[UPDATE] NBC Announces Media Meme: Warren to be Democratic Ted Cruz

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US media has announced how they will be characterizing progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren over the course of the next two years. It’s a vital period of time for the gilded right, as the national mood has announced itself a distinctively populist one in reaction to years of anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-minority, anti-student; anti-midde class and poor, anti-peace.  The national mood is a fierce disgust toward the Republican obstruction to everything the people had voted for in supporting the dark-skinned agent of change, Barack Obama.

They have a majority in both the House and the Senate.  They will be viscious toward any trouble-making Democrat who dares stand in the way of their new Reich.

Like the electric car, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Howard Dean, Senator Elizabeth Warren came out swinging for progressive change.   The right wing will attempt to make an example of her and any opposition to their Republican party’s new absolute legislative majority. Like the nail that dares stick up, the right-wing corporatist media had to nail change flat before it spread to the coveted center.

NBC anchors jump to the challenge, telling us that a very real “senior House Democrat aide said that “thuggishly large Lizzy Warren” is the new Ted Cruz.

“Yeah, She is the Democrat Ted Cruz,” said NBC’s absolutely real person they didn’t just invent.

According to NBC, this very, very real insider person really really told them that Warren was definitely a Ted Cruz, because she’s “totally hard line like Cruz when he was all like

“Hey, y’all, were shuttin’ down the government. Yep, everyone around the House is saying she’s really, really just like that.”

This very real Democratic aide said that “Warren might stand on principle, but she’s totally fringe and will be the Ted Cruz to the adult table majority.”

The article below is the news release that NBC spilled the right wing’s PR intent in.

Democrats Tried To Shut Elizabeth Warren Up So She Fought Even Harder


not liz FB

I’m kind of paraphrasing, here, but this is a press release on how Senator Warren will be treated for the next two years by media – FOX, CNN, and yes, even MSNBC in their own defensive posturing style.

Remember, MSNBC is just a subsidiary of General Electric’s NBC — to make advertising dollars from the peasants they take for the spin that pleases their pocket books.

It was inevitable this would be the case. Like the electric car, Warren represents a serious threat to the corporate right’s hard-won domination of our electoral system. They have spent billions of board dollars getting things like the Patriot Act, Citizens United, anti-voting rights laws; job exporting free-trade agreements, and union-busting measures enacted.  They’re not about to submit to one person.

They sure as shittin’ shinola aren’t backing down now.  No ma’am.  You are about to see just how the all-powerful, gilded corporate overlords engage in political whac-a-mole.  This happens with predictable regularity, but not so predictable that you notice it until it’s already well into the 2nd act.  With their campaign on the super-dangerous Elizabeth Warren, you will be able to say you saw it happen  from the very first swing of the bat. Elizabeth Warren will be characterized by corporate media as the Democratic version of Ted Cruz.  And, with any luck, the the Right Wing corporatist think tanks will be able to count on the fact that the American people will continue to show their willful ignorance and predictability, refusing to help those who would most benefit from the help:  that being pretty much 98% of them.

With just a little bit of luck on their part, the power the banks just granted themselves will bear them their well-deserved low hanging fruit.  They will be able to go back to the rules that allowed them to rape and pillage the Treasury with will continue without a hitch. The police will continue to militarize, and all this Democracy nonsense will obediently go away as the GOP steals yet another Presidential election to complete their trifecta.

Thank you NBC and your “Democratic House Aide” character for saving us from Elizabeth “Ted Cruz” Warren and from ourselves.  Below, enjoy video of Warren blasting the Bank-bribed right and Lindsay Graham blasting Warren as the Ted Cruz psychopath the Corporate media has chosen to characterize her as:


[UPDATE] Some important clarifications.  First, this is a piece with a lot of sarcasm and parody.  This is important.  No one in the Democratic party is saying Warren is a Cruz.  This is the right wing at Heritage, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and Dick Armey’s Koch-funded American Enterprise Institute (AEI) planting a story.  A right wing meme.

Secondly, this wasn’t a chance action.  It wasn’t spontaneous.  It’s said often enough that centrist tanks like RANDCORP and left-leaning ones play “multi-dimensional chess.”  Well, so does the right.  Ted Cruz is a prime example.  Don’t think for a second that he is a moron.  That is not the case, as sophomorically funny as it is to think it.   Ted is a player reading off of cue cards that make it easier for him to play the role that he chose to be chosen for.

One of the most lucrative acting jobs in or outside of Hollywood.

He has been playing this fringe teabagger role specifically as a reserve comparison for whatever firebrand took up the populist cause in defiance of the corporate elite.  They have been waiting for years to use this inbred rook when Democrats eventually dared go populist — or as they would term it: “socialist.”  Ted Cruz is as real as Nein Nein Nein.

That this needed to be pointed out means that the right has us in check.

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