Boycott Trump Appeasers


Since just after Trump and Russia’s stolen Presidential election was conceded, people have taken to the streets to protest the fact that Russian intelligence has given America her very first Fascist dictator.

Protests are nice to see and nice to vent through.  But, it takes more than that to kick the door of his car so he can actually see the damage.  Fortunately, Trump’s weak glass jaw hangs low enouth to be cracked even on accident.  Low Hanging Fruit of the Nazi kind.

To take the first punch to the jaw of the idiot clown, the “GrabYourWallet” protest kicked off in October when Shannon Coulter began circulating a spreadsheet of companies owned by the Trumps or that are actively supporting or doing business with the Trump family.   We’re not just talking about the obvious targets, like the Trump chain of hotels and golf courses.  Nope.  The list includes dozens of stores stocking Trump-branded merchandise, primarily garbage the Russian mail-order call-girl bride and the daughter-wife are peddling.

 “What this boycott means to me is that companies that I love, like Nordstrom and Amazon, are making money from the Donald Trump campaign,” said Coulter.  “To me, this is synonymous with hate and divisiveness so I can’t, in good faith, shop there anymore,”…

The protest has been active since October and is seeing positive results. For example, has dropped Ivanka Trump’s footwear line, and consumer interest in her brand has fallen 54% since the boycott began, Fast Company reported. Despite these results, interest in the Ivanka Trump Collection is higher now than it was before Donald Trump locked in the Republican presidential nomination, according to ShopRunner.  Deplorables eat at Chic Fil A just because they want to march lock step with bigotry and hate, no matter how bad the food.

Still, a boycott can be effective if it manages to “create some sort of reputational crisis for the firm that We, the ppl have to deal with,” said Brayden King, a management professor at Northwestern University. Only time will tell if an association with Donald Trump or his wives will do any lasting damage to the following 25 stores, all of which have been targeted by the #GrabYourWallet Trump boycott.  In alphabetical order:

 1. Amazon


Jeff Bezos owns Amazon.  He sells Trump garbage, but he and Donald Trump have clashed in the past, so there is no love lost between them.   Bezos recently claimed that he wanted “to send Trump into space.”  Trump Tweeted back that he would crush Amazon if he were elected.  Has nothing to do with the fact that Bezos also owns The Washington Post — Trump’s bane for reporting on what Trump says.

Amazon affiliates “Zappos” and “6pm” are also on the #GrabYourWallet boycott list.

All of these companies sell Ivanka Trump-branded Chinese sweatshop produced crap knockoff shoes, clothes, accessories, and handbags, according to anonymous sources close to sweatshops and Yelp reviews alike..


2. Bed Bath and Beyond


Bed Bath & Beyond sells goodies to pretty-up your living room table.  They also sell Ivanka Trump diaper bags, which is disgusting in and of itself, but we can only hope they are not bags filled with diaper trash they didn’t want to pay to have tosssed into the Dumpster fire that is everything Trump.  The online store, “Buy Buy Baby” is a subsidiary of Bed Bath and Beyond and also lands solidly on the boycott list.

 3. Belk


Belk is a Red-State Confederate-proud department store.  They sell Ivanka Trump Chinese sweatshop-produced shoes and cheap knockoff handbags, according to anonymous sources and Yelp reviews.

4. Bloomingdale’s


Bloomingdales is a high-end department store that is debasing itself greatly by selling Chinese sweatshop-produced Ivanka Trump’s shoes and “trashy, knockoff” handbags, according to anonymous sources and Yelp reviews.

5. Bluefly


Bluefly is an online clothing retailer.  They sell Ivanka Trump’s knockoff Chinese sweatshop-produced apparel, according to sources close to sweatshops.

6. Bon-Ton

slut-bontonBon-Ton is a department store chain that sells Ivanka Trump’s tacky Chinese sweatshop clothing, according to the Bon-Ton website and anonymous Yelp reporters. “Carson’s” is  another department store chain owned by Bon-Ton.  They also carry the tacky knock-offs of decent clothing, according to sources close to Sweatshopping.  This earned them a place on the boycott list.


slut-build-com sells the fake-gold-tinged tacky Trump Home line of home furnishings, so you, too, can make your bathroom look like a cheap, poor-man’s impression of Trump Towers.

 8. Burlington Coat Factory


According to Yelp reviews, the company’s website, and sources close to the sweatshop racket, Burlington Coat Factory sells Ivanka Trump-branded tacky chinese sweatshop clothing and accessories to show distinguishing daddy-love.  *wink, wink*

 9. Century 21


This department store chain – slash – real estate company was taylor-made to sell  Ivanka Trump’s cheap Chinese sweatshop knockoff shoes and clothing.  This home-for-sale sign with a yard sale in front of it has locations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

 10. Dillard’s


Dillard’s department store is almost like a Chinese sweatshop outlet mall, these days.  They feature Ivanka Trump clothing and accessories.  According to sources close to the Chinese sweatshop racket and Yelp reviews.

 11. DSW


DSW offers Ivanka Trump’s over-priced cheap Chinese sweatshop-produced shoes, according to Yelp reviews and the store’s own website.



Heels is an online shoe retailer.  They sell Ivanka Trump Chinese sweatshop tacky footwear, according to Yelp and the Heels website.  Help them not sell anythiCang at all until they stop pushing Ivanka’s garbage..

 13. Hudson’s Bay


Canada gets a lot of credit for their healthcare system.  But, they’re not all worthy of a good Canadian back-pat.  This department store sells Ivanka Trump’s Chinese sweatshop-produced shoes, clothing, and tacky jewelry.  So says the Yelp review troves.

14. Home Shopping Network


Haven’t shopped at the Home Shopping Network for Trump Home line of home furnishings, but if they are as gaudy and cheap-fake gold-plated as what we cringe through seeing on TV of Trump’s tower nightmare, boycotting this won’t be a problem for anyone with any amount of class.

 15. Jet


Jet isn’t a store, so much as they are as a place to shop online in between free porn searches.  Jet sells both Donald and Ivanka Trump’s stink-juice lines, as well as Ivanka Trump shoes.

16. Lord & Taylor


Lord & Taylor stocks Ivanka Trump’s tacky Chinese sweatshop clothing, jewelry, and handbags.  Sources at decry.

17. Macy’s


Macy’s was in the headlines back in July 2015 as they yanked Donald Trump-branded sweatshop clothing from their stores due to vile, bigoted comments he made about Mexicans. Bravo to them for that, but they continue to stock Ivanka Trump’s tacky Chinese sweatshop-produced clothing, shoe, and handbag lines.  According to Yelp reviews.

18.  Neiman Marcus DROPPED HER LINE!


You can burn your hard-earned cash buying Ivanka Trump-branded tacky jewelry at Neiman Marcus, according to low-ratings on

EDIT.  Neiman Marcus has dropped Ivanka’s garbage line from their product list, so they are off the boycott!

19. Nordstrom DROPPED HER LINE!


Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack both sell Ivanka Trump’s overpriced Chinese sweatshop knockoff clothing, shoes, and handbags. Sources are saying.  Grumbling, actually.

EDIT.  Nordstrom has dropped Ivanka’s garbage line from their product list, so they are off the boycott!

20. Perfumania


Perfumania had carried Donald Trump’s stink scents, but pulled them from their own shelves after a flood of complaints from dissatisfied customers, according to sources close to the Yelps.  Now, Trump-branded stink-nectar are again on their “shelves” at the fragrance retailer revels being back on the boycott list.

21. Saks Fifth Avenue


Ivanka couldn’t convince the traditional Saks Fifth Avenue to carry her generic Chinese knockoff clothing, jewelry, and handbags.  So, she fell back on their discount department store to herd the poor into imagining they were buying designer products.



Sears sells items from the Trump Home line — including his Chinese sweatshop ties and Ivanka Trump sweatshop knockoff clothing and shoes.

EDIT.  Sears has dropped Ivanka’s garbage line from their product list, so they are off the boycott!  It wasn’t listed, but, apparently, K-Mart was also carrying the stuff.  They too dropped the line.

23. ShopStyle


Shop Style is an online retailer that sells Ivanka Trump’s chinese sweatshop clothing, jewelry, and “trashy knockoff handbags,” according to

24. Stein Mart


Stein Mart is a department store chain.  They sell Ivanka Trump perfume and “trashy” handbags, according to



Off-price retailer T.J. Maxx sells Ivanka Trump accessories. Its sister companies Winners and Marshalls sell her clothing and shoes.

EDIT.  TJ Maxx has dropped Ivanka’s garbage line from their product list, so they are off the boycott!

EDIT II:  Apparently, TJ Maxx is still carrying the Trump daughter-wife line of garbage.  They have pulled the promotional end-of-shelf cardboard buy-me stands, but the garbage is still on the racks.  Just hidden in shame.

So, that was your list of 25 retailers whose business you don’t need.  Supporting Hitler is appeasing Hitler is aiding and abetting Hitler.  Just say no to these retailers until further notice.  Anything that has touched this deplorable excuse for a man needs to be tossed in the dumpster fire Trump set alight.

Long live the chief.

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7 Responses to Boycott Trump Appeasers

  1. wordplaydiz/NoirebyNature says:

    I can’t feel my face.
    Great research – but what the heck? Amazon? I love my books.

  2. Good news. Took a while, but finally, Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus have both dropped Ivanka’s crap from their product list, so off the boycott they are . . .

  3. More good news and another edit. TJ Max also dropped Trump’s daughter-wife’s line of Chinese-made crap clothing! So, commence to shopping at TJ Max, too!

  4. Sears and K-Mart just dropped the daughter-wife garbage line. Didn’t even know K-Mart was infected. Well, not anymore.

    One other thing: TJ Maxx didn’t completely take out the garbage. They pulled the rack displays, but the trash is still in the stores — just hidden amongst the other clothes. So, they’re KIND of off the Boycott list.

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