 4 years in power, all the things that Sanders rallied his troops to support are deader than dead.  The environment they so critically want to save?  Kiss our planet goodbye. And, yet, even with the world about to be set aflame, Bernie’s base may just be satisfied burning along with it.

It really makes you wonder if a significant number of the “Berners’ morality was never more than an elaborate con.  A  zero sum game meant to do nothing but destroy the Democratic party and its platform.

Just a means to a Socialist end.  Hopefully, this time around will see Bernie coming out STRONG for the Democratic nominee squaring off with trump.  Hopefully, he’ll denouncing the rabid Bern-or-Busters once and for all.








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Who Are We Now, Exactly?

Trump Caged Children Murders Legacy WP Supplemental

This isn’t breaking news.  It broke months ago.  But, the horrific and unjustified pain that it caused is as fresh as if it had just happened.

Mother whose toddler died after Ice detention speaks out in emotional testimony

The Guardian  –>

Trump’s Nazi-esqe concentration camp cruelty and its Satanic effects on our nation’s very soul has pretty much set in concrete.

An America any of us can have pride in has left the building.

An America we would send our own children to so they may live better lives — have greater opportunity for financial and spiritual growth has sputtered and suffocates in a filthy trump latrine.

Trump Caged Children Murders Legacy

We can turn this around.

Our souls and the soul of America can be redeemed.

We must repudiate  Donald Trump.  He is not a Republican.

The half-witted con artist is just technically an American.  We must — every one of us — Republicans; Democrats; the fiercely independent — unite around the resistance to this Russian agent in our midst. That resistance — and the only hope for America not to forever lose its claim to being a Democratic union of free people can come from only one place.  We will be led out of the valley of the shadow of death by whomever the Democratic party votes to lead them out of the Primary.

E V E R Y O N E  must commit fully to voting for whomever this person turns out to be.

Vote Blue No Matter Who GOTV

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Google Hearts USPS

This is silly, but it’s true.  I had to do a little research  on a specific postal union yesterday.  I typed one letter of USPS into my magic search bar, and it read my mind.

U Google Search USPS

It chose God Bless the United Postal Service before UPS.

It even chose UCLA before UPS.

There is hope.



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The Logic Behind Trump’s Turkey-love

Everything with Trump boils down to his white nationalist Nazi fantasies.


Take Turkey.  Did you know that they signed a pact with the 3rd Reich in 1941?

Nazis and Turks 1941 WP Preview.jpg

U.S. National Archives  –>

Why did Hitler marry instead of just enjoying the random illicit hookup?  It’s all ’bout the benjamins, of course.  The Nazis used Turkey as an “offshore account.”  According to the national archives above:

The Germans had substantial economic interests in Turkey. There were two Germans banks in Turkey, the Deutsche Bank, Istanbul, and the Deutsche Orient Bank. Six German insurance companies had branches in Turkey. More than 60 German-controlled firms were engaged in trade, transportation, and industry in Turkey. German firms were active in enterprises such as building materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, shipping, forwarding and transportation, machinery and electrical equipment, tobacco merchandising, commission agencies, importing, and exporting. There were German interests in at least 50 other firms in Turkey. 

Trump definitely isn’t plagiarizing again.  Of course not.  His douchey-evil is all original douchey-evil.  No way he’s actually trying to pretend he’s Hitler recreating the old Nazi / Turkey pact.  Nope.  None of our russian agent illegitimate president’s behavior would have anything to do with his giant “Trump Towers Istanbul” foray.

Ivanka Photo Resurfaces Showing Trump in Istanbul to Open New Luxury Towers

Newsweek  –>

Trump is trying to re-form the Allied / Axis framework in the world.  Only with the U.S. as the side-saddle to Putin running the neo-Axis powers.  This is all happening in real time.  No one is talking about the endless anti-American treason going on all around us from this Trump regime’s Reich.  We have a bona-fide autocratic mobster in our White House undoing 250 years of democratic institution right under our noses.

This can only end with a whole lot of criminals frying; hanging from ropes; or shot against prison walls for all of the world to watch.


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Comes and Goes Around

How much of our time was spent listening to morons spit vomit back into Papa Trump’s welcoming mouth about Hillary’s Emails.

‘Lock her up’ chant erupts at CPAC after Trump jokes about Russia, Clinton’s emails

The Hill  –>

And, of course.  Our mobster Russian agent President makes his daughter some kind of nepotistic vice chair of the corp.  She took  all the worst made-up fears that team Halfwit choked into them and blow them up tenfold.

The House subpoenaed all of both hers and Kushner’s work emails back in June.  Tick tock.  Still waiting.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher to be ordered to hand over private emails and texts

Independent  ->

If Elizabeth Warren wasn’t as classy as she is, she’d say “I have a chant for that.”

Lock He Up 02 a

Lock He Up 3

Lock He Up 4 B



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Getcha Gotta Go

Being constantly asked for campaign contributions gets tired.  Usually after the 5,000th email, or thereabouts. You should get something more than satisfaction at participation in the process, right?

Support her or not, contributing to Kamala Harris’ campaign for the chance to prosecute Trump to death has some side-benefits.  This shirt, for instance:

dudeGottaGo Shirt

Kamala Harris Org  –>

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Devil in a Blue Dress?

Well, a flower-print smock.  We knew there were pics out there of Donald #FatDonnie Trump in #LadiesClothes.  Paydirt.

Trump in a Dress.jpg

We know that there are reportedly (winkwink) pics of Russian prostitutes peeing all over the #RealDonald in a Russian hotel.   But until now, the rumors of Donald dressing up like  fat, middle-aged Tea Party queen for Vladimir in those “secret meetings” they don’t let cameras into.  Well, not American cameras.

So, the rumors were always that Trump — while genetically a male — never felt like a little boy.  Born with a micro-penis no bigger than a swollen clitoris, he always felt like a girl.  But, even though the rumor mill was ripe with stories of Donald undergoing a sex change operation, that’s just simply not true.  He fancies girlie-men and has a penchant for the Epstein line of child boys, but he is technically still one himself.  One with a comically small penis and a foreign “beard” for a wife.

His whirlwind ongoing love affair with #DaddyVlad is reportedly why Donald projects hate on the LGBTQ community.  Guilt and self-hate at not having the courage to just “come out” and admit he’s a moaning “bottom.”  “People” are saying that he’s only against gay marriage because he’s “stuck with a First Lady.”  It’s like “If I can’t have my Steaming-Vlad, none of  you bitches get nothin.”

Brokeback Trump-Vlad Sammich

So Trump wants everyone to know that he’s no trans.  “Just a queen.”  He’  VLAD’S First Lady.

Mic drop?

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Making America a GREAT Landfill

Trup Dystopian America Great Again - WP

Reality TV host and illegitimately-installed U.S. President, Donald John Trump was set up in the WH as  part of a larger campaign of destruction.  Comrade Trump was activated to destroy the U.S. government at the bequest of Gen. Putin and the Grover Norquist / #MoscowMitch McConnell Republican Party.

Your weak-witted President #Brokeahontas  —  otherwise known as #Inividual1, #BabyHands, and #AgentOrange  —  was installed to destroy #Democracy and #WesternCivilization.  This, we have known for a long time.  What we didn’t realize is that this little, little man was also put in place to destroy EARTH.

Who he serves in this quest remains a mystery.

NY Times   –>



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Joe Biden Campaign Releases Debut 2020 TV Campaign Ad (VID)

This Joe Biden 2020 debut TV campaign ad dropped in Iowa yesterday.  If you are in Iowa, you are probably pretty familiar with it.

Like every good Democrat RESISTING FAT DONNIE, Magnana Mouse is all about the primary process.  We’re not endorsing a candidate.  Because

  1. We like to provide news.  A magazine, not a publicity firm or think tank.  And,
  2. Every one of our candidates is awesome in so many ways and can all beat trump head-to-head.

2020 or Bust

Here’s to hoping we all play the long (ish) game.  All of the Democratic candidates hold up a nearly identical platform.  Any of them could  end up our candidate against #FatDonnie.  The second the primary is over, we have but one option:  We support that man or woman who the process chooses.  Whomever it may be.

It’s do or die time.  If there is any type of a “Bern or Bust” (the Atlantic) redux.

  1. It will be the double-tap (Wiki) end to the good ol’ U S of A, and
  2. It will be the russian IRA Intelligence agency in concert with any one of a number of RW republican party-aligned think tanks doing it.

The enemies of Democracy would throw this kin of “purity grenade” than lose honestly. They’d throw it into a crowd of Democratic youth to dismember and divide.  Don’t fall for that shiny object (again).

That said, enjoy a pretty well put together television ad from Team Biden.


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It’s All Coming to a Pathetic and Psychotic Head


“I am not  a crook” didn’t work out too well for Nixon.  It sure isn’t working for #FatDonnie.

mobster not a crook

It’s all slowly coming to a head.  Some people call what is happening now “the quickening. ”  Others just file it up to karmic retribution.

At Magnana Mouse, we just call it “obvious.”  This idiot’s clown car reality show never had an end-game.  No point.  Its immolation was never in doubt.  We just all had to endure the slow roll into the toilet.

Washington Post  –>

“Fake News, Fake News” ~heard crying in an AF1 bathroom at 4:30AM. Sources say that a rootkit on the moron’s phone showed he was looking at two pages at the pathetic time in question: This article and realDonald Twitter.


Trump Tweet MOMMY and Oreilly

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That Didn’t Take Long

Anti-Trump Billionaire Tom Steyer Holds Event In Charleston, South Carolina

Tom Steyer. Orig. photo Sean Rayford.

I’m not a supporter of Tom Steyer.  Don’t dislike the guy.  Just don’t know him.

So, what is there to know?  He’s pretty wealthy.  That’s OK.

He is pretty ego-driven.  Kind of a disqualifier, but couldn’t compare with the Don’s ego.  We’ve stared into the sun.  Steyer, bless his heart, is hardly a moon.

What else?  Oh, of course.  He really really wants a Trump impeachment hearing.  Not nearly connected to our power-center to understand how to pull that sword out of the stone.

But, really it’s not like this was ever a serious candidacy to begin with.  It’s a vanity candidacy.  Makes the Party look a little — well  little un-serious.  But, this is far from  a new thing, and nothing the Party isn’t used to repelling and re-shaping behind.

Today, though, it got a little weird. The team that Tom pays to keep his gilded row-boat afloat ran a gross new play:  The Soylent Green Special.  They put their heads down the took it right up the middle to poach off Jay Inslee’s implied misfortune.

The play:

OK, the gray-haired Eco guy is out.  We’re the impeach-guy.  That’s kind of thin and getting old.  What we’re going to do is morph into the gray-haired Impeachment & Eco guy.  No one will remember him to tell us apart.  Let’s send out an email announcing our Rundlefly.

Team Tom Blather Letter

Maybe there’s payoff.  He’ll hit the 2% threshold for a podium and a week or so more time in the sun.   As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, I suppose no harm, no foul, right?  The play just struck me as funny.  Made me wonder if anyone will be drawn in by his eco insta-cred.


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Cut the “Trying to Hide Dumb in the Take-off” Con

Donald hates pressers.  He hates the unrelenting; unforgiving; and unforgetting media.

“So, they want to trap me in the trouble that come with my being a barely half-witted 3rd grade personality?  Fine, you get to do it in front of a jet engine.  I’ll just say I didn’t understand what you were saying and fuck you.  Good luck with figuring out what the hell I said.”  #FatDonnie

You know?  Because this douchebag needs to be taking aircraft I am paying for to places he can pay his buddy Epstein’s little girls to play with his little, little prick.

Here’s a vid, as promised, of the imposter hiding behind noise.  Moron.


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The Prince of the Best Deals Strikes Again


Trump's Balls Drop - Drops all Balls WP PREVIEW

#FatDonnie is grifter #ConArtist.  We all know this.  We all know full well that he’s a phenomenally BAD BUSINESSMAN. Quite literally EVERY business he has commandeered  he ha driven into the ground.  Embarrassingly.

Donald Trump’s Business Failures Were Very Real

New York Times  –>

But, it’s not just his crappy  bad-steak companies and fraudulent for-profit “colleges” he bankrupts.  Trump befouls and destroys EVERYTHING he brushes up against, as Rick Wilson wrote about:

Everything Trump Touche Dies - Rick Wilson WP

Everything Trump Touches Dies:
A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever

Barnes and Noble  –>

Trump has touched America, my friends.  That black hole of a greed-well of a Republican DEPRESSION that President Obama pulled us out of has opened back up and is scheduled to swallow our futures “over a period of time.”

Stocks losses deepen as a key recession warning surfaces

Washington Post  –>

And that was just yesterday.  One would expect a bounce-back today.  That’s not happening.  After a precipitous early fall, it’s creeping up, but the dye’s been cast.  Keep your eye on the ball, for your 401K’s sake (as if there was anything you could do to save it.

Real Time Stocks TR

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Fasci$t Sh1t in #FatDonnie’s Fa@e

Climate FUCK with Jair and Donnie WP preview

Want to save the Environment from Global Climate Change catastrophe?  Great!  Do we have a team for you!

Your home-grown Russian agent illegitimate “president,” Donald John Trump, and his Fascist cohort in the jungle, Jair Bolsonaro.   The Brazilian Trump-clown was until now, only known for being the piece of trash who is actively paving over the Amazon Rain Forrest:

Jair Bolsonaro launches assault on Amazon rainforest protections

The Guardian  –>

But now, Trump’s Fascist buddy has announced the latest weir conspiracy theory for Fat Donnie to tweet about while he’s on the crapper tomorrow morning (ironic pun absolutely intended).  All we need to do is stop eating.


No s#it.  (Pun of course intended).

Brazilian president suggests less pooping to help save environment

FOX News  –>

From The Damage Report:

Fascist dictators:  They take advantage of mob willful ignorance and naiveté to coup power.  Fascist dictators get SUPER-WEALTHY as their subjects starve to death.  Feeding on their own hate, they find out as they die, has s#it for nutritional value.

More pun.  Oh s#it.

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Call on RICO NOW

You’ve heard of RICO.  You might not know precisely what RICO is, but you will soon.

RICO isn’t an adorable pup who needs rescued.  RICO is the law framework that Richard Nixon set up to take down the MOB.

It’s what took down John Gotti’s criminal network.

It’s the set of laws that will bring Trump down.

Wikipedia –>

I'm With RICO

Here’s what you need to know about RICO:

“The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally. RICO was signed into law by Richard M. Nixon. While its original use in the 1970s was to prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime, its later application has been more widespread.”

I repeat:

“RICO laws allow the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing”

Have you ever heard the iconic quote:

The Buck Stops Here Truman WP

“The Buck Stops Here.”

That was President Harry S. Truman.  He was taking blanket responsibility for ANYTHING that happened under his watch.  It’s common sense that whatever happens under the watch of the President and Commander in Chief is his or her claim to fame.

But, the pendulum swings both ways.

That same President and Commander in Chief is responsible not only for the positive return on his or her investments in the greater good,  but for the BLAME in all the shit that ens up hitting the fan while operations commence.  Harry Truman’s promise to take responsibility for it all sounds great.  But, since we can’t guarantee that any current President carries with him the honor that Harry Truman had, we have to take matters into other hands.

Power TO THE PEOPLE.  We must rely on  RICO laws to guarantee that the playing field is level.   Our RICO racketeering laws will ensure that Donald J. Trump will spend the rest of his life in a prison cell, because a WHOLE LOT OF BUCKS WILL STOP WITH HIM.

We just have depose him in a LANDSLIDE 2020 election so he can be prosecuted!

Get Out the Vote!!

It’s time to make sure YOU are registered to vote, since we all know that Russia is deleting our voter files.  We have to work DOUBLE TIME to protect ourelves since Republicans like #MoscowMitch McConnell are uninterested in protecting us from theirs and Russia’s spy games.


Get Out the Vote WP

Join Get Out the Vote on Facebook today and get started!

Facebook  –>


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Tipping Points are all the Rage in 2019

Trump Domestic White Nationalist Promo Poster WP Preview

The image above that pulled you here is a work of art that the El Paso Neo-Nazi mass murder suspect put together.  He spelled-out his fuhrer’s name with all of his guns.  He published it on his Facebook page with his psychotic screed hate-essay:

Facebook  –> (new tab)

The neo-Nazi confederate cult has absorbed the Republican Party completely. You may no longer cast a vote for a Republican politician without casting  vote for the rise of  neo-Nazi white nationalist takeover of the United States.

The Tea Party prepped the meat; the Freedom Caucus tenderized it; and Trump’s domestic white nationalist terror cells have taken it over like Stage V cancer.

It dead.

You’re watching it unfold on the news right now.  You’e seeing the mass shootings and are wondering how real it is, REALLY.  Are there really THAT many white nationalist KKK kinds of armed militant crazies out there?

Enough to be scared?

Is Trump really leading a white nationalist neo-Nazi rewiring of our Democratic Republic?

The answer is:  Uh, duhhhhh.  What is going on right now with Trump’s new Hitler Youth has happened before.  Adolf Hitler had an SS acolyte junior mob just like this current infestation.  When they activated, they did it for every one of their fellow countrymen and women.  Just like their modern Trump-junior counterparts they unleashes their murderous white-nationalist bile in the face of Germany and the world.   

It was called “Kristallncht.”

What?  Wikipedia  –> (new tab)


There is a Nazi revival happening while everyone is swimming in their own private cesspool.  One half of America is a cult of hypocritical Evangelical bullies.  Entitled bullies plashing around a filthy latrine, pretending it’s a baptismal.  They all see cool clear water while they’re bathing in a putrid soup of angry ignorance; vile, sinful hate; and delusional self-righteousness.

Pay attention!  This is the most significant moment in American — I not all of Human — history.  Some day, your great grandchildren are going to ask YOU where you were right now.

What were you doing?

Don’t let them all down.  Pride cometh before the fall.  And, we’re falling, friend.

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Putin FURIOUS at MoscowMitch for Flying Wrong Anti-U.S. Flag


Putin agreed to back his Mitch in exchange for his guiding the U.S. Senate away from sanctions that would negatively affect the Russian mafia.  Reneging on his deal with Russian Intel makes it that much more difficult for Putin to fund his Mitch’s reelection coffers.

It’s a statement, but Nazis get out of control when they try to fly too many colors.

Multiple Flag Mitch WP Preview

Putin:  “Turtle-boy, make up mind before FSB make pathetic martyr out of you.”

Amy McGrath:  “Coming for your traitorous ass Turtle-boy.”


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Mueller Storm’s a’ Brewing

Trump No You Can't WP Preview

The letter people are talking about that would, if it could, prevent former Special Counsel Robert Mueller from saying “anything but his name and rank” is an ignorant farce. It’s the equivalent of someone robbing a 7-11 and telling the police arresting you that

It’s OK, see, ‘cos I got this here Monopoly get-out-of- jail-free card.”

The letter wasn’t even sent from the ILLEGITIMATE AG William Barr. It came from a RECUSED former AG’s (Jeff Sessions’s) RECUSED Deputy AG (Bradley Weinscheimer).

William Barr’s Deputy Warns Mueller to Keep His Mouth Shut

Vanity Fair –>

This stingy little letter has precisely 0% of 0% influence on Mr. Mueller.

Now, this doesn’t mean Mr. Mueller’s going to say ANYTHING at all. It just means that the letter sent back to Mueller answering the letter he wrote asking for the Justice Department’s OPINION was like if you had ordered what you were told was going to be a really yummy spaghetti Alla Carbonara, and then it got kind of weird.

You’re looking forward to it right?

You’re really hungry.

Then, some snot-nose 2nd grade kid pretending to be your chef and waiter all-in-one brings you some slop he made in his play doh kitchen.

We don’t know what we’re going to be served tomorrow. Someone’s going to feast with a giant smile as the other chokes on their own boiled foot. Every of of the movies we’ve ever imagined ourselves in had happy endings. The hero always wins. Gets the guy / gal in the end. Hopefully, we don’t see what the other kind of ending looks like.

That’s not something any American could have prepared themselves for.

Pray Mueller performs proudly like a good American does.

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Trump is Definitely NOT a Racist


Said Mitch McConnel in a presser today at the Capitol.

“Telling the coloreds to go back to Africa was just an invite to go on vacation and just relax.”

This from the mouth of a lying, misogynist piece of trash proudly in the Ku Klux Klan and a charter member of the “Obama is  radical Muslim Terrorist from Kenya” birther club.

Good thing he’s not hard at work blocking out Obama SCOTUS nominees, he’ll have time to explain how none of them are racist pieces of trash.

This trash is up for reelection next year.  And, guess what? I heard of a challenger to his seat is gaining traction.

Amy McGrath.

McGrath is a graduate of the U.S. Navel Academy and Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps in the F16 program.  Hit her up and give what you can.  This is a race we MUST win.

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Insane Presidential Rant

trump press brief Omar hates america Racist BS WP Preview

Indivual1 was just supposed to take questions on whatever policy or other he was bulls#itting on about. Easy peasy.

But, of course, he veered right into oncoming traffic, ranting on and on about every subject currently making him look like the wannabe idiot-dictator he aspires to be. You’ll be hearing about all of it broken down all day and night, but dive right in to get yourself good and wet

Trump Condemned as Racist. His Response: No, They’re the Racists.

NY Times  –>

I won’t give away all the spoilers, but since this one is just continuing onward and outward for a story from yesterday’s micro news cycle, just brush up.  Remember when imPOTUS tweeted that the four in the “freshman crew” should go back to their “shithole” countries.

trump tweet go back to your country WP PREVIEW.jpg

To prep yourself for the discussion of #AgentOrange, enjoy some truth sprinkled on the various RACIST false claims made about our bright, young freshman congresspeeps.

Republicans falsely claim Ilhan Omar denied 9/11 pilots were terrorists

The Guardian  –>

You’ll hear Trump vomit up about how Omar and any other not-white, elderly, and / or male congressperson HATES America.  Important to  have fresh in your mind where #BabyHands came up with that racist trope:

Tucker Carlson: Rep. Ilhan Omar Has “Contempt” For Americans

Real Clear Politics  –>

Now, tune into MSNBC to watch the freshmen Democratic Congresswomen giving their response to trump inviting them to “leave America if don’t like it.


Extra Credit:

If you want to curl up tonight and fall asleep contemplating how the GOP and the general right wing used cable TV news to overthrow Democracy in America, then you may be in luck.  Tune into Showtime and zero in on “The Loudest Voice,” which Joy Reid is hot on rigt now.   It’s a  mini-series bio-pic about how Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes conspired to usher in White Nationalism and create a 4th Reich behind Donald Trump, using FOX News as  a front.


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We all knew it.

Billionaire, my ass. We all knew how broke-ass he was.


This is from a month and a half ago, but lest anyone forget in the relentless barrage of Trump diversionary chicken feed:

A Decade in the Red: Trump Taxes Show Over $1 Billion in Losses

NYT –>

And, the follow-up that asks:

Trump Is a Bad Businessman. Is He a Tax Cheat, Too?

NYT –>

We’ve all been calling him “Individual 1” for a while. He’s been “Baby hands” and “Micro-dick” and “Cadet Bone Spur,” and “Don the Con” and Agent Orange,” and “FAUXTUS” and “imPOTUS,” and on and embarrassingly on.

Well, karma has granted him a new one.  He spent the better part of the past three years mocking Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage, calling her “Pocahontas.”  So, “Brokeahontas,” it is, then, Donnie boi.

Individual 1’s new nickname is almost reason enough on its own to support Elizabeth Warren for President. Suddenly, even if every policy and plan Liz is armed with weren’t light years ahead and above anything trump could offer us, admit it: You’d throw her a vote in the primary just to see her stalk and mock him with #BROKEAHONTAS.

Brokahontas Log WP

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Apprentice Fake President

Trump Apprentice Douchebag A WP

Trump never wanted to be the President of the United States of America. He’s just a run-of-the-mill reality show mobster who was walked into his current role as POTUS by out mortal enemy, Russia.  He’s a mediocre “business person,” and that is generous.  Even partnering with Russian mafia, he’s a not-particularly rich fraudster.

But, Individual 1, here, was SHOCKED after — with Russian Intel assistance — the fix was in and he actually won the race.

Ta da. FAKE President who projects the guilt he knows he owns by screaming about very real FAKE News.

His fraud penetrates to his manhood as he shakes a feeble fist at developing countries, pretending to possess male testicles below his sad, little “micro-thing.” Don’t think that just because he is so freakishly un-endowed that it explains his failure as a President.  Huffington Post Sex MD’s say that his micro-penis has nothing to do with his effectiveness as a leader.  Or lack of it.

Huffington Post  –>

But, we all know better, don’t we.  Reality stings like a swarm of angry yellow jackets hovering around his bloated, empty head.  Just out of our eyesight, trump is always hard at work  bankrupting and destroying every business and professional’s credibility he comes into contact with.

On top of it tall, Fat Donnie is a wannabe cokehead, too “brokahontas” to afford a proper cocaine habit.  So instead,  he crushes up Adderall and snorts it like it’s coke.  Fat Donald is cheap-ass trailer-dweller of a con-artist speed-freak.

Tom Arnold On Donald Trump Snorting Adderall on the Apprentice Set

Newsweek –>

Brings me to today’s ignoramus #FatDonnie claim.   Baby-hands thought that despite the damning Supreme Court decision about his racist census question, he still gets to make the rules, or something.

He still doesn’t, BTW.

Still, his delusions overfloweth.  He seems to fantasize that  he’s going to defy everyone.  He really really thins he’s getting that  “illegal alien” question on the 2020 census.

He still won’t, BTW.

2020 Census won’t include citizenship question, Justice confirms

Washington Post –>

Thing is, this dimwitted trash isn’t a President the way ANY American has ever experienced a United States Presient. He’s the Russian agent dirtbag that the FSB ordered up and groomed for the role. When this douchebag claims he’s pulling off BS like this NON-STARTER census attack on our Constitution, Individual 1 here has NO clue even what he thinks he’s trying to do. He sees everything in terms of a publicity bump to his Apprentice ratings.

He has NO clue the realistic details of ANYTHING he does. He throws out ignorant BS and like any reality show “star,” expects producers to figure out how to threaten their witless reality show directors to make it fit into an episode.

Key here is that our douchebag FAKE president has NO CLUE about ANYTHING he cons-on about. There won’t be a question about citizenship on the U.S. census, and fuck sake, this douchebag FAKE President doesn’t have the authority in his burger-stained wet dreams to “delay the census” to somehow “appeal the Supreme Court.”

Trump and his Very Regular Census WP

Congress is calling for Trump to move forward on the long-standing census preparation schedule without a white nationalist citizenship question. Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York just led a Congressional delegation demanding Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — who oversees the Census Bureau — to send the census form without the question for printing by July 4.

“Only Congress has the authority to delay the census and must do so through the legislative process, which we have no intention of doing,” wrote the lawmakers in a letter to Ross that was released on Tuesday.

Trump Admin’s Delay In Census Printing Sets Up Count’s ‘Biggest Risk’

NPR —>


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Midget Mices, Eh?

Rodents Huh WP 1

This was an ad for some exterminator homicidal execution outfit.  They suggest you order genocide of “midgets.”  Cute, little, furry midgets.

For chrissake, they’re Little Fuzzies, thank you very much.  And we’re doing a better job watching the rats and encouraging them to jump trump’ sinking ship.  So, maybe a little less genocidal mouse-racism?  Yeah.

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BREAKING: Hiding in Plain Sight

You know her as Ali Vitali.

The shooting star young journalist at MSNBC.

But, it’s now being reported that her birth name is actually Allison Vitallison. Sources are saying that she’s on the lam after Q Doxxed her real good.

He exposed evidence of her sipping baby blood from a chalice with Satan, himself, at Hillary Clinton’s temple in the famed pedo pizza dungeon.

Snopes it, man.

I keed, tho. She’s not under any Q quarantine. She’s legit Ali. Still, dizzy confronting her name’s existence. It’s either the coolest or the most clownishly Dr. Suess names a budding #MommyandDaddy team have laughed all the way to the birth certificate bank with in #longtime.

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APB. Donald is Officially Individual One Now.

OK. Magnanna Mouse is quite the magnanimous mouse. But try as we might, we’re never going to wake up CNN-mouse.

This mag will never even FEIGN to offer up breaking news. Not our thing. The top 2 writers here are analysts (not to be confused with professional op-ed “contributor sidekicks. We won’ insult your connection to the web info-grid. But, when a new Democratic President-elect is called — ending a real life Fascist coup you better believe we’ll come back after the dust settles to congratulate the entire team from the mouse.

You’ll forgive the sentimentality of the images and accompanying non-sequiturs.

I know the Resistance was expecting full repudiation of Trump and his Neo-Nazi Keystone Reich. The administration all the way down to the State Houses across the country.

That didn’t pan out, and the POTUS race even got questionable. It scared a lot of people up to this morning when Pennsylvania finally announced the obvious; Their 20 electoral college votes were awarded to Uncle Joe Biden, propelling him from 253 votes, over the 270 required to win the office, to 273. And kind of irrelevantly beyond.

I heard one celebratory Angelino describe it perfectly: “It was a scrappy win for a scrappy kid from Scranton.

And, now, back to the swing state side of the Universe (AZ and NV notwithstanding.

Joe Biden outside his childhood home in Sranton, PA.

Above is Joe Biden the other day outside his childhood home in Sranton, PA. Joe was taken on a tour o the inside of his old home. Then, with the owners’ blessing, he wrote on a wall: “”From this house to the White House. By the grace of God. 11/3/2020″ ~VP JoeBiden”

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