Magnanimous News :: Sunday 12 August 2012

OK, this is the first in what will *hopefully* be a series of magazine shorts published twice daily.  These stories are compiled from good sources.  No garbage, conspiracy-theory, user-compiled stories free from editors to ensure accuracy.  These stories and these captions are ones distributed through a series of Blue Caucus Social Networking groups (and some with right-wing stooges, just to screw with them because they’re oh-so-threatened by reality they can’t mold into their own propagandist frames.

Please use these stories to spread to your friends via your own Facebook page, Facebook groups, E-mail messages to friends, and for God’s sake, the Tweetosphere, man.


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I’m going to kick this one off with a little trip papa Mittens took to visit one of the little people.  A wee farmer struggling to make ends meet.  You know?  To show America he’s one of the little people . . . wait, wut? The farmer’s a Monsanto billionaire who owns 54 farms, a couple hundred Million in real estate, and lives in a freakin’ Jeston’s mansion with his own personal car wash? Oh yeah, that’s more like mitt.

Stephen Lacey, Think Progress:


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The cultist unicorn man really doesn’t want to be President. Or Bain doesn’t want to lose him. Romney’s company just put the cherry on the FASCIST cake. Successful Illinois company being forced to have their employees train their Chinese replacements, after which time they’re fired and Bain transfers the entire facility to China. Problem solved. 170 jobs created. In China. Ta da.

Of course it’s the UK’s “Guardian who breaks the story.  American corporatist media would rather we not concern ourselves with such defaming news to the Reich.  After all, there are BILLIONS of dollars in SUPERPAC money that NEED the race to remain close:


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This should be a mind-opening wake up call to the complacent center at the unintended consequences of bigotry and hate.  At what happens when it’s inherent in the faux-governance of the flailing fascist legislative obstruction in this country.  Steve King of Iowa really strings himself up in heaping herps of steaming derp.


Oops. B’bye Bush tax cuts for the rich. Borders? C’mon in Mexicans, we’re not worrying about those borders we were keeping air-tight! And 9-11 heroes?  Yeah, we’ll be having those medals back, thank you anyway.  This is what happens when your rallying cry is blind and unhinged racism.

Adam Peck at Think Progress breaks the story:


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Have been in D.C. all last week and we were getting some wrath-of-God type weather. Hail, thunder-bombs and the whole theater production. Think the old guy in the clouds is either stoked that his nutjob cultist followers in Missouri just voted 83% solid to turn the schools into psychotic Taliban Insano-stan suburbs or if he’s pissed about it. Either way, this ain’t no L.A.. Dang.

The lovely story about this was from Think Progress, by Tara Culp-Ressler:


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This is the sad face of Paul Ryan.  We posted this the other day in anticipation of Ryan being chosen as Wilbur Mittens’ running mate.  Wasn’t actually thinking he’d actually pick him.  Ha.  The original caption:

“Paul Ryan and Mittens have a big plan. Let’s keep the tax breaks the rich get and screw it … let’s give them more tax breaks. We’ll have what’s left of the middle class pay for it, right? Your GOP, folks. ”

It came with a nice link to a Washington Post article about Ryan calling for FURTHER tax cuts.  Which inspired the graphic.  If you want to share the thing on Facebook, you’re duly encouraged:

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