BREAKING: Truth in Hillary Classified Email on Rogue Server?

Cool Hillary ChattinI meant: Broken. BS accusations by bitter Nazi propagandist wnnabes in the Republican echo machine have no more validity than their Big Oil arguments against taking responsibility for our culpability in causing Global Climate Change.

They tried to create a false-reality with the Benghazi incident, and they’re trying to lie and BS the same kind of big-lie campaign here, hoping enough people are just ignorant and misogynist enough to buy it with this fake-scandal.

Below, you’ll see the State Department explain how Secretary Clinton followed all of the rules and regulations that were written by Republicans in Colin Powell’s era. No classified information was ever distributed by the Democratic Presidential frontrunner. They may retrospectively mark things as classified, but that doesn’t make anything she did a break from protocol. They can retrospectively make being female outside a man’s kitchen a felony (don’t laugh, that’s not far outside the GOP sharia drive), but that isn’t going to haunt Hillary either.

About dmusedamerica

I have done a metric ass-ton of things through my personal and professional trek across my nows and thens. I've worked in politics in more than a couple handfuls of US Senate and Congressional districts across the country. I'm a domestic wonk out the box. Through my work in the electoral mafia, I've lived many a parallel career. I tendered outright in 2006, but that's a story inside a story within a tale for none other time or other. For a lot of my years trench-side, I was fortunate to be able to work parallel in a managerial capacity for creatives. Now, I am able to have come out the closet, so to speak. I'm able to be managed instead of owning the wheel. For the first time in my life, I am blessed to let others manage my trip steps and bounds through the briar patch of publishing. Now, Steven D'Mused can harvest his own creative bounty. It's a good day. I journal here at Magnana Mouse to help my old friend John; to share my experience in and knowledge of the dark web of US political electioneering. This is a place for my activist self to write at a podium near the metaphorical ballot box. Hope I am able to add a valuable voice to Magnana Mouse. Thanks for reading and thanks for CARING to read into the truth. Let reality reign and joy flow. Get out the vote, no matter how you do it. Just do it. Fight for your right to party, my brothas and sistas. No rules in street fighting. Blood and balls. There is only winning and dying anymore. WIN.
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