Unibomber and McVeigh Attorney to Represent Assassin (UPDATE 1)

Attorney Judy Clarke

Well, assassin Jared Loughner is holding hands with a public defender, but here come the big guns.  San Diego attorney Judy Clarke, who aided Tim McVeigh and the Unibomber is hopping the attention whore train to man the good ship ‘Already Sunk.’

I don’t know if Loughner should get excited about her track record defending Devils.  It won’t be ending well for him with her trying to explain it all away.  Her big record?   One dead, one in a dark hole forever.

In 2001, Timothy McVeigh was the first person the Federal Government has executed in 38 years.  Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, was spared death because the courts didn’t want his placid manifesto defense in a TV trial, and remains in prison until he dies — what could be called a slow death penalty.

She’s like Death.  Fitting for this psychopathic teabagger.  (NPR)


*** UPDATE 1 ***

It turns out that Clarke did not, in fact, represent Tim McVeigh.  Associated Press reported the incorrect information that was then picked up by the rest of the media . . . because that’s what the rest of the media is supposed to do . . . use Associated press as a trusted source.

They haven’t actually published the retraction as a story, just a note to editors of newspapers to warn them that their own credibility would be affected by using AP as source.  Not much, but it is nice to see them retract a false premise.  After all, it’s more than FOX News has ever done as the litany of their shoddy and partisan reporting have been shown to be just as incorrect. (NEWS 9)


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