Another Dangerous Virus Gets Through DFW International Airport Gates

DFW Asshola

The most virulent, dangerous disease to make it into Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport this year is Bigot Asshola, not harmless Ebola. Asshola is airborne, as the stink of rot and crusted feces from the carrier’s flatulent carcass indicates. Native to Texas, this virus is common throughout the Southern US, usually contained in trailer parks amongst the uneducated ranks of wannabe militant secessionists.

It’s not been determined if the fact that most cases have been found in assailants with rap sheets is a contributing factor to contracting it, or if it is one of the symptoms that comes from having been infected. Either way, the CDC has washed its hands, hoping that the Justice Department will be able to isolate and quarantine the burnouts with the disease.

In all seriousness, this story is about a yet-to-be-identified redneck who kicked and struck an innocent man he identified as a “queen” and a “fagot.”

He was wrestled to the ground by bystanders and police. The arresting officers happened to be African American, and were berated with bigoted slur as he was handcuffed. If ever a crime was to be deemed a “hate crime,” it would be this, as it was caught entirely on camera from start to finish.

It being Texas, the DA will probably not do so, even if charges are even filed, and it may have to be filed federally by the Department of Justice. Just like was the protocol in Alabama during the Civil Rights era.


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