Pucker Up and Take One For the Team

Domestic policies are the waters I swim. Sometimes, though, there are analogous similarities that put it all in a nice kaleidoscope.

It happens all the time, but yesterday, one materialized that defined the stream-crossing phenomenon.

OK, imagine I “accidentally” wander into the back room of a competitor’s suite at a Koch Brothers convention in Dallas. With a bag of recording devices. I’d be arrested. Maybe disappeared. And, I would have deserved the medicine.

But, who the hell told me to break into their hotel suite. Let me glance down and check my call log. Oh yeah.

Seeing the Persian gulf drama play out gave me the same lump in my throat.


US in IranWPFB

I could feel what the US troops were feeling as they were detained in those Iranian waters. But, I don’t know why they were put in that position to begin with. I doubt even they know why. Why in the hell were they there in the first place? You don’t do that on accident. Our tech is the best in the world. They don’t accidentally wander anywhere. They were ordered to go into Iranian waters — to ignore warnings the Iranians flood radio channels with.

The “how dare they arrest any American” nationalist screams aren’t even trying to report the story. Playing armchair QB discussing how the Iranians might be humiliating the Navy crew — hurting their pinkie fingers behind their heads is actually anti-reporting.

OMG, maybe the US should rip up the nuclear deal that Obummer so weakly got us into. Because, this obviously shows the world they’re not living up to their promises. And, multi-lateral shulty-lateral. Treaties are ours to do how whut we want! USA! USA!

Except, whoops! The opened diplomatic channels formed through the nuclear deal negotiations made clearing up our errs a quick cakewalk. It made sure our warriors are back in the homeland hugging their little ones.

Mmmmm. Diplomacy.

Mmmmm. Peace.

The world is changing for the better. The last thing any of us needs is a return to the dark and dangerous reign of an off-the-rails Republican regime.

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I'm JSD. John. Here, that means Johnny S. Doe. Whatever. We all have jobs and life that makes being neon us on a billboard a liability to people around us / to ourselves. I can yap as JSD and not cause hell and a handful of headaches. I’d never put a soul in a tough spot, but, I can write about some shadowy dots that might help make a more complete pic of how reality jenga’s itself together behind all the frames you see while you’re armchairing about it. For all intents and purpose, outside that function, I’m just John. I work seamlessly behind the seams of the political process you do or don’t take part in. I’m not going to get into much of the about me here. I write for fun at Magnana Mouse Citizen Media with a couple other contributors. Nate Silver says there's a 99.9989 percent chance this will be the only place you will ever see me. If you actually know me, you’d pass out in shock realizing this was me flaunting around here. So, you won’t. That’s all. Now, you, back to work.
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3 Responses to Pucker Up and Take One For the Team

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  2. Wonderful article – agreed!
    Following the SOTU address by President Obama last night, this proves that we have had a magnificent President all along, working without beating his chest like “Tarzan” or pitting people or countries against each other – just doing what has to be and must be done with the brave men and women willing to -trained to do it.
    I also just watches “Argo” again – the Shah of Iran thing, where we propped him up in Iran, he took advantage of the people there, and then we gave him asylum here — in a fabulous mansion in Beverly Hills – sunset blvd., I believe.
    Before I forget, here’s a link to some answers from the CIA about the authenticity of ARGO. Pretty darned close!
    Officially, Jimmy Carter had maintained for negotiation purposes that all of the missing American diplomats were held hostage, so the rescue came as a complete surprise to the public. American gratitude for the Canadian rescue effort was displayed widely and by numerous American television personalities and ordinary people alike, with Taylor a particular focus of attention. The Canadian flag was flown across the U.S., along with “Thank You” billboards.
    The thing is, we do what needs to be done, and everyone understands the parts they have to play.
    Trump might think that diplomacy is never necessary and the way to carry out and operation and rescue our team willing to do it, would be to scream it out for all to hear — that way, the operation would fail, naturally, but he’d look good.
    In fact, the most sophisticated of plans are implemented quietly, like composing a great symphony with each part coming together as a whole in one’s mind, and no one is the wiser for the details. President. Obama’s brilliance is gilded by the teams willing to play their parts – the teams that he has put his trust in, and they in him. (Think Seal Team 6).

    Thank you for your article.


    P.S: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Caper

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