Magnanimous News :: Wednesday 15 August 2012

Halfway through the month.  Today a bit of the past being relevant, a GOP judge denying the Voting Rights Act, and more Brewer DRY hate.  Dig in.

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Today in Pennsylvania, Republican Judge Robert Simpson predictably chose to deny Civil Rights attorneys who were suing to stop the GOP from requiring US elderly and minority citizens to brandish ID to vote. He supports a poll tax, in effect.

It’s well known that many elderly and minority citizens don’t have their birth certificates and to comply with this would be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Again, a poll tax the like LBJ barred when he passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

It’s not a done deal yet, though. It now goes to the state supreme court at the same time the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) is preparing to unleash their dogs.


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Jan Brewer of Arizona is in the news again. It appears that she forgot the US Supreme Court ruled on her pet project and decided to try a Exec Hate Order this time to deny Latinos the right to exist.

President Obama gave, and the Supreme Court guaranteed Latinos between `5 and 30 who have lived in the states for 5 years the right to get drivers’ licenses and, ya know? Work? But, Brewer and the Republican party are so full of bigoted hate that they’d rather try to legislate hate than get to the problems facing us: Jobs and the economy. Rather do this. Guaranteed to fail and cost Arizona MILLIONS in legal fees in the process.

Brilliant, isn’t she?


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This is a repeat of a piece we put up a week before St. Pat’s day. The pic is from a meeting Romney had with the insane lying hate machine Bush had representing us at the U.N., John Bolton. We all thought that nut had just faded into the shadows of history, but nope. He had just published an article in the NYT opinion page about how Obama was “eroding American sovereignty” because he stuck to a European treaty agreeing that none of us will militarize the heavens. For real. He really wrote that.

He said “constitutional principles seem to be mere inconveniences to Mr. Obama.”

This from the prick who wiped his ass with said Constitution, giving Bush/Cheney legal justification for torture.


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