Syrian Jets Still Taking Off From Damaged Airfield [EDIT 10 APR]


Syria BoomAgain JetsSyrian Jets still take off from Airstrips damaged by US Tomahawk strikes.
Syrian Airfield post-Trump Fireworks Show 1The Firework Show was expensive and caused a lot of smoke, but didn’t accomplish much.


Well, since Trump warned Russia and Syria to move their toys out of the way before we started the $200M fireworks show, not a whole heck of a lot was really accomplished.

Just hours after we Tomahawked them, the Russians / Syrians are not even hiding the fact that they’re using the airport to launch more attacks on Syrian civilians.

Not to worry, though.  The jets taking off are Syrian ones, and it was the Russian ones that Chemical Attacked all the “beautiful little babies,” so at least the babies are safe from the chemical attacks.

See how good Trump is at this?  He has the best words.


Reuters –>

EDIT 10 APR:  The new sorties the Syrians / Russians launched?  They’re up to bombing again.  The same site they gassed the first time.  Nice job, Trump.  Really solved this particular problem.

Daily Beast –>


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4 Responses to Syrian Jets Still Taking Off From Damaged Airfield [EDIT 10 APR]

  1. Know the entire essay is based on Reuters with a ton more than fits in a tweet, but here’s their tweet about this:

  2. And, a nice political cartoon, courtesy Deb Tezich. Shout out, girl.

  3. demdeb says:

    Ha! I did it. 🙂

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