Jan Slithers Back Under Her Rock — Dreamers Free to Dream

Brfewer Bitch WP

After years of bigoted hate inflicted on the people of Arizona, Jan Brewer is stepping down.

At every turn, Brewer attempted to deny human rights to members of her community, representing only the pastiest citizens around her.  She tried her best to build giant walls and crocodile-infested moats at the border Arizona shares with Mexico.  She attempted to make it a felony for people without proper papers to be in Arizona.

Arizona SB 1070

Even the Right Wing Supreme Court Court struck her crazed and bigoted laws down as embarrassingly unconstitutional.  Her soulmate, the psychotic Sheriff Arpaio, did everything he could to support her in her goal of a glorious Final Solution to her obsession of ridding the desert landscape of all Latinos.  But, even he was impotent to challenge justice and the promise of liberty and the American way.

brewer assaules obama WP

Brewer may be best known for confronting and assaulting US President Barack Obama on the tarmac of the airport he touched down on while visiting the people of Arizona, screaming at him for opposing her Racist anti-Latino law, SB-1070, disrespectfully shoving her clawed finger in his face.

MSNBC: Jan Brewer’s Infamous Finger Wag At Obama Was Racist

Her final plot to exterminate Latinos from Arizona was her attempt at denying Dreamers the right the President gave them to obtain driver’s licenses.  You know?  So they can legally drive to work with insurance, like the respectable human beings they are?  The Supreme Court slapping her down this time  was her final straw.

Gov. Brewer loses again in bid to deny driver’s licenses

She was done embarrassing herself and making Arizona look bad to the country and the world.  She would take her smoker’s cough and crawl back under the rock from which she crawled so that Dreamers could dream and work to become the good US citizens they aspire to be.


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2 Responses to Jan Slithers Back Under Her Rock — Dreamers Free to Dream

  1. Thrilled this wicked witch of the West is going down with a big thump. One down, many more to go.

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