Gasser Blame Game

Trump Gasser Bullshit WP


Trump is so constipated that his shit is shooting out his ears like play doh spaghetti.  The Fischer Price Play White House Presidency.

Last night, when the news of the chemical gassing attack in Syria heard Russia and Trump respond to it, the reaction was like Dumb and Dumber were fighting to grab the trophy for most Keystone Idiot Lie to pass off the blame for it.

The Russians, whose jets were witnessed releasing the ordinance that released the deadly gas blamed the atrocity on the Rebels they were targeting for their proxy, Bashar al-Assad (NBC NEWS).  The Russian’s impotent cry was that the Rebels were storing tonnes of sarin gas for the Russians and they experienced a catastrophic chemical storage barrel failure, as apparently, all of the barrels broke and the nasty gas spilled out.

“Wasn’t us, comrade, nothing to see here, move on, move on.”

Trump had a MUCH more realistic theory:  It was all President Obama’s fault (NBC News).

“He did it.  I have the best people going to Syria and they can’t believe what they’re finding.”

Trump tries harder than HE has been in decades to shiny object everyone’s attention from the reality that the Motherland that put him in power is drowned in War Crimes.  Trump says that President Obama should have gone to Syria and crushed Assad a couple years ago with boots on the ground on Assad’s throat.  Nevermind that Trump Tweeted at the time (2013) that Obama SHOULD NOT send USMIL to Syria:

Trump Syria Obama Do Not Go Tweets.jpg

But, did President Obama take Trump’s idiot Twitter counsel?  Hell no, he didn’t.  President Obama tried to intervene against Russia and their Genocidal puppet-dictator (New York Times).  Why didn’t we go in and put a hurt on some Right Wing Nazi tyranny?


Our own Right Wing Congress refused President Obama’s request (New York Times). Again,

  1. Trump didn’t want Obama going after Assad and ISIS in Syria.
  2. Russia just gassed and murdered hundreds of Syrian civilians.
  3. President Obama tried to send USMIL to Syria.
  4. The Republican Congress Denied Obama’s military intervention.
  5. Russia blames the gassing on Rebels killing themselves, WTF.
  6. Trump blames President Obama for not intervening before, LOL.
  7. Trump inches toward WWIII in leaps and bounds.

Remember, friends, that we were once led by competent men.  We were once a people of honor.  We can be this again.


Obama and Biden


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9 Responses to Gasser Blame Game

  1. One of those 4 Trump Tweets above was this one that suggested that IF we go into Syria, that the ARAB LEAGUE pay for it. Like the Mexicans will pay for his idiot wall.

    Suppose we should charge the Arab League for Trump’s adventure?

  2. Yes! Darnit, yes!!!! This is what I mean. The dude is a serial liar!!!! Your article, as always, is very insightful and well-written. Not everyone knows how to put two and two together without ‘missing’ the crucial point.

  3. demdeb says:

    From one year ago Hmmmm…. Look where we are today. Sometimes have to remind myself that we will have competent leadership again.

  4. Magnana says “Hi, Dem Deb!” Seismic events cause the ground to crumble beneath his feet and the earth swallows him whole. Beautiful thought.

    HOWEVER . . .

    Imagine how much that’s going to pollute the water table.

    • Wordplaydiz says:

      Since my comment is still awaiting moderation, I’ll send to Dem Deb! and maybe she can translate for me.

    • Wordplaydiz says:

      Aha – found it. I may or may not be commenting in the correct spot. It’s about 7 points that may as well be 50. Trump hates yet is jealous of Obama. When we had that wise Prez, Congress thought it would be really Badass of them to shut him down and out. Trust me, if something awesome wasn’t accomplished, we all remember McConnell’s word’s, and dump’s are re-printed everywhere. There should be a special place for people who can cause hatred specifically by intending malice then following it with lies. I say the loser in this scenario 2018 is easy to spot. What will he pay for selling his soul and his countrymen?

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