Why are Police Batons-off with Neo-Nazis?


I’ll remind everyone that when Magnana Mouse was conceived, it was written to document abuses of power.  Police and Military abuses of power.  At the time, the brooding Nazi governance of America by Donald Trump wasn’t something that I could imagine would actually come to pass in the United States.

Who would have thought that this kind of Nazi terror would reign in America?

We fought a monumentally bloody war to stop the Nazi scourge.  418,500 Americans gave their lies to crush the Nazi threat to humanity.  And, there are Americans who are supporting their attempt to rise to power here in the country that would murder them as soon as look at them?

How disgustingly traitorous to our country and to humanity as a whole.

To paint it pretty with a nice anecdote, there were a lot of arrests made when black ppl felt to protest a white supremacist police force murdering them then there were when Neo-Nazis with military armaments were protesting . . . the existence of non-whites?

Here’s your “all sides.”

This is What White Supremacy Looks Like

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An Ideal, Not a Hero. Not just Yet.

Made America Suck Again WP

The deplorably bigoted, willfully-ignorant self-haters of the now nervous Tea Party still cling to a dark hope. They still cling to the white supremacist ideal where “the browns” all serve them as the South rises again. Where life SUCKS for everyone not embarrassingly wealthy.

These tragic fools made a wish upon a star and got their baby-handed idiot king. They got their Trump.

The resistance is fighting tooth and nail to remove the cancer and heal what the idiot-King has sickened. People are screaming for a hero-figure to be like Godzilla beating down Mothra in a duel to the glorious end, But, as exciting and worthy as this path seems, it is that good intention that lines the road to Hell. There is another way, and it doesn’t call for finding a super-candidate to stand up to the serial-lying; compulsive pussy-grabbing,’ half-witted; cowardly man-toddler.

It involves finding the heroes around you and uniting behind a single, overarching ideal. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer teamed with the Democratic party to organize a group of artists to forward an idea of hope and determination. The intent is to help unite the resistance to take back the hope and expectation that was stolen from all of us.

Here are the top-two posters, courtesy Chuck.

Better Deal 1 WP


Better Deal 2 WP

America was NOT made “great again. She was molested, mocked, and left naked in front of a city bus come morning. The Make America Great Again logo is a cruel joke, now. A better deal is what we all need. It’s concise and easy to relate to and recall.

What We All Need: A Better Deal. The working man and woman across the board has been either screwed or lined up along an alley wal to be screwed. Families all across the spectrum and from sea to shining sea are suffering from both Trump’s crazed cartoon leadership and the Republican Congress’ fringe, anti-American agenda. We need a better deal just to heal from years of their legislated regressive greed, self-hate, and lonely bitterness.

They say that most politics are local. Whoever *they* are, they aren’t just spitting into the wind.

All Politics is Local WP

in 2018, we are going to need to develop the legend not of the future King, but of the heroes around us, representing us against the Reich. Our State, Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Senatorial leaders will guide us to a representative system that actually represents all of us.

There are so many Democratic-aligned heroic figures across the country holding the flag for the resistance to Trump and the Republican party he leads who deserve your sweat tears, and laughter as you volunteer to help them help you to an intimidating body. You are going to find it so satisfying and life-affirming that you’re not going to have time or a care in the world for national politics the next time it rears its proud head.

By the time it does, we will have gathered around us those who would deliver bills worthy of our pride in our President signing into Law.

We will draw to us a legislative body that admonishes the toxic ideology of the fringe right.

A body politic that admonishes state-sponsored christo-sharia occultism.

A body politic that admonishes the Heritage Foundation eat-the-poor neocon chickenhawk drum beating.

When we flip the house and maybe, like 2006, the Senate with it, we can coalesce around a national leader in earnest. It’s been so long since we had that, I doubt most even remember what it was like.

Until then, the only thing any of us need to worry about is taking back or defending our states!!

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Trump, the Not Funny Comic

Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin kicked out 755 American diplomats.

Ambassadors to the United States.  Russia just in effect deported them triple time.  755 hard-working American citizens just lost their jobs because the leader of a hostile nation expelled them from the country they work in without cause.  Their boss — their President thrown against a wall launching him into a defensive tirade.

Our President raised HOLY HELL!

Just kidding.  He did NOTHING.  Nothing except for guaranteeing his place in US history as the most vile appeaser to an American enemy EVER.  By bending over and letting Vladimir Putin take him from behind without so much as a whimper, Trump guaranteed he would forever be as cliche a traitor as Benedict Arnold.

Trump was asked WTF by a stunned press.  His only answer was to actually THANK Putin for “firing all those “expendable employees” from the rolls, because he had meant to go in and clean house, anyway.

With one impotent trip over his own bloated, old diabetes foot, Trump has emasculated our nation and ceded our leadership role in the world to Russia, China, and Germany.


That’s in the macro.  But in the microcosm, here, Trump has just put 755 families in dire straits.  Former Ambassador to Russia, Mike McFaul booked on MSNBC today to explain just how far-reaching and damaging a move this weak leadership is proving to be.  There are Kids now unable to eat.  Children with no health coverage when they are sick.  The risk of actually losing a roof over their heads is as real as nuclear war.

And, those are just the American diplomats.  Pile on that list of expendables, the couple thousand American assets in Russia who are now unemployed and absolutely unemployable as virtual enemies of the Russian State, and Trump’s funny joke just ruined thousands of heroic lives and very likely led to the end of hundreds.


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Not a Senator

Fear GOP Walking Dead WP

I like the idea of a ranked soldier keeping his / her rank after un-deployment and rest.

I like calling him President Obama. He’ll always be President.

But, do I really? Only kind of. Rachel Maddow had a guest on today. She called him “Senator” Gordon Humphrey. I thought that out of a hundred Senators, I’d still be smart like a 98% A-student if there were just 2 I didn’t remember. But, really, eff that. I know every dang one, at least by name.

Well, turns out I’m not “There are 2 Senators I don’t know” dumb. Gordon WAS a senator. A long time ago. Like pushing 30 years ago was Senator. Oddly, this gets me to the actual reason I wrote this story: the Zombie of a long-retired Republican senator is haunting us with a press junket. And, weirder, Rachel Maddow had him on her show.

Gordon Humphrey Fornicate Billboard WP

Pardon my taking the piss out of yer man, but aside from my flickin’ his old nuts, that’s an actual poster he uses. For what, not entirely sure. He’s too old to run for any office. Trump is only 71, and I don’t think ANYONE doubts the dumb in risking being a peasant under a mad king. A Dementia-hollowed ASSHOLE. Like Trump. This guy is just too gravity-whittled for service, anymore.

What I’m thinking is that his agent sees a longing for the days before the Tea Party. Before the Freedom Caucus made a buy-in Swamp army of them. With the INSANE militancy of the Presidency, a longing for days even before Neoconservatism. This guy Humphrey represents just that.

He could never be held up as an ideological echo of a hero any lost culture pines to re-live. The people have shown themselves for who they are to the core, and, you can’t un-shoot yourself in your idiot foot. Only the sage monks of electoral politics and the old generals of our reeling media structure keep the memory alive at all. NBC wants to conspire in stopping the Republican party from bleeding out.

Too late for miracles, old chap.

And, I’m not all about helping save the Republican corpse. Let it rot.

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Comrade Detective Tackles Monopoly

This is a great parody of a fictitious Soviet Bulgarian propaganda promotional cop and robber Detective TV show.  It pretends to be a long-lost, preserved copy, restored for our viewing pleasure.  It’s a complete model  set in the shadow of “the Wall” in 80’s cold war Eastern Europe.

Imagine, if you will, that Rocky was US propaganda overseen by a shadowy government CIA agency.  This is its commie cousin, KGB-style.  You can almost imagine the kind of state-run TV they have on TV now, ya know?
It’s an Amazon Studios original, the six-part first season is brilliantly directed by Rhys Thomas. It was created and written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Also, crack performances by Channing Tatum, Florin Piersic, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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Pretty Lindsey Flails in Idiot Pants

Gay Lindsey.jpg

Sources say that sweet little Lindsey Graham has an amendment to the super-secret Nazi “Kill the black guy’s healthcare law” bill ready to shiny-penny it past his naive base. He’s rumored to be ready to offer free bags of Skittles for all the Rainbows in his district if they’ll be cool with losing their healthcare.

Skittles are expensive, but he has to placate the gay following Trump’s attack on the “T” from the mighty LGBT who are / were serving in the US military.

I’m being sarcastic and just plain silly, but there’s nothing of any serious merit to ANYTHING the Nazis are trying to shove up our tailpipes with this aggravated rape of a bill.

The New Statesman –> http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/health/2017/07/no-time-civility-towards-republicans-even-john-mccain

I heard he just called the latest “skinny bill” his Reich has proposed as a fraud. A fraud he would go ahead and vote for. As long as the NOBLE congress pinkie swears they’ll create an extra-legislative council of some sort to not pass it and work on a brand new one, or some stupid BS.

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Obama vs. Trump BSA Jamboree Speeches

Obama BSA WP

Donald Trump spoke in the direction of 40,000 children in the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree crowd the other day. He used drunken dive bar language and spoke without honor as their honorary Scout President. Did I mention that he wasn’t only a US Military draft dodger, but he wasn’t even a scout?

Yeah. Real role model. It was shameful.

Well, President Obama wasn’t able to attend either of the two Jamborees that gathered while he was our President and Commander in Chief. But, he was able to send a video address to the kids. The respective Presidents’ speeches were far cries from one another and sum up the difference between the two Presidents.

Occupy Democrats edited the video, and big ups to them for doing so:

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