He Forgot to Bind his Binders

Binders full of women - kavanaugh edition WP PREVIEW.jpg

Brett Kavanaugh kind of saw it as a cross between the Joy Luck Club and the Dead Poets Society.  With a ton of booze and a bit of rape.  Why don’t high school girls ever pay attention to non-disclosure agreements written on liquor store receipts?

Second Woman Alleges Sexual Misconduct by Kavanaugh, This Time in College
(NBC News)

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Lady Got’s to GO

Collins Trump Kavanugh WP

The rest of Susan Collins’ electoral life will be living a HELL regardless of how she ends up voting on Kavanaugh. Franken’s ghost is going to crush her lady-testicles.  Women who have been long herded into the Republican pen have a HORRIBLE misogynist mole in their midst.

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May Mitch McConnell Get All He Summons Up

Something Widked Mitch Way Comes.jpg

I have never met Mitch McConnell, so it’s difficult to properly judge him. It’s like, before properly judging a lawn, you have to pull your shoes off. Slide the socks off and walk around it barefoot as the day your mum born’d ya. I haven’t had the opportunity to walk all over Mitch, though. Barefoot or in dirty boots.

Anyway, tough guy said that the midterms were going to be a knife fight in an alley. He’s so used to gutting Americans like pigs, he thinks he’s a gangsta.


But, Mitch is garbage. He is more guilty of every bit of badness that has been inflicted on the U.S. pretty much since the turn of the century than pretty much anyone. I vote that I he gets that alley knife fight. We have to wait until 2020 to dump this douche electorally,. But, if he wants to join Trump in a prison shankin’ heavyweight bout, I KNOW that can be a last-wish granted.

For all that his GOP has given us, I think that’s the least we could do.

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Texas Board of Voter Suppression Bans HRC and that Nasty Hellen Keller From History Books

Hillary and Helen WP

We’ll all be tempted to return the favor and emulate the childish BS behavior that the Texas board of voter suppression / book burning has done here to the historic record.

Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum

Dallas Morning News –> https://www.dallasnews.com/news/education/2018/09/14/history-curriculum-texas-remembers-alamo-forgets-hillary-clinton-helen-keller

As the long and UNFORGIVING arm of the law deposes, tries, and likely enough executes him, it will be our natural inclination to delete EVERY pro-Russia policy and poisonous fruit judicial agent he and the Republican party has confirmed. We can’t just purge his memory from our system, though. We have to remember FOREVER this shame, so it may NEVER happen again. Like Germany was forced to endure HITLER’S legacy. Hillary’s memory will endure some douchebag REPUBLICANS’ Nazi book burning BS.

Belee dat, son.

Belee Dat WP.jpg

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Hurricane TRUMP Rips Through the Atlantic

We’ve all had our shores pounded by news of Hurricane Florence. But, as this monster storm bears down on North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, much more hurricane news is causing havoc.

Hurricane Trump WP

First, your illegitimate President has diverted $169 Million from the organization that was organized by American leaders to protect our citizens from the ravages of natural disasters like Florence. And Maria, that ravaged Puerto Rico.

Why did he steal this money from suffering people in dire need of it? Oh he is funding his kidnapped asylum children program. Doing a great job, Orangie.

DHS transferred $169 million from other programs to ICE for migrant detention

NBC News –> https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/dhs-transferred-169-million-other-programs-ice-migrant-detention-n909016

Sure, that’s going to end well for him.

Then, there’s this:

Puerto Rico Homeless

Trump couldn’t be bothered to help any of the displaced, despondent, and desperate Americans suffering in the wake of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Well, thousands of American Citizens relocated to Florida to escape the disaster. Now, just in time for a Hurricane season with $169 Million less to mitigate it. Trump and his Republican party have given all of those victims 2 days notice that they are all being evicted.

FEMA cuts off housing funds for 987 Puerto Rican families who fled Hurricane Maria

NBC News –> https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/puerto-rico-crisis/fema-cuts-housing-funds-987-puerto-rican-families-who-fled-n908606

Of course Donald Trump and everyone in his family and throughout his Reich should be absolutely shamed. But, at this point, it’s Donald’s DEPLORABLE support trash who should feel the most shame and self-hatred.

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Not to Fret Cap’n

This goes in the “Don’t be a Chicken Little” file. Of course it gets scary when our half-witted, illegitimate “president” gets to tweeting, and all logical bets are way off. We’ve all been mired in the flaming, stopped-up toilet that is the Trump presidency. But, Cap’n Magnana Mouse is here to promise you that this it is all gonna be alright. This pea-brained, mob-rule pretender was never, and will never threaten the long-arm of the justice underpinning the foundation of the United States of America.

Shiny Firefly Not to Fret Capn Continue reading

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Hidden in the Shade Behind Shiny Objects

Shiny object SHADE WP

The ridiculous tweets of an ignorant madman provide Republicans all the cover they need to destroy the very fabric of American Democracy.  And, worse — the fabric of existence on our unstable planet.

The Republican party, under Trump’s leadership, are relaxing the regulations that protect U.S. citizens from the greed and unconscious evils of soul-less corporations.  In this case, they are ceasing protecting our air from the clear and present danger that Methane Gas poses us.  Worse, they know and freely admit that what they are doing is potentially fatal to the U.S environment, but “Boo effing hoo.”

EPA seeks to relax rules on methane emissions, admits harmful health impacts

NBC News  –>  https://www.nbcnews.comTh/politics/white-house/epa-seeks-relax-rules-methane-emissions-admits-harmful-health-impacts-n908616

This is perfectly right along the lines of a critical danger that Trump-led Republicans know ONLY but to exacerbate — make horribly worse.  They are the hospital that you go in in stable condition and look to transfer to Intensive Care (ICU) to die suffering in.

Texas Methane  Cloud WP.jpg

NASA Confirms 2,500 SQ. Mile Methane Cloud Over Texas

Muse’s Machine  –>  https://musesmachine.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/texas-methane-cloud/https://musesmachine.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/texas-methane-cloud/


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