The News, it burns.

A lot of you know I assist in the dissemination of news stories and humbly assist in the birth and sewing of important memes through Facebook groups. This blog has kind of suffered as a separate source of publication for it.   Hard to justify the time in both places like that without it being a funded endeavor.  Damn capitalism.  That’s luscious sarcasm, so you know.  My LULZ are twisted like that often enough, if you didn’t already know.

Ironically, though, the fact that the news has become . . . insane at a runaway psychotic pace . . . this little blog may feel the breath of renewed life.   The format’s about to change.  There’ll still be the occasional editorial publication, but it’s going to take on a more important function.  Blogs will be published twice daily as collections of stories that would be otherwise be distributed through Facebook individually.  Not a brainstorm, really, but it may have other wings that may coax flight.  Citizen media.

There’s been talk of saddling all of this up and creating a cable news show from the Magnana Mouse project.  It struck me that not all of you even know what that is to begin with.  It’s a social networking news release system that counters the right wing echo chamber propaganda network of their deep-pocketed think tanks. Best I expand on it a bit:

What I do on Facebook is work with a lot of “group” administrators to pass along news stories people need to hear.  News and the confidence to shove it back in the face of those spreading propaganda dishonoring truth with nefarious purpose or shamefully willful ignorance.  It’s hard, well-sourced news wrapped in a witty, Jon Stewart style of presentations to hundreds of Blue-caucus aligned gathering places of activists.  Freedom fighter activists in the grassroots battle to make sure the center in this country pushes back the coup that many political philosophers and economists consider a form of corporatist fascism.  Oh, let me add about the image on the right, that it’s a parody art piece used in Magnana Mouse making light of the need to stop denying the existence of fascism in our own republic through the :”Godwin” rule. Godwin states that states any conversation mentioning Hitler is automatically over. It doesn’t necessarily apply anymore.

I’ve heard for the last year that I should write for Jon Stewart or even that Johnny Doe is just an alter ego of Bill Maher.  Well, it’s been said that what the people need is a real journalism-base news show with a format that encourages the news to “go viral.”

The trick will be how to attract the best of the best and keep it STRICTLY not-for profit.  User-supported, but with the respect for industry that we demand be given TO us.  How to encourage their non-commercial support as is done by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  Making industry and industrial leadership encourage a well-informed electorate — respecting our potential for good instead of buying the honor of the media to con them into submission.

What we’re facing in America right now is very serious.  This isn’t a recent attack on the republic.  It’s been going on for nearly 35 years.  A slow boil just about to cook us.  All media is to some degree complicit, so there is NO room for bribery and corporate manipulation of truth — of reality.

So, look for regular posts compiling information that will be used to discriminate to thousands of people through this magazine and social networking groups.  Look for features on these VITAL tools in the furtherance of electoral democracy as one of the most important elections in any of our lives plays out.  You’ll also be first in line as that which may be becomes of itself and we pick up where Democracy Now left off.


About Magnana Mouse

Magnana Mouse is a Citizen Media collective. We may someday be called to duty with on-site reporting and broadcasting, but for now, we're not that. Magnana Mouse works with community, party, and social media activists to analyze strategic response methodology pertaining to idea redistribution. Citizen media. Citizen information analysis and brain trust to progressive values alongside a Blue union. The world has changed in ways that make what it's become absolutely unrecognizable to anyone with a memory of what it was in the late 1970's. We're all intellectually and culturally near-death in a forty-year slow boil. At Magnana Mouse, we have the perspective to recognize the underlying issues we all face. We have the vision to plan and manage campaigns to correct the pitch before we all nose-dive off the cliff, finding out too late that we're chained to the Tea Party, like it or not. Consequences are non-partisan. At Magnana Mouse, we alter the cause to mediate the effect of the Right Wing's deadly corporocentric philosophy of economic and social engineering. At Magnana Mouse, we KNOW we can use social media campaigning to effect change and turn Red America Blue to reverse the damage caused by ALEC, the US Chamber of Commerce, Lobbying bribe-middlemen, and the banking super PAC collective. and the Republican party they all dress up as.
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  1. Greg Marcy da Gama says:

    Well done! ~ / ~

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