What Is That On Hill Over Yonder?

In New Hampshire this weekend, an occupy-style St. Patrick’s day drunken flash-mob of a riot happened.  It sure looks like it was a good ol’ time for the under 21 dorm ramen and cheap beer crowd.  They have deemed it the

Pumpkin Riot Billboard

The media, specifically Twitter, is having a good time chastising law enforcement for how different it is between pasty white New Hampshire and melanin-rich Ferguson-villes when they riot.  Twitter plays viral with jokes that poke fun at all the bigots who condescendingly criticized a predominately African American community for bizarre racist reasons.  For example:

pumpkin tweeet

There is a plethora of other tweets #pumpkinriot and #keanepumpkinfest.  And, there are some phenomenal photos of the riot:


But, that’s hardly the story behind this glaring neon warning in all of our faces.

White America has felt comfortable with the influx of militant US Vets back from war, filling the roles of what could have once been called “peace officers” in forces across the country.  It’s like the campaigns of fear of everything has kept us dutifully occupied with nice, shiny objects as they have become giant swat teams.  We have all sat idly by as the Department of Defense has supplied police forces with war machines they do not need and trained them to treat us like Taliban insurgents.

White America has basked in a  naively comfortable glow as police have descended on black communities with tanks and automatic firearms.  They fatten up like cattle, proving  to their predictable selves  that “it’s only blacks and their violent behavior” who have anything to fear from gestapo as it grows like poison ivy around their own legs.   Incidences like the Zimmerman “child-hunting murder” and the assassinations of the African American children by criminal policemen in St. Louis.   It’s serving to empower a comically-entitled caste of bigots.  To them, it’s only descendants of slaves who have the targets on their backs.

A fool’s paradise.

The brilliantly-produced military response to the rowdy students who got all  Manchester United hoodlum on a pumpkin festival showed how the United States is mobilizing police forces unlike the world has seen outside of Iraq and Afghanistan.  For the first time outside of Occupy Wall Street, America has seen that these shock and awe forces aren’t just New York and LA, but every town of noticeable size in the country.

Military as  Police

The question we should all be asking is WHY?  Why is this happening and what scenarios are the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) preparing for?

Water shortages and mass drought?

An economy that won’t sustain?

I don’t have answers to these questions, but it should be very apparent to every American that we all need to pay close attention to what is happening locally, of course, but that we should not  take our eyes off the ball nationally or internationally when it even remotely looks like the shiny object in front of us makes it appear OK to.  Police states don’t build forces like these in countries with black sites that allow torture and detention without trial as an innocent oversight.

We are all a bit too naive for our own good, and I hypothesize that this will become more apparent as the future unfolds around us, leading up to and through the 2016 Presidential election.  For now, VOTE BLUE to try to at least put a cork in the dam.

At least slow the leaks.

The pools gathering at its base reflect the darkest parts of our American soul.  The right wing flood pressuring through is ominous, regardless of whether or not the folk in the Republican Tea Party can recognize it or not.  Seeing anything around them is nearly impossible as they’re rushing gleefully off the cliff to behind the droning whistle of FOX’a Pied Piper dog whistle.  Their sad delusion of being some kind of genetic king of a trailer jungle is comic false arrogance.  The Tea-stained base of the Republican Party are in a place not much better off than the untouchables.

untouchableWith any luck, instances like this will show them that they are all in the same position as all those they labor to hate and fear.

Below is video of the Rowdy college drunks rallying around pumpkin mayhem and the Military crackdown that ensued:

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