Texas A&M to Name Historic New Outhouse After Ex-Gov. Perry

Perry the Bookess IdiotThis is so classically romantic. Texas A&M is considering naming a vintage outhouse after disgraced former Governor Rick Perry.

This will be the first time since 1872 that a college has named an outhouse for a former governor. It sounds kind of stinky, but it’s a really big outhouse, ‘cos it’s Texas.  In his honor, they will be making the “Perry Shitter” the University Political Library, in a move that will be safe for the books, as in a Perry Library, very few books are required.  (See how many books in the photo above?  It’s like that).

Republican House aides are saying that Herbert Walker’s baby boy idiot son is fuming mad he got snubbed for the toilet honor.  But, as it turns out, Texas Tech is one giant outhouse of a glorified junior college, and they’re planning on changing the “underwater basket weaving” degree to the “Dubya Fuckoff Certification” to make him feel better just in time for his brother’s announcement that he’ll be accepting the Republican losing ticket bid for the 2016 Presidential race.

Texas Board of Regents to Weigh Renaming Academic Outhouse for ex-Gov. Rick Perry

The only thing that could hold up the decision is the impending corruption charges Perry is facing.  Oh, and the possibility that Dubya may be prosecuted for the torture charges that he and Cheney may be facing.  Life’s complicated for confederate carpet baggers in the Lone Star State.

Texas A&M Rick Perry Library


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