Sex Ed

sex ed mkay

Here is a SEX ED VIDEO your kids could actually learn something from.

Just to give a little context:

The Tea has stained the GOP to the point there is no difference between old uncle Buck and his inbred flock of half-wits.  The Republican party has strangely, shockingly, and dangerously infected our public education system with myth and cult-driven sermons on the value of virginity and purity over sex education.  And, it’s being taught as sex education in backward GOP managed Red States in the old Confederacy.  Reality is the first victim, with millions of children just behind.  Spikes in teen pregnancy, abortions, and Venereal Diseases (that’s STD’s, or sexually transmitted time-out for y;all) paint the walls of old Glory.

Here is a satire of the right-wing cult-driven abstinence-only sex ed video garbage the anti-choice zealots have infected schools with.  It’s the LULZ, but it’s actually a sound video.  Should be considered for curriculum inclusion nation-wide.

This one is filled with great cameos from stars of Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Will & Grace, and Orange is the New Black.

This clip was taken from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.  Make it a regular part of your diet!  Jon would have wintered it that way.

~Written by Steven D’Mused, guest contributor.


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