President Obama Ferguson Grand Jury Press Conference [VIDEO]

Obama Ferguson Speech WORDPRESS

The grand Jury determining whether or not the State of Missouri decided today against  indicting Darren Wilson for the murder oft the unarmed 18 year-old Michael Brown.  Many Americans find this to be injustice, and there is legitimate concern that there will be deeply felt reverberations felt in the grand melting pot.  The short-term violence and societal  strains that make headlines are the obvious effects of this travesty.

More disconcerting are the deeper, long-term cultural shifts that accompany injustices like this.   Angst and retaliation seem logical, but some have suggested that this response is precisely what the racist right wing is counting on to escalate the mythical “race war”  they promise is coming.

White SupremacistsPresident Obama immediately gave a press conference, urging protesters to act with restraint and for St. Louis area police to do the same.

There has been talk early in this case of the Department of Justice (DOJ) not wanting a Grand Jury to have this case at all.  It’s considered a Federal issue that should be investigated, tried, and punished in a court of all people.

The silver lining for justice is that now, the DOJ can file charges at their discretion.  President Obama didn’t mention it in his speech, but of note, when asked by a reporter in the Q&A, he didn’t answer as he walked away.

The Michael Brown story is far from over, as Eric Holder, who determines whether or not Federal case is pursued, is a lame duck Attorney General having already scheduled his resignation.

So, he the Attorney General won’y be as influenced by external forces as he would be otherwise.  And, his supervisor, the President, is an eternally-obstructed lame duck President.  So, probability gravitates to his being significantly less likely to be influenced by threats made by the Republican party to back off.

Here’ the Press Conference:


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