Debate Delusion


Presidential Debate, Tonight, 9PM EST

Everyone’s got an opinion about the debate that’s about to take place.  Hate to put it like this, but your opinion is moot.

“Obama’s going to take it.”

“Moron is going to Zing his way back.”

Nope.  Framing this in terms that those kinds of opinions is flawed.

We ALL know Romney is a LIAR.  He is a compulsive liar.  He and Ryan look down on everyone but the rich.  They believe in taking away Womens’ rights.  Turning Civil Rights back to the days of Jim Crow laws.  They want to allow the super-rich to pay nothing and the poor and middle class pay it ALL.  Romney and Ryan want to drag us into another War or three.

There is not even a choice.  Obama is a superhero who’s had corporo fascist tea-stained scumbags tie Kryptonite around his neck, STRANGLING the republic, not allowing it to heal.

Who do you want?  Ryan is not trustworthy enough to not do all he knows to do:  Destroy America, sell it off, and outsource all the jobs.

All that said, what does that mean about tonight?



Simple:  This is the world in which I work.  To know what’s coming, you have to know what each side wants.  Needs.  Romney is in the driver seat, and he needs a news cycle.  That simple.  It comes with an auto-bump, because that’s the only way that most Americans know how to judge a winner.  The one you see puffing out their chest.

What are they going to do?

They’re going to back up a big truck of shit and numbers to dump on Obama.  All those “specifics?”  They didn’t have them, but they’ve been HARD at work having their P.R. team, NOT their economic team, work on it.  Not zingers, but more like fingers.  Flipping the bird and leaving Obama in a spot.  You’ll notice that when Obama speaks, he is speaking with authority.  He knows what he’s talking about.  If dumped with a trunk full of discovery in the middle of a case you can’t ask for a continuance on, you lose by default.

The media will declare the magic unicorn to be the victor and grant him a nice bump.

But, why?  Why the HELL would they do this?

Very simple:  It’s about the dime.  Ad dollars.  ALL of the networks NEED the election NOT to be a runaway, because people will stop staring like zombies into the boob tube where they make millionaire publishers millions more.

Oh, did I say I’m going to be around a couple influential publishers?  Yeah, they think it’s funny.  And, it is. Our predictability mixed with your comic ego.

What’s my point?  Forget about this crap.  We know who SUCKS and who has our back.  Let’s spend our spare time getting out the vote and loving one another.


You’ll never believe it!  Polling shows the kids polled found Romney’s overarching swing and a miss was a win.  Wait, did I say a “win?”  A meager 46% call it for Romney while a full 54% see it as either an Obama win or a draw:

Then you have the amazing news that, what do you know?   Fifty-six percent of people have a higher opinion of Romney.  Not amazing, really, since after the entire campaign and his offending 47% of Americans, calling them deadbeets and leeches, he didn’t really have anywhere else to go:

And, it gets worse for poor Obama.  Turns out that only 13% had a “better opinion” of Obama.  Considering his approval ratings were in the mid fifties and personal approval ratings were in the high sixties, that puts Obama right around 80%, still a good 30+ points ahead of the magic-underwear Mormon rich boy:

So, the media got their three-pointer.  People think it’s a race.  Romney is puffing his chest in his Sunday dress thinking it’s royal armor.  But, poor folk.  Sheepish sight.  They see Mittens brandishing a sword, proud of all the confident lies he used to swing wide, not realizing Obama sunk a blade in the unicorn boy’s gut.  He may not be bleeding out like the Liberal warriors and most African Americans WANTED SO BADLY.  No lopped off head and a good bleeding out.  But, Romney is going to feel it tomorrow.  And, next week.  His lies will bury him.  He was led into a trap.  And, he’s caught.  He needed a good bump.  He got squat:

See, problem is, this is like a bona-fide trial.  Any attorney will tell you that you don’t give your entire case in the opening argument.  And, you damn well don’t LIE to make your case on the first day.  Perjury.  If you do — and Romney certainly did — you’re going to be hating life as the judge roasts you.  And, the judge LOVES Obama.  The number of people who think he cares about their “needs and problems” shot from 53% before the debate to 69% afterwords:

Uh oh, Romney.


You knew it was going to happen.  Romney told so many lies to keep the “debate” in a bubble of reality that could con 50 million viewers into thinking he was “Presidential.”  Presidents don’t lie.  The U.S. media may rather have a tight race and will allow lies to balance fair to get their Advertising Departments what the board of directors wants, but the world is watching.  The world sees a LYING CULTIST NEOCON and sees budding fascism.  Don’t doubt that for a second.

High props to Think Progress for what they have done to shine light on the lies of the right wing coup of this republic.  Here is their article about the litany of unadulterated LIES Romney told last night.  Soon following, an article outlining the rest of the best that you might use to spread the truth of this poser’s illegitimacy.




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8 Responses to Debate Delusion

  1. I love your article. It takes a great eye to the present and future to see the chess game. The press is reacting as predicted… Sure, Obama got Romney to twist himself in his own rope of lies from which he can never extricate himself. Let’s see what happens next. The only hurtful thing is that Obama has to put up with all of his fans “not seeing” the bigger picture.

    Thanks again

    • Thanks a million times over, Diz. It’s interesting and depressing that although we’ve all known for a LONG time that the media in the U.S., with the exception of Democracy Now and to a lesser extent, PBS, is run top down by a corporate board of directors. Advertising it a multi-billion dollar business. But, this election cycle is the first instance I have ever seen where they are conspiring together to ensure that a race remains close for the benefit of a corporate bottom line. It’s SICKENING. It’s CRIMINAL. And, it’s dangerous to the continued legitimacy of the Republic of the United States of America. And, there’s nothing we can do about it, because they control what the masses are able to conceive of reality.

      Just to let you and anyone else who might stumble into the comment section here arm themselves with reality, here’s a great article from Think Progress outlining the MASSIVE amount of LIES Romney told to disgrace the Debate so the Media had a “Zinger” to report.

  2. Excellent piece!

    Those people who CBS “polled” were mostly Republican leaning. Nothing more than the Media pushing Romney to make it more interesting and for them to get more viewership. More viewership = More $$$.

    Who polls only the South? They did not poll nationwide because they knew it would show Obama won on facts. Romeny is a liar and he will lose badly come Nov. 6th. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • I hadn’t heard that about the CBS respondents being leaning Republicans. That to me just means Republicans who aren’t outright racist, but still think Obama’s a Muslim and would need him to promise to join a country club and vow to go by Barry Thompson second term to even consider voting for him. Did you read the CBS folks are actually GOP leaners? Not that it matters. They’re not really the undecided. Those people aren’t simpletons who can be conned by lies in a glorified Fox and Friends performance.

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