Mitt Don’t Lie, the Ruse Dies.

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We saw the carnage unleashed by the LIAR running for President.  The anti-woman candidate.  The Candidate who wants a return to Jim Crow laws of the pre-civil rights era.  The candidate who wants the rich not to pay any taxes and ALL OF US to have to.  The guy who is interested in his insurance industry buddies getting richer while he finds a way to turn Medicare and Medicaid into cash cows for his other rich buddies while the poor and middle class rot.

That guy.

We saw him lie. And, we saw the media eat it up because they are giddy at the idea of the race tightening up so they can ramp up their advertising profits.  It’s sickening.

That said, it opened up a whole world of hurt, IMMEDIATELY.  Now, the story is the dishonesty of a man we rely on to be honest.  It’s now a story about how the ONLY way Romney can survive at the adult table is to LIE about everything.  Here are some good stories about the lies, followed by a COMPREHENSIVE list of all the things our President has done during his first term.

Think Progress:At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes

Rolling Stone:The First Debate: Mitt Romney’s Five Biggest Lies

Alternet: 10 Most Shameless Romney Debate Lies — Debunked

Huffington Post: Obama Campaign: Romney Won Debate Because He Lied

Washington Post:Lie to me, please: Truth was the real loser of first debate

Here’s that list of ALL the things President Obama has done for the citizens of this great nation, and just below?  The Obama Truth Team has already released an ad focusing on how much of a LIAR Romney is.  So, there ya go!

The PCTC Blog: :What has Obama Done? Here Are 200 Accomplishments!



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