Brownshirts Begin Their Armed Assault on Democracy (UPDATE 3)

According to Gabrielle Giffords’ website, this Democratic congressperson who was shot in the head by a psychotic Tea Partier today is a gun owner and strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  I wonder how she’s feeling about gun ownership right about now?

As much as she tried to feign the fascist answers to the questions that would allow her to be elected (and re-elected) in Arizona’s right-wing 8th district, after voting for Obama’s watered-down health care compromise, Giffords was among the members who, faced threats and vandalism for her trouble.

The media is reporting that the gunman is Jared Laughner, an Afghanistan War vet, who boasts a Gadsden flag on his Facebook page, declaring that he “IS the Tea Party.”  (LINK)

The LA Times is reporting on this as fast as the information comes in. (LINK)

*** UPDATE 1 ***

Just a short one.  Laughner wasn’t a vet.  He claimed to be part of a recruitment process.  Probably a lie.  Someone who met him once said he was a liberal.  But, everything from this wack job, including the assassination of a Democratic Congresswoman who voted for Health Care Reform and a Democratic Judge who voted for Immigration Reform, along with all of his right-wing nutjob manifesto craziness says that girl had NO idea what “liberal” means.

Oh, and so you know, Tuscon was one of Palin’s crosshairs in her “Reload” cry, and Congresswoman Giffords?  She was one of the targets specifically laid out for Laughner to go after.  Bravo, you Teabag freaks.  You have a nine year-old’s blood on your hands.

Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, etc, should be charged with conspiracy.


Goddamn unbelievable.  And, we’ve seen it coming.  We’re all to blame for this neo-fascist brownshirt surge of idiocy and bigoted violence.  We could have stopped this.  Remember when William Kostric brought a loaded firearm to a Presidential Town Hall Meeting . . . and didn’t end up in Gitmo?


When bringing a firearm to a Presidential rally isn’t crushed like a roach infestation, how can anyone be surprised at what nut will do when prompted to do so by vitriol-spewing, pure hate-inducing loudmouths like Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, and Bachman?  Hear it from the Sheriff of Pima County:


*** UPDATE 2 ***

TPM Muckraker just posted the full list of Federal Charges (LINK).  Turns out, the right-wing assassin wrote that it was indeed, an assassination plot, and that it was well-planned out.  He will smell funny when he fries.  Massive jolts of electricity do that.  And, they pop out your eyeballs.  It’s why assassins wear hoods when they fry.


*** UPDATE 3 ***

I found video of Congresswoman Giffords being interviewed on MSNBC about Sarah Palin putting Cross-hair gun sights over her name in that poster.  It’s chilling and sad.  This woman will be this generation’s Bill Bradley concerning gun control legislation.  Stuff’s out of hand.



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6 Responses to Brownshirts Begin Their Armed Assault on Democracy (UPDATE 3)

  1. hoboduke says:

    Let’s grab the lynch rope,and gather your neighbors into a lynch mob to drag out TEA nazi killers in your town. Oh yeah, what if the killer was not a TEA sympathizer but a communist socialist? Never mind, lets use this shooting to feed a paranoid conspiracy theory to attack a group that doesn’t seem to suit your point of view.
    Don’t recall hysterical call for street justice against Muslims when the Texas soldiers were gunned down by a Muslim sympathizer officer.
    This rabble rousing mindless response shows the limited intellectual capacity of the TEA anatagonists.

    • OK, I’ll be civil. You may have missed the link in the post to Laughner’s Facebook page, which is now down, that had stated boldly: “I AM the Tea Party.”

      What is this “Communist Socialist” thing you speak of? You do realize that they are a contradiction in terms, no? Figured not, as your probable prime source of information on all things political are Glen Beck and Limbaugh. No, he wasn’t a Communist, a Socialist, or a Liberal. The guy was first and foremost a paranoid schizophrenic. Secondly, he was a revolutionary, right-wing nut. The two, although they suffer many of the same symptoms, are surprisingly mutually exclusive.

      As for the tripe you rambled on about the aftermath of the Texas shooting? What is your point? You right-wing folk were calling for beheading the guy for what he did. Forget civil. You’re an idiot. One was angry at how he was treated in the military. The other was a military dropout wannabe tinfoil hat brigade leader who assassinated a Democratic Judge and attempted to assassinate a US congresswoman at the behest of a half-term Governor. And, Muslim sympathizer? He was Muslim-American. Your understanding of your own bigotry says all one needs to know about you.

      You are too vapid to even appreciate the irony of why you’re calling anyone not you “of limited intellectual capacity.” You’re as sharp, and as delusional, as Laughner was in his pricelessly insane Youtube rants. Thank you for immortalizing my blog with exactly the same kind of lunacy that led to today’s tragedy. People are going to think I planted you for the gag. You’re a gag, hoboduke. Congratulations.

  2. Their shenanigans just became not funny anymore. Don’t think you’ll see assault rifles brought to Obama rallies in the next presidential cycle. The shooter, a true terrorist, trained in the bowels of terrorism central, should get all the Gitmo specials before he is extinguished.

    • Oh, the nine year-old? Tucson CBS affiliate KOLD notes that Green was featured in the book, “Faces Of Hope: Babies Born On 9/11.”

      Tea Partiers, Right wing neo-fascists, the GOP, and all their financiers are the biggest threat to our democracy since the British.

  3. hoboduke says:

    Wow, I feel inadequate and am ashamed of my shortcoming from such a perfect and pure judge of morality. Thank you for taking time to set it straight. Will wait for future instructions, since we mere mortals are not worthy of questioning your assumptions and presumptions.

    • Hoboduke, the pity party makes you feel better, but chastising me for pointing out the utter insanity of yours and Loughner’s logic is not going to make you less wrong. And, dude, don’t look to me to make your assumptions and presumptions for you. You have to navigate through life like responsible adults do every day. Get off the Limbaugh/Beck teat and come back to reality and you’ll find you are capable of parsing through life just fine with the rest of us everyday Johnny’s. The light only seems godly because you’ve been slopping around in their creepy, ignorant cellar for so long.

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