Trump S.A. Brownshirt Murders Black Man in Baltimore

Baltimore Hate Criminal WPThe Trump Reich S.A., the “Alt-Reich Nation,” has been been very busy while daddy has been overseas racking up billions in bribes. Lots of hate to manage to prep for his glorious return to Mara Lago.

Sean Urbanski, a staunch Trump Reich loyalist in Maryland being investigated for yet another hate crime in his oh-so-noble name:

Baltimore Sun –>

Rest in peace, Richard Collins III — a USMIL airborne soldier and son of a decorated soldier.   Burn in Hell, Sean Christopher Urbanski and your inspiration, Donald Trump.

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The Biggest Bribe in US History

King Dumbass and King Arabia WP

King Dumbass just became a full subsidiary of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. He went from HATING Islamic Terrorists to kissing their king’s ring and accepting $20 BILLION that will go to his private corporations to (not) do work on American infrastructure. NOW Trump is a billionaire. Biggest bribe in human history. Lock this MF and his entire Reich up NOW.

If you missed that, lemme repeat it:

Donald Trump just accepted a $20 Billion bribe from the king of the country that took down the twin towers, killing 3,000 American citizens. $20 BILLION to be laundered through US corporations under the guise of government contracts to improve American infrastructure.


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Trump — Low on Blow Supply — Gets Sluggish in Israel

People are saying that Trump is ill.  Something that slowly kills obese cokeheads over the age of 70.  Well, the coke part isn’t something people in the public eye have associated with his “illness.”

Nicer words just call the old, fat, cokehead “exhausted.”

Acosta Trump Tweet 01 WPHe King Dumbass doesn’t much like having to face Muslims he has damned as “Islamic Terrorists” when he’s meeting with their monarchy.

One can also deduce that he doesn’t like facing Israelis he screwed over, either.  We all remember how he released their top-secret intelligence to Russians, who share with Iran.  Dumbass.  Since Trump has been warring with US Intelligence, he has been releasing all kinds of top-secret info — putting all kinds of US operatives and assets in grave danger.

He just wants to come home to Mara-Lago.  Where he can score blow.  Yeah, on the road, he doesn’t have access to his coke dealer, many are speculating.   Everyone knows he has all the stamina, so simple, natural “exhaustion” is kind of a silly excuse, right?

Trump Exaustion Tweet 01 WP

Illegitimate wannabe King Baby hands is a low-energy, coked-out, dried-up, Russian double-agent.  All evidence points to that reality.

And, he really wants to come home — looking for dog-ate-my-homework excuses to skip the pop quizzes and get home before something happens.

Any of a number of possible somethings.

He’s super-concerned that whoever-the-hell-you-name-it-from-any-side might assassinate him while he’s blowing his weak-sauce hot air in foreign lands.  So much so, they created a bomb-proof ROOM IN HIS HOTEL for his 1000-member billion-dollar-a-day entourage .

NBC –>

That being said, we have to be thankful for this insane security overkill.  We DEFINITELY don’t want this illegitimate POS to get off easy with a quick death.  There is a humiliating trial and execution waiting for him right here at home.

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Dawn of a New Era

Saw a before / after photo of something earlier today, and I felt compelled to make this. Meant to include the photo that inspired wanting to do it, but in the hours between starting it, living a relatively normal L.A. weekend, and finishing it, just couldn’t find it. Oh well, doesn’t make all that much of a difference, as they aren’t even in the same genus.

Well here is the Magnana Mouse before.  DC rockin a pristine flag:

America Before Trump WP

And, of course, after Trump has set it all afire:

America After Trump WP

That’s all.  Just some art for ya. Sunday was art day in L.A.. Have a great week, y’all. Keep up the fight.  #RESIST and #PERSIST !!

BTW, don’t confuse AI with artificial intelligence. That may be coming, too, but let’s deal with one apocalypse at a time, m’kay?

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So, Who Bowed to an Arab King, Now?

Breitbart Header Headline

You may remember this Breitbart BREAKING NEWS headline from President Obama’s first Presidential trip to Saudi Arabia in April, 2009, shortly after we elected him to his first term.

Yeah, about Obama bowing?  A foreshadowing of fake news and alternative facts to come:

Trump Curtsy like a Bitch

It doesn’t much look like President Obama was doing much bowing.  But, illegitimate serial liar and sex offending Russian puppet Trump curtsied like an obese little girl wearing dead squirrels as a headpece.

But, don’t believe your lying eyes, now.

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Special Counsel?

Law Wars WPGood news.

I think.

America got itself a “special counsel.” Trump can be investigated and prosecuted proper (New York Times). But, some things are still a worth peeking around the corners. In Loopholesville, you never know what kind of surprises hide in the shadows.

A special counsel has jurisdiction over what it can do that is determined by the Attorney General. In our case, that’s the recused Jeff Sessions. So, the responsibility rests with the new Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein. He chose the Attorney to hire as the Special Counsel, and he now steers the ship.

Still, it is worth investigating for yourself the intricate relationships that the rules weave around the special counsel. For instance, to what extent is Trump still an invisible hand nudging an invisible hand in Sessions, who it nudging the invisible hand of Rosenstein on as it nudges Robert Mueller on?

The bottom line is that Rosenstein is still in charge, able to quash “any investigative or prosecutorial step” if the Attorney General deems “the action is so inappropriate or unwarranted under established Departmental practices that it should not be pursued.” ~Code of Federal Regulations 600.7 Conduct and Accountability (Cornell Law)

That said, Robert Mueller used to run the FBI, and after what Trump did to Comey, I don’t see him being guided by Trump’s multi-dimensional invisible hand. And, that said, if Trump did that, I am comfortable saying that it would lead to a complete failure of our government.

Bottom line is that you’ll keep doing your rockin’ due diligence and keeping up with it. Magnana Mouse will continue to publishing updates and commentary explaining what we think is going on between lines.

Wherever you get woke, GET WOKE. This bizniz is way too important to trip over while watching cat videos.

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Means. Memes. Mean ones. Poor Donald.

This isn’t much a bit of mucha thang. Just a couple defamatory LULZ posters of King Dumbass. So much news of the ridiculous, one bit after the next like a never-ending lightning round. Expecting *someone* to off this chump.

Some crazy coal miner who figured out he completely got conned.

Some poor white dude with a now-dead kidney-failed wife who just figured out Obamacare was just a nickname for the affordable care act.

A fed up black feminist Christian just DISGUSTED that this guy is such a sickening disappointment.

Some career Intelligence agent doing EVERYONE a favor (hopefully under orders).

Maybe a n angry Sunni Muslim in Saudi Arabia as the Secret Service kind of looks away to cough (because there’s a lot of dust in Arab lands).



Well, all I got is a couple Means. They’re mean memes. LULZ posters. Just enjoy the gigglez. You’ll find they’re worth gold — these laughs — as the Trump noose tightens around your neck.

Obama Lama Ding Dong WP

Sure I’ll find a good Putin one a minute after I click “publish,” but until I do, enjoy King Ding Dong as Long Jong Dung:

One Dum Fuc WP

Srsly, if you find a good Putin one for the collection, here, comment it and I’ll put it up in Magnana Mouse (Facebook). Make ya famous 🙂

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