The Real Undecideds

My assessment of who “undecideds” are is a bit different than the “bunch of morons” that the media has tried to paint them to be.   And, we need to see them with more respect and understanding.
From my experience in growing up around and working around regular suburban people raised in the memory of what their Republican elders WERE, I see these folk as the ones tortured with a sea-change of a choice before them. They’re people who are still fighting internally, not quite been able to morally and logically come to terms with separating what was with what has become; Whether they habitually vote Republican while it obviously places them in the company of racists who think women are breeder kitchen bitches is something they’re struggling with. As women. As regular people.

They’re struggling with the their loyalty to the super rich they fantacize they’ll of course become or marry into — Snow White and the Handsome prince-style. Do they really deserve it all? Isn’t that making it less likely I’ll ever scale that wall?

It’s hard to admit that you’re living off of table scraps thrown at you from the adult table and that “trickle down” from the balconies is them peeing on you.

They’re undecided, not dumb. You have no idea the struggle when you’re faced with voting Democratic for the first time after a life where all those you’re told you should respect have taught you that Dems are some San Francisco hippies and the “righteous” vote Reagan or die.   They know it’s what they SHOULD do when they get to the ballot box in November — for themselves, their families, and their country.  But these  souls are just undecided as to whether or not they can cross that line and never look back.  Because that’s what it’s like.Or, maybe they voted Democratic for the first time in 2008. They did it once before, but for the past four years, they’ve been shamed by the most bigoted and bullying around them for having voted for the Black man. The Kenyan? The Socialist? Really? The Moist Communist? The ignorance, screamed loud enough is equal to the lie repeated often enough. They are surreality force-fed to those considered by them to be weak. Kitchen bitches and “faggots.”You have no idea how hard it is to live amongst wolves and not get fleas.  Even in the burbs.  The pressure to conform to this bullying authoritarian norm is something else, and these are the people we should all have the most open and warm embraces ready for them.


About Magnana Mouse

Magnana Mouse is a state of mind. Magnana Mouse is the Resistance. Citizen Media. World peace is a thing we will achieve person-to-person across the planet. Truth is like that. Person to person. Truth is a thing. It is all of our responsibility to foster it's regrowth. Primary source only has one higher. So to speak. Haleakala. #RESIST
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3 Responses to The Real Undecideds

  1. Dax says:

    Very Goyaesque. Thank you for your article; A vivid commentary of these times when the people blindly consent to carrying the burden of an ass, symbolic of those in power, who treat the people with disdain and remain seated on their fake gilded chair, carried aloft by the very people who voted for them. Undecideds or not, this race should not be this close – not if reason is applied equally.

    • Thank you for the kind and exploratory comment. A lot of people even within in our party see undecideds the way the media paints them in these “focus groups” they interview after debates. You can tell that these aren’t the people who I’m writing about. These people aren’t even really “undecideds.” These are Republicans who are playing the role of the “show me more” kind of voter — there to always eventually lean to the side of the abyss they’re already actually fallen off the side of. There are of course some Dems there playing the mirror image, but this is a Right Wing phenom.

      The undecideds I’m writing about, as you show you understand — are people to whom the time has come to turn a MAJOR leaf over and bloom as an enlightened being, but afraid of the commitment. I’m not talking about people in the deep South in the middle of a Racist Hell. The Democrats there are heroic and loud. No, I write of all of the middle and upper-middle class suburban Reagan Republican holdovers to community tradition. The wealthy midwestern Suburbs of Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis. The same in Richmond, Virginia, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

      It’s hard to peel yourself away from this. They’re not undecided as to whether or not they know what’s right and want it. They’re undecided as to whether or not they’re ready to make the commitment to ween from all they know . . . all their support. It’s a big deal. The biggest life change any of them will ever experience. It’s not just about one single vote. We have to see it this way and never forget this. These are all potential GOOD Democrats who will appreciate who they’ve become more than most can even imagine.

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