Magnanimous News :: Tuesday 14 August 2012

OK, today, there’s plenty to keep busy with. Ryan’s not bipartisan, Papa John’s sucks, Romney is not CLOSE to Obama in the polls, and good God, where are the WASPS?

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OK, first, there’s a bit of trivia: This is the first Presidential election EVER where a major party did NOT have a WASP on their ticket. That’s White Anglo Saxon Protestant. No Evangelical to be found outside the Jim and Tammy Faye Bachmann Pray the Gay Away Congress.

You sure about this wacko dominionist right?

Well, I suppose they all hate gays equally and think women (sluts) should be seen not heard. So, they have that in common. But, is it enough? Mormons and Catholics think each other are cults. Does anyone who kind of even knows a leeeeetle bit of Catholic history actually believe that they’re going to, ummm, let a cultist that thinks the Bible and the Catholic Church are blasphemes serve a full term?



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This is the unholy mansion castle of Papa John’s super-rich CEO John Schnatter. He is one of the super-rich funders of  Willard the unicorn’s loyalty to the Insurance Lobby.  They want to kill Obamacare because . . . well, not because it will cost them more money.  It won’t.  It’s because the right wing supports the Insurance lobby who make their living by denying care to the most vulnerable Americans so they can profit.

It’s disgusting, really. Pretend it’s hurting you to help your employees — employees who are barely making it and are one sickness from falling through the cracks so you can live in this gawdy estate?  How is this justified sans Stockholm Syndrome?

From our friend Tiffany Hsu at the Los Angeles Times:,0,3420509.story


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This doesn’t take a lot of preface. Willard the magic unicorn is going way out of his way to talk about how bipartisan his nutjob veep choice is. Truth is, well, you’ll see.  You can’t put rouge on a pig and run her in a beauty pageant.  Well, not until now.


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Everyone is freaking out because polls show the corporo-crew within a couple points of the good guys. Don’t let your guard down, of course, as it’s always good to have your ears perked up with enemies in the midst. However those “close” numbers are a bit misleading.
It’s within a couple points with “popular vote.” But, consider that the “neo-confederate” states who think that the ex-slave is a commie socialist Muslim from Kenya vote about 60% for the white-power candidate. Elections aren’t decided by popular vote, though.
When the vote count goes state-by-state, Obama, as this TPM graphic shows, will be carrying this election in a landslide. Let’s PLEASE make this translate in a House takeback, so the policies we’re electing him to enact have a chance. The obstruction MUST END!

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