Kansas Now Officially Gay, Jimmy Carter Deemed Wizard of OZ

Marriage Equality Kansas WP

In a flash, gay marriage becomes LAW in Kansas.  Finally, Sam Brownback won’t have to live illicitly anymore, carting his rent-boys to Thailand to satisfy his primal urges.

Finally, the Republican majority in the Kansas Legislature won’t have to cower like cowards in their closets, going to truck stops and airport bathrooms to get their rocks off when they can’t “pray the gay away” any longer!

Freedom at last!

The U.S. Supreme court ended a stay on the lower court’s ruling that had said their bigoted “gay marriage ban” was unconstitutional.  Happy day for happy people everywhere!  Congrats to all the suppressed gays in the GOP and all the victims their policies had made!

Supreme Court Drops Stay, Kansas Marriages Can Begin

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