Democrats’ VA Drive to Ensure All Vets Have Healthcare

The Republican Party is hell-bent on getting us into another preemptive war. Iran, this time. Poison the peace treaty and follow Benjamin Netanyahu’s right wing government into unnecessary war.

Isn’t that just how they do it, these chickenhawk Neoconservative Republicans: Con our youth into giving their lives for the DOD charge; get naive nationalists back home to “support our troops” with annoying and disingenuous magnetic ribbons for their cars; then forget about them once they’re used up and damaged goods.

President Obama and his Democratic administration fought to end the Republican Bush wars, and brought our children home. He fought a war right here to pass Obamacare to ensure millions upon millions of uninsured Americans that our uniformed fought for. But, he didn’t stop there. Obama made sure the Veteran’s Administration was there to provide the BEST healthcare for our Vets in its noble history.

1st Sgt. William "Mike" Leonard works with his Physical Therapy Technician Spc. Nick Peterson at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Photo by Garrett Hubbard

1st Sgt. William “Mike” Leonard works with his Physical Therapy Technician Spc. Nick Peterson at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  ( Photo by Garrett Hubbard

)More veterans now have access to faster, closer healthcare through the Veterans Choice Program. The Choice Program allows vets to see doctors who are not associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs, if:

The vet enrolled in VA health care on or before August 1, 2014, or is eligible to enroll as a recently discharged combat veteran


The vet has been (or will be) waiting more than 30 days for VA medical care


The vet lives more than 40 miles away from a VA medical care facility or faces one of several excessive travel burdens.

The VA recently changed how it determines how far a vet lives from the nearest VA medical facility, using actual driving distance instead of measuring the distance in a straight line. That means more veterans are now eligible for the program under the 40-mile rule.

Learn more facts about the Veterans Choice Program. And, tell your friends and vets all around that the Obama Administration got’s their backs! And, that includes his entire cabinet and the Democratic Party.

VA Salute


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