Magnanimous News :: Thursday 16 August 2012

None of us here are paid staff.  The design, the writing, the posting.  All of it labor of love for country.  Do forgive the publishing delay.  Today’s news?  Soledad O’Brien calls Sununu out as a liar, Dems whooping up online so says Pew, and more.  Dig in!


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This is an image from the Magnana Mouse vaults: From back on the day President Obama announced that “Forward” was the his reelection slogan, Romney claimed on FOX and Friends that it was “Absurd.”

Here is Martin Bashir explaining how Willard Mittens and his John Bolton neoconservative preemptive “War, war, wer” foreign policy is “Backwards.”


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We’re all focusing rightfully on Obama’s reelection campaign. But we need the House back to end the Republican obstruction campaign. They have spent three years stopping ALL progress and there’s no indication it’s going to be any different. If we want to survive, the House has to be a HARD target.

If you don’t remember why, these Republican Congressmen are so EGO-driven and “Me before the good of the Republic” that they actually work to tank our economy to profit from it personally. In the news recently is the Senate candidate Josh Mandel in Ohio caught red handed:

But, don’t forget about House Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer “Serve The Banks” Bachus getting caught doing the same thing:

We HAVE to take our legislature back from these unhinged corporatist 1% goons.

The poster was designed by our friend Robbie Conal. Please visit him at


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In what should be no surprise, PEW research shows Obama supporters thrashing the GOP 4:1 with online content on twice the online platforms. But, we can NOT let up. This is why we dance here in Magnana Mouse.

We are winning 4:1, so we have quantity. Through the Mouse House, we seek to give QUALITY. News that can go VIRAL. Jon Stewart meets Democracy Now. Please help spread these info-graphics to your friends. Through Facebook. In Groups. Using E-mail. Twitter. All fronts are go.

We don’t want to win. We need to CRUSH. We simply MUST take back the House and solidify the Senate to cap off a winning Obama reelection. Thank you all so much!


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John Sununu tried to BS Soledad O’Brien with FOX talking points about huge $700M Obama Medicare cuts that simply have NO basis in reality. Swiftboat LIES. Unfortunately for Romney “surrogate” John Sununu, Ms. O’Brien’s show isn’t “political in nature. She doesn’t have to worry about running into FOX types at the bar. She doesn’t have to let the FOX BS stand.

She called him a liar.

After the show, Sununu whined like a pig and called for a retraction and an apology. Then Soledad gave him what he asked . . . what? She didn’t kiss his fascist ass? Nope. She doubled down and called him a liar again. Finally, a pig called a pig. From our friend Mister Mix at Balloon Juice:


About Magnana Mouse

Magnana Mouse is a Citizen Media collective. We may someday be called to duty with on-site reporting and broadcasting, but for now, we're not that. Magnana Mouse works with community, party, and social media activists to analyze strategic response methodology pertaining to idea redistribution. Citizen media. Citizen information analysis and brain trust to progressive values alongside a Blue union. The world has changed in ways that make what it's become absolutely unrecognizable to anyone with a memory of what it was in the late 1970's. We're all intellectually and culturally near-death in a forty-year slow boil. At Magnana Mouse, we have the perspective to recognize the underlying issues we all face. We have the vision to plan and manage campaigns to correct the pitch before we all nose-dive off the cliff, finding out too late that we're chained to the Tea Party, like it or not. Consequences are non-partisan. At Magnana Mouse, we alter the cause to mediate the effect of the Right Wing's deadly corporocentric philosophy of economic and social engineering. At Magnana Mouse, we KNOW we can use social media campaigning to effect change and turn Red America Blue to reverse the damage caused by ALEC, the US Chamber of Commerce, Lobbying bribe-middlemen, and the banking super PAC collective. and the Republican party they all dress up as.
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One Response to Magnanimous News :: Thursday 16 August 2012

  1. Ellen Emerson-Bates says:

    Great way to keep up caught up on what’s happening. Some days are busier than others and I tend to get behind. I love this Johnny. Will follow through and posts graphics too in other groups I belong to. Thank you. Have a great day.

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