Ancient Doc Calls it Quits, Falsely Blames ObamaCare



In Kentucky, an angry, old racist doctor took out an ad in his local newspaper: “I’m quitting.  Closing my practice.  Because me and my office staff are all (computer) illiterate and we cayn’t make all these medical records electric like that scary black president of the Northern aggressors is making us.  Too expensive, so everyone can forget having ANY medical help.  So, there.”

And, just like that, everyone on both sides of sanity, FOX and the echo chamber as well as all progressive (sane) news outlets just published stories about it.

Well, turns out that not only did the ACA not mandate ANY medical record upgrades to doctors’ practices.  But, it was actually BUSH who signed an executive order in 2004 making the mandate.  Obama didn’t quash it, because turns out it’s a good idea — one of Bush’s only good ones.  What Obama DID do in 2009 was save our Republican-decimated economy with the Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  It didn’t mandate the change either, only legislated that Medicaid reimburse Doctors if they CHOOSE to update their records to ensure that medicaid can function properly.

I’m sure that this guy will apologize to everyone with another ad in his local paper, right?

Right?  Ha.

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The Buzzfeed story that broke it:

The Daily Kos article that put tinder under the flame:


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