The Baskin Robbins of Deplorable

Trump Voters Cartoon WP

One of my friends tried his best to differentiate between Tea Party Republicans; “Trumpster” Republicans; and the “regular” conservatives.  

As if there is a difference between them.  The reality that I believe all Democrats — progressives, liberals and centrists or whatever moniker the resistance to the darkness that is enveloping us are calling themselves now — is that there is no difference between any of them. 

Zero difference betwixt.

They are one-and-the-same.

Do you remember what “Brownshirts” were?  From your history study way back in the day? 

Refresher:  they were the loudmouth thug Reich pant-tuggers of the Nazi party leading up to WWII.  The Tea Party movement was artificially created to play an identical role in Neocon and Alt-Right populist, nativist movements in America that the Republican party sponsors. 

The SA, or “Sturmabteilung,” played a “bigly” role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 20s and 30s. 

Sturmabteilung at Wikipedia –>

Just as Tea-staomed “trumpeters” did and do for Trump, the “brownshirts”  provided protection for Nazi rallies, disrupting the meetings of and physically fighting opposing parties, and intimidating minority citizens, unionists, and people who pray / pray differently then they pretend to.


Bigoted thug paramilitary forces.  Unfortunately for America, *this* S.A. militancy is armed and entitled — shown that they can “stand their ground,” killing their foes with impunity as policing us do the same in all of our names.

Say it again, loud and proud:  There is ZERO difference between Tea Party mouth-breathers; Trump Brownshirts; the Christian Hypocrite coalition; and the entitled faux-centrist Republicans who would like you to consider “mainstream.”

Think of it like this:  they are all guilty of the bank robbery and the murders that ensued regardless of whether they were in the bank when it happened or just in the car idling waiting to innocently drive off and buy another yacht with the score.

Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors.  May they ALL burn.

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Crowd-Sourcing a Tyrant’s Take Down

Managed Profile Hive WP

Published on Magnana Mouse.

You may have read the other day about how a suspicious amount of cash was sucked into the Trump Swamp for his embarrassingly sparsley-attended inauguration (Washington Post).

Well, little twist. Digging in sheds some fun and revealing light.

First of all, the geniuses funneling money to Trump were SLOPPY. They used addresses that give up their ruse.

Managed Profile crumb WP

Now, I’m not saying that some lovely mama didn’t name their little child “Isabela John.” Or, that poor Isabela wouldn’t grow up to proudly donate $400,000 to Donald Trump’s worthless inauguration.

What I am saying is that there is no such person as “Isabela John,” and only a managed profile titled “Isabela T John” lives at 111 Sylvan Avenue in Englewood, New Jersey. You see, that isn’t an address at all. Not really. It’s registered with the post office, and the place where that address would be has GPS coordinates, but there is no actual Sylvan Avenue. Here is the map of where 111 Sylvan Avenue officially is:

111 Sylmar 2 MAP

That water on the back end is the Hudson River, of course. Lots of land owned by whoever it is that owns all the land where there aren’t any properties in land zoned for housing.

Well, what does the magic village garden where the giving Isabela lives look like?

Well, the company that does own the property is called LG Building Project (WEB). They had artists imagine what it would be nice if it looked like.

111 Sylvan 1

Wow. That may not be residential property where an “Isabela T John” might live if there were an Isabela John that existed somewhere. But, it looks dreamy. Isabella and her champion poodles probably has a hum dinger of a back yard. Well, no problem, the shell corp that owns the property has a very real photo of what the property off the Hudson looks like from on the Hudson:

111 Sylmar 4

Well, zingo, man! Isabella is rockin’ it. What a property she has there, right? Now, that’s the kind of Isabella I can see having a spare $400,000 to shower on Trump’s mighty biggest ever in the history of the world inauguration.

Seriously, though. I wonder what it looks like for real, though?

Well, thanks be to the mighty interwebz, because we don’t have to look far to look FAR. Google Street View of the address to confirm the property’s majesty:

111 Sylmar 3

Wait a minute, now. That’s not what it looks like. An ugly strip mall-looking property with every building unmarked and the parking lot blocked off. Kind of like it’s a money dump for some shell corporation. Who owns the property, again? LG Building project? What the hell is that, exactly? There is a bunch of information on their clever website. Again:

None of the names mentioned is “Isabella T John.” But, of course. I don’t have the entire list of fake names attached to fake addresses, but, I can imagine that most are given addresses that point back to shell corporations owned by Trump, his Reich-commander cabinet, and Russian Intelligence. It sounds almost science fiction, but it’s not remotely so.

Russian Intel has run managed profile fake profile campaigns to swarm social media with feigned occupation for a couple years now, but they’re not all that ingenious. This isn’t a play out of their book. We have been doing it out of think tanks here for about fifteen years. Thirteen, exactly, but that’s just when the beta version of the first proprietary software making it possible hit the dark market.

You’ve seen the Moldovan hacker robot profiles trying to saturate the market with fake Trump-fanboi and angry Bernie-bot profiles. The ones that aren’t real people. Profiles of women who aren’t women, but little pimple-faced nobodies who don’t have any ties to the campaigns they rep for. Let alone are they real humans. They exist en masse to make you believe they are real and they are ANGRY.

These types of managed profile PR swarms have been going on since the Bush reelection against John Kerry. It was only new then because Social Media was its vehicle. Before that, it was email, which was easier. And the early phone-bots and recorded messages before that.

This essay isn’t about managed robot profile swarm social media PR campaigns, though. It’s about over $100 Million being laundered into Trump’s coffers through fake identities. That’s RICO conspiracy bizniz, right there. This is crooked politician thievery taken to a ridiculous level. In a really bumbleheaded, keystone cop kind of fashion, unfortunately for Trump. All of the names and fake identities are dutifully reported for all to see, just like this “Isabella T John.” And, if you want to help take Trump down with this, you can! There are tons of campaign finance laws this has broken. Laundering money is a crime. A RICO crime. Very serious stuff. When foreign nationals funnel money to US politicians they are in every way conceivable bribing, every line is crossed.

The person who has collected copies of all of the donations to the Trump Inauguration slush fund needs YOUR help!

111 Sylmar 5

Christina Wilkie, a writer at the Huffington Post broke the story Friday on Rachel Maddow after Tweeting it:

111 Sylmar 6

The story was immediately followed with an article in Raw Story:

The story is huge, and FOX, along with other Breitbart echo chamber Fake-news mags online are already flocking to it. Like with many Trump defensive posturing, they make it more about penis size, so-to-speak. They seem more concerned with the amount that Trump claims the inauguration ceremonies cost, not how Christina Wilke broke the story about their use of fake names; fake addresses; shell corporations; and foreign national contribution / bribes were involved.

Trump is LIVID that Wilkie has suggested that President Obama would have slummed with $53 million dollars for his “much smaller” inauguration and that Donald wouldn’t absolutely have needed at least twice that for his MUCH larger ceremony.

Duh, Winning, as cokeheads are oft to say.

Don’t forget, Christina Wilkie didn’t publish a finished story. It’s just beginning, and it’s crowd-sourced. She has stacks of likely dirty fundraising contact sheets and she is asking for YOUR help in using them to aid taking Trump down. She needs YOUR help to research the money trail. Like they said in All the President’s Men:

Here’s how you do it: You go to this Google Sheets crowd-source research spreadsheet:

You take an address / name. You verify the identity. You leave a comment by the address with your findings. It’s pretty cool. Be part of a people-powered bloodless takedown of a tyrant.

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Berns Leave Nasty Scars

Bernie Sanders WP

You know, I don’t mind Bernie Sanders. Never have. He’s a little annoying, but until last year, he was like a gnat. He’s not a Democrat, but he tags along and supports anything Democrats do.

He never sponsors a bill, but he always voted our way. He was just the kid you don’t invite to your party, but if you see him there, you don’t kick him out. He’s not hurting anybody.

Unfortunately for him, though, the Right and the Russian SUPER-RIGHT used all that ability to draw young progressive neophytes to him to redirect the energy and fell the Blue Tent. The story arc you don’t see coming that suffocates every ideal progressives stand for in the process. The Republican ol’ boys’ club arranged to get the PR propagandist Tad Devine to work with a very easily manipulable campaign manager, Jeff Weaver. The “Bernie or BUST” ideology and organization that formed around it was never more than a play operated by an alliance between the U.S. Right and Russian Intelligence.

Bernie Sanders or Bust WP

Bernie may have been caught up in it as a board member in BernieCo. Or, he may have been a useful idiot of a less-than-willing beneficiary. How you come down on the subject is binary, really. People either love him like a teen idol or they hate him.

I don’t think that’s necessary and I don’t think it’s healthy and I don’t think it’s helping ANYTHING.

Whatever he was doing, I see him touring with Democratic President Tom Perez and I see a guy happy to be helping guide idealistic young people into the open and inviting BLUE TENT.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing myself a minority. I see articles like this posted by good Democrats who I would assume would be hopeful about all of these new recruits, and it makes me sad.

Rewire –>

I’m worried that the hate displayed for the old man shown by Democratic loyals is like a really deep bruise that we keep charlie horsing so we can’t forget it. It lingers. Festers. I’m hoping that we can find a way to MOVE FORWARD.

What is the current scoring on the schadenfreude orgasm of crushing Bernie’s little head like a bug vs the need to guide his admirers into the Blue Tent?

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We All Fell On This Saturday Night Live

Get it? Not like a felon was on Saturday Night Live. Jimmy Fallon. He played a mean Jared Kushner. Two memorable stills from it were:

SNL Bannon Dump WP

Trump Apprenticed the Oval Office and there was a big reveal. Between Kushner and President Bannon, only one could stay.

Kushner won and the Grimmer Reaper escorted baby-douche reaper home to Hell.

And directly following:

SNL Kushner Big Chair Fallon

The Alec Baldwin Donald immediately asked Kushner to take over his seat in the big chair and took the kiddie desk to play with some kiddie toys.

Truth is more eff’d up than really funny comedy, even. Melissa McCarthy was back playing more of a man that Douchey-Spice actually is one. SNL Melissa McCarthy WP

Great performance, with the most Sean Spicy quote yet:

“Fool me once, shame on me
Fool me twice, shame on Jews.”

There was a musical performance that was befitting of the best SNL of the season.

SNL Harry Styles WP

Harry Styles blew it up with two new singles. Even if he had to raid Steve Martin’s old closet of its grandpa suits to do it.

The whole show was great, from the dancin’ monologue intro to the singing Civil Warriors to the Weekend Newsupdaters. It’s a must-see episode (the first ever episode to be live from coast to coast),

Online at –>

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War is Partisan, Now

Partisan Warring WP

Going to war for America is now an almost entirely partisan sport.   Look at the chart above that Rachel Maddow’s research and design team put together.  Four years ago, when Barack Obama was our President and Assad gassed his people, 38 percent of Democrats supported U.S. military intervention.  Only 22 percent of Republicans trusted a Black President sending in some Seal Team Six knockout dawgs.

Today, virtually the same number of Democrats still support a U.S. intervention in Syria.  But, Republicans — now that they have a rich good old white boy in the Oval Office —  are giddy for some killing.  A full 86 percent of Republicans now support WAR.  As you see above, that’s a 64 percent spike.

This isn’t SPARTA, so we’ll call it MADNESS.

The behavior of the Baby-handed one is madness.  Coke-high madness, sniff, sniff.  That is a cancer that can be cut out.  But not once it’s metastasized.  When just about a quarter of the country is channeling this psychopath’s cray, the willful, defensive ignorance becomes a species of suicidal.

We’re fighting a modern-day Jonestown.  We’re fighting for our lives.

Jonestown WP

I hope showing a photo of what Jim Jones did long ago doesn’t ruffle feathers.  You have to look into the eyes of this evil.  Millions and millions will die if Trump and those in his little Reich are not brought to justice.

Keep Resisting and keeping your chin up.  We’re not going to be taken down to a reality show real estate idiot used car salesman.

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He Loves You Like the Baby Jesus

0Trump - Believe Me WP

He spoke. Using the best words he has.

It’s clear that he loves us all, every one. Like the baby Jesus.

He feels such amazing empathy to all the people afflicted with pharmaceutical pain killer addiction.

And, he’s going to save EVERYONE. Problem solved.

You just have to believe. Have faith. If you just have faith in your baby-handed God, he will guide you back to Eden.

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Syrian Jets Still Taking Off From Damaged Airfield [EDIT 10 APR]


Syria BoomAgain JetsSyrian Jets still take off from Airstrips damaged by US Tomahawk strikes.
Syrian Airfield post-Trump Fireworks Show 1The Firework Show was expensive and caused a lot of smoke, but didn’t accomplish much.


Well, since Trump warned Russia and Syria to move their toys out of the way before we started the $200M fireworks show, not a whole heck of a lot was really accomplished.

Just hours after we Tomahawked them, the Russians / Syrians are not even hiding the fact that they’re using the airport to launch more attacks on Syrian civilians.

Not to worry, though.  The jets taking off are Syrian ones, and it was the Russian ones that Chemical Attacked all the “beautiful little babies,” so at least the babies are safe from the chemical attacks.

See how good Trump is at this?  He has the best words.


Reuters –>

EDIT 10 APR:  The new sorties the Syrians / Russians launched?  They’re up to bombing again.  The same site they gassed the first time.  Nice job, Trump.  Really solved this particular problem.

Daily Beast –>


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