Pucker Up and Take One For the Team

Domestic policies are the waters I swim. Sometimes, though, there are analogous similarities that put it all in a nice kaleidoscope.

It happens all the time, but yesterday, one materialized that defined the stream-crossing phenomenon.

OK, imagine I “accidentally” wander into the back room of a competitor’s suite at a Koch Brothers convention in Dallas. With a bag of recording devices. I’d be arrested. Maybe disappeared. And, I would have deserved the medicine.

But, who the hell told me to break into their hotel suite. Let me glance down and check my call log. Oh yeah.

Seeing the Persian gulf drama play out gave me the same lump in my throat.


US in IranWPFB

I could feel what the US troops were feeling as they were detained in those Iranian waters. But, I don’t know why they were put in that position to begin with. I doubt even they know why. Why in the hell were they there in the first place? You don’t do that on accident. Our tech is the best in the world. They don’t accidentally wander anywhere. They were ordered to go into Iranian waters — to ignore warnings the Iranians flood radio channels with.

The “how dare they arrest any American” nationalist screams aren’t even trying to report the story. Playing armchair QB discussing how the Iranians might be humiliating the Navy crew — hurting their pinkie fingers behind their heads is actually anti-reporting.

OMG, maybe the US should rip up the nuclear deal that Obummer so weakly got us into. Because, this obviously shows the world they’re not living up to their promises. And, multi-lateral shulty-lateral. Treaties are ours to do how whut we want! USA! USA!

Except, whoops! The opened diplomatic channels formed through the nuclear deal negotiations made clearing up our errs a quick cakewalk. It made sure our warriors are back in the homeland hugging their little ones.

Mmmmm. Diplomacy.

Mmmmm. Peace.

The world is changing for the better. The last thing any of us needs is a return to the dark and dangerous reign of an off-the-rails Republican regime.

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You’ve Got the President in your Car. You Aren’t Going Anywhere.

Comedians in Cars Obama Title WPFB

By now, you’ve heard about Jerry Seinfeld opening his season with Barack Obama his first guest on his Crackle Network show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” If you haven’t, and plan to, this essay only kind of spoils.  Not really, though.

This essay is just a handful of photo stills from the show. Not trying to re-tell the story you have to see, Just pretty much revisiting some of the funner parts from MY perspective that if you did see it, you’ll remember. Obama showed himself to be a really down to earth cat. You really have to see the entire show, though. You’ll get what I’m meanin’.

Seinfeld matches a car’s personality with his guest’s. Very similar to how it works out with lowly musicians getting to play the world’s most valuable Stradivarius string specimens, the cars used by the show are owned by the sickly-0-rich and loaned for the show. The owners are given credit, of course; then the cars’ absorb their famous guests’ energy. The value of this already Corvette Stingray just shot through the roof.

CCGC Obma0cFB.jpg

So, for the coolest President of all time, what car is cool enough but a ’63 Corvette Stingray. I won’t detail the thing, ‘cos you probably know, and I’ll let Seinfeld go it. Watch the show. Here are some stills just for grins:

Cruising down DC suburban wqay in the crisp winter air:


A couple shots from the side.

CCGC Obma0a

CCGC Obma0a1FB

From the front, like looking into the face of a torpedo.


And, of course, looking right into the tailpipe, the last thing you see as it flashes by you.


Ok, the show. Seinfeld had a hard time getting the Prez to realize he was there. Dude doesn’t stop working to sleep.


CCGC Obma01aFB

Got his attention and got him in the oval office. Where he immediately made himself very at home.

CCGC Obma01bFB

Miraculously, Secret Service was able to get Seinfeld enough security clearance to get POTUS into the Stingray. The agents must have been crapping themselves. Especially when Obama took the wheel.

I guessed before air that Seinfeld wasn’t getting Obama off the grounds of the White House. Turns out, he tried. No dice. Like the title of this essay, “Sir, you have the President in your car. You’re not going anywhere.” The front gate Secret Service guard was a star.


Obama did manage to get behind the wheel for a bit.


It was here that we learned that even when Obama tried making it out while he was driving, no dice.

CCGC Obma02aFB

Another Secret Service agent offered them assistance getting into the car they would be taking. Another guess of mine prior to air. “The Beast.” On a kind of super-tank frame that could withstend an IUD and probably a surface to surface missile. They still wouldn’t let them off the grounds.


They did get to drive around the grounds a bit on the way to having coffee in the White House Kitchen made into a little makeshift cafe.

It was on this little jaunt that we learned the Commander in Chief can talk to a nuclear submarine on the way to dinner, and no, Seinfeld doesn’t get a souvenir Presidential seal for h

is back seat.



So, they had coffee that Seinfeld made for POTUS on White House equipment. They volleyed banter. We learned that both are witty; both are funny; Obama needs anything, it’s a phone call away; and that the Prez only wears one color of boxer briefs.

In the end, Jerry couldn’t find his way back to his car and loitering became tresspassing in the garden outside the Oval Office. The Prez had to ask Secret Service not to hurt him. No word on whether or not Seinfeld took a black site trip, or not. Episode II hasn’t aired yet.


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Who’s Lyin’ Now, Nazi?

Hillary Blasts Terror-Trump WPFB

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump out for his bigoted hate speech being used by Terrorists to recruit new members.  Trump called Hillary a liar.

“She made it up.  My Hate-buddies are NOT using my videos.  They know I’d sue them for infringement.  And, anyone who knows me knows I’d sue them back to the 7th Century.  What a LIAR, Hillary is, bleeding out her eyeballs and places, stupid woman.”

Well, turns out Hillary was on the money.  Terrorists are indeed using Trump’s bigot-speak to recruit in English language recruitment videos targeting Black and Muslim-Americans.

Way to go, Trump.  Proving that Republicans are idiots and are either complicit in terrorism either by design or by complete incompetence.  Of course, the inbred cogs in the Right Wing echo chamber one-trick-machine will and are already repeating Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh’s FOX-Spin on Trump’s shame.

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The Medicaid Gap

Medicaid Gap

A lot of people who have settled in various BLUE states and have through the natural course of life, become sick — become disabled — would love to move back home and closer to the families they once left to migrate toward their dreams and goals. But, disabled and dependent on their state to aid them through their darkest and most vulnerable times, they are trapped in their new homes because their former ones rest in RED states that have refused to accept Medicaid expansion, because black. They cannot leave the Democratic-led states that accept Medicaid funds that keep them taken care of and medicated.

And, millions were never fortunate enough to escape their former homes and only know desperation. Republican-led states that would rather their constituents suffer and die than be helped by a social safety net.

All because a black President offered this life-saving help. Republican Tea-halfwit governors and state legislators would rather their constituents suffer and die in poverty rather than accept help from an administration that dared lead them fronted by a black man.

This video is about the “Medicaid Gap.” It’s about the US states that have leaders who have left their poor and disabled in positions of desperation and suffering rather than accept what in essence is their own citizens’ money to alleviate it.

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Clown Car Sputters On. Thanks a Lot, MSNBC

Republican Debate Clowns

The Republican debate spectacle is like crappy homemade porn shot by 7th graders using homeless actors with super-8 cameras. Crappy bing chiba boing boing music at what’s supposed to be a Bach opera. A bunch of Weeble Wobble wooden cartoons trying to be Pinocchio’s bitch and failing at even that.

The kid clown table in the super-loser low poll table (Graham, Santorum, Jindahl, Pataki) was a polling keyword and “OMG, Obama is a crazy man and Hillary is killing us with socialism” BS fearmongering, and not much more needs be said about it. I think it was best summed up with the way CNBC filled the open-air time that would normally have commercials. It was Benny Hill’s theme song on a loop.

Not sure if it was up to mirror the theme of the first half of the “debate,” or a theme song preview of round two. It amazes me anyone watching this travesty is taking a word of the vomit they’re spitting up seriously or god forbid, actually thinks any of these jokes has a chance in a general election. Geez, Pee Wee Herman could dress up in a lace nightie4 and a blue cape and run against their bestest, whitest hope and shame them in a landslide.

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Hillary Clinton in Alabama to Call out GOP Governor, Legislature for Jim Crow Activism

Hillary Speaks in Alabama

Hillary Clinton was in Alabama. You are a dedicated servant of the people if you leave the civilized world to brave the neo-Jim Crow confederate South. Alabama has the worst civil rights voting record of any state in the union. And, this isn’t even figuring in their recent decision to close down almost all of the DMV offices anywhere near where African Americans live, so they cannot get the ID’s they now require to cast votes.

Hillary has always had a passion and strong record in support of civil rights and making democracy available to all Americans. She is in Alabama now to call out the State Legislature for their Jim Crow behavior and to raise money not for her Presidential campaign, but for the Alabama Democratic Conference — a group formed in the 1960’s to make sure African Americans were active in their electoral representation — an early massive GOTV campaign.

“It’s hard to believe we are back having this same debate about whether every American gets a chance to vote, This is a blast from the Jim Crow past.” she declared, raising her voice as the cheers grew louder.

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George Soros Supports Civil Rights Justice in Louisiana

George SorosThere is a reason the Right Wing despises George Soros and a reason we Democrats on the Left revere him. (Sorry Bernie, you can’t demonize everyone just because they have money.)

Mr. Soros just donated $250K to the Louisiana Safety & Justice SuperPac that is supporting Attorney General candidate James E. Stewart.

Why would Soros do such a thing, and why does it give the Republican party fuel to add to their Soros hate machine? Did you watch last Sunday’s 60 Minutes? Maybe read the article in the New Yorker about Caddo Parish and their extremist Attorney General, Dale Cox (responsible for a travesty murder of an innocent man, Glenn Ford, convicted despite no evidence, saying that “the system did not fail Mr. Ford.”

Good luck, Mr. Stewart. And, may America FINALLY abolish the barbaric death penalty.

Thanks to Steven D’Mused for the video and the quote image.

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