Rush Highlights Why His Marks Are Addicted to the ‘Conservative’ Con (Video)

Today, Rush Limbaugh got utterly stumped by a caller on his show.  A self-described liberal sneaked through the “commie filter” of producer’s aides and asked Rush: “Why is Reagan such a hero to Conservatives when he cut and ran from Lebanon, raised taxes, gave amnesty to illegal immigrants, and negotiated with terrorists?”

Rush didn’t have a thing to say.  He actually stuttered.  All of the caller’s points were backed with Greenspan Commission findings, not his own opinions.  Not made up wargarbl like you’re prone to hearing on Glen Beck’s show.  Real events.

Rush could only blast the caller for ‘just not having the capacity to *understand,*” then tried to deflect the question by seeing if he could tie the facts to some “liberal” publication — because the raw facts hadn’t yet been spun into something palatable to supporters of the paramilitary right.

One would think that Dittoheads have *some* point at which even they would double take and realize they’re they’ve been the willing mark to a fat, drug-addled con man.  But, that’s not how these folk work.

I have a good deal of experience trying to educate people to the reality of complicated concepts by breaking it down in easy-to-comprehend cartoon frames.  Been doing it for a really long time.   I developed a program to teach actual genetics and physical anthropology to third graders.  Not the nerdy smart segregated third graders, but the lot of ’em.   Even infants can learn.

Impressionable youth are taught by Limbaugh and Beck that those with knowledge contradicting their hateful mantra are elitist, evil, terrorist teachers.

I’ve poured thousands of hours into researching very good supporting sources that are always uber-partisan and uber-respectable so that anyone can understand reality and trust that it isn’t a big, scary monster trying to eat their baby Jesus.  But, they are taught to be unaffected by fact, unless it’s presented by the right-wing media network, so when shown clearly that their opinion is based on incorrect assumptions, they double down on their bet and say that you “just don’t get it.”

It must be accepted that facts simply don’t matter to people suffering from this media-influenced Stockholm Syndrome.  Facts are just bugs on their windshield, and this is a very dangerous thing.  The last thing out of Rush’s bloated lips were: “This is why people like you just have to be defeated.  Not met halfway and gotten along with.”

(Politicus USA)


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One Response to Rush Highlights Why His Marks Are Addicted to the ‘Conservative’ Con (Video)

  1. dan sirolly says:

    Agreed- but than wishing to be a dutiful relativist-especially as concern epistemic issues- I wonder if they just have a different conceptual or spiritual schema than others of us.
    But I know that’s wrong because at the first level of intuitive perception- they -Rash, HANNITY, BECK and their ilk precipitate the most extreme rage that I can handle and still survive without blowing arterial walls..Then I think they should be dragged out into the jungle and swamps to disappear, as so many students world wide were in the last 4 decad thees of 20th century, and probably still to this day by broken spirited, terminally hemmroidal working people whose hope has metastasized into hate., by the toxic enzymes of these zombie jesters.Blamming by twisted narrative lies the poor’s conditions on the left, socialist, intelligensia smokey skined people when these guys were the pr groupies of the cold hearted, mind rapeing morally vacuous industrial billio aires of the hardened steel and titatium/uranium murdering war indistries. An apocalypse on all of their houses.

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