Republican Party Steals from Disaster Relief to Fund Big Oil, Regulators Strike Back

Sometimes you have to make hard decisions when you’re running the economy of the most powerful country on Earth.  Unfortunately, there are times when a majority party’s collaboration the energy industry influences decisions that conflict with our national interest.  Republicans voted today to cut one and a half billion dollars from President Obama’s very successful Department of Energy “Clean Car Manufacturing Loan Program,” which has already created 62,000 private sector jobs through investing in small business, who have contracted to construct a new nuclear power plant, and both the world’s largest solar plant and the world’s largest wind farm projects, amongst hundreds of others.  (1)  Huge initiative.

Jeopardizing something this successful isn’t a big deal, I guess, if you’re not hell-bent on creating new jobs and getting our national power grid prepared for the continued rise in Oil prices that we know we’re not going to be able to ignore.  Any way you look at it, this is a very irresponsible position to negotiate budget cuts with, as we are well aware that because we are such a big consumer, the Oil crisis we’re just starting to feel is going to hit us HARD particularly.  Intel Daily reports that “economies of many importing countries [such as the U.S.] are likely to be adversely affected by rising oil prices, and because demand (and tax collections) are likely to be low in countries that lose jobs to countries that use oil more sparingly.” (2)  Ouch.

But, it’s not as bad as it seems.  Gonna be OK, because the Republicans had a really good reason to bleed the life from this program: they’re diverting it to F.E.M.A

Booyah for Obama’s resurgent Disaster relief program and good on the Republican party for not playing politics with something so vital!  Out of the ashes of one bright star, is born the brilliance of one anew!  It would look like the Republican party isn’t as heartless, soulless and as corporate-owned as some would have you believe.  They’re making sure FEMA can continue helping with all the tornado and flood disasters that are kicking our asses right now.  Joplin cheers, and New Orleans is ecstatic!  Republicans are awesome . . . wait, what’s that you say?

The Republicans did WHAT??  They pulled the rug from the firefighters and medics so they can further fund Oil companies’ tax breaks?  Holy insano, you have got to be kidding me.  This is news from the Onion, right?  If only.  North Carolina Democratic Congressman David Price tried to stop the metaphorical rape of these life-saving funds, but Republicans held the vote and pulled it away.  Price said that the theft will “decimate funding for almost every grant program for state and local preparedness.”  (3)

I don’t see how FOX’s P.R. team will be able to spin this.  It will be interesting to see if they are able to pull it off for their golden corporate God.  It will be a magic trick if they do, and they put David Blane to shame at FOX.

But, chin up.  There’s some really good news to cap this with.

It’s no secret that the Republican party has been VERY vocally anti-regulation.  They’ve branded regulation “anti-business.”  Taken on face value, it’s something that sounds like it makes sense.  Who the hell wants to poke the bear of business in the middle of a terrifying recession?  But, what is “regulation” really?  It helps to show an example to give it a face.

The Obama “Commodity Futures Trading Commission” has started to ramp up its regulation of Oil trading to give it just that persona, so we can get to know what “regulation” really is.  It’s stopping corporations from price fixing; from driving up our gas prices in craftily-planned ways just so they can make more money.  These monopoly schemes are part of why EXXON made eight BILLION dollars just in the first three months of 2012. (4)

To kick off this push to keep the Oil industry honest, the commission has reeled in its first catch:  two Oil companies and two Traders who were literally stealing from each and every one of us to make MILLIONS for themselves are now being federally prosecuted for cornering the market.  The black gold part of Wall Street has taken the first powerful shot across its bow.  Those being charged made “Fifty Million Dollars by cornering the supply of West Texas Intermediate light sweet crude.”  (5)

This . . . this, is why you regulate:  To keep corporations, which are legally persons, but persons without souls; whose legal reason for existence is to do nothing but fatten up and make their owners rich from devouring everything in their sight.  We deserve for there to be happiness left for our God-given right to pursue.

Again, it is going to be very interesting to see how FOX’s P.R. network will attempt to spin this away from their party, which conspires with these companies to continue this racket at all of our expense.  Assuming they even cover it.


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1 Response to Republican Party Steals from Disaster Relief to Fund Big Oil, Regulators Strike Back

  1. wordplaydiz says:

    Excellent, well-researched article. Interesting the twisted machinations necessary to obscure the truth by creating a ‘new truth’ with which to fool the non-researching public. The artful use of branding the innocent publicly with the use of negative, so-called authoritative, so-called journalism, complete with idiotic references and all. What’s alarming is that those who buy the lies will just as soon kill you rather than admit the possibility of the truth of things.

    Not many have the guts or the will to do the real fact-checking that uncovers these well-funded scams. Thanks for posting and enlightening.

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