“We Vote REPUBLICAN Because Small Government, Commies!”

Hillary Strong If you are a species of American with an identity that says: “I am a Republican,” then you think to yourself: “I am a conservative.  I believe in State’s rights” and “I will kill and die for small government.”

Only, you are conned into believing the orange-tinted House emperor is actually wearing clothes over his limply little Boehner.  Conservative doesn’t mean regressive.  A conservative believes in conserving.  Conserving our wildlife.  Our middle class.  Not going back to a Jim Crow era or segregation and confederate slavery; kept women; and unregulated industry that allows the billionaire class to get away with profiting off the blood of fellow humans.

It sure doesn’t mean that we spend hundreds of billions expanding government to play the Minority Report role of big brother to build fantasy walls keeping the world out and entrapping all of us IN the borders of our crumbling country and its sadly-deteriorating infrastructure.

It doesn’t mean creating an army of police-state Sturmabteilung (S.A.) agents to do what we did with the Iraq war and drain our economy dry to round up 11 million people in rail cars to ship off to camps before achieving some soul-less “final solution.”  This is not only racist, short-sighted, and anti-American to the core; it is wildly hypocritical.

Everyone — even the rubes towing the disgraced Tea Party line knows this.  Hillary Clinton — our next POTUS — spells it out in a press briefing at the summer DNC meeting.

About johnnysdoe

I'm JSD. John. Here, that means Johnny S. Doe. Whatever. We all have jobs and life that makes being neon us on a billboard a liability to people around us / to ourselves. I can yap as JSD and not cause hell and a handful of headaches. I’d never put a soul in a tough spot, but, I can write about some shadowy dots that might help make a more complete pic of how reality jenga’s itself together behind all the frames you see while you’re armchairing about it. For all intents and purpose, outside that function, I’m just John. I work seamlessly behind the seams of the political process you do or don’t take part in. I’m not going to get into much of the about me here. I write for fun at Magnana Mouse Citizen Media with a couple other contributors. Nate Silver says there's a 99.9989 percent chance this will be the only place you will ever see me. If you actually know me, you’d pass out in shock realizing this was me flaunting around here. So, you won’t. That’s all. Now, you, back to work.
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