Berns Leave Nasty Scars

Bernie Sanders WP

You know, I don’t mind Bernie Sanders. Never have. He’s a little annoying, but until last year, he was like a gnat. He’s not a Democrat, but he tags along and supports anything Democrats do.

He never sponsors a bill, but he always voted our way. He was just the kid you don’t invite to your party, but if you see him there, you don’t kick him out. He’s not hurting anybody.

Unfortunately for him, though, the Right and the Russian SUPER-RIGHT used all that ability to draw young progressive neophytes to him to redirect the energy and fell the Blue Tent. The story arc you don’t see coming that suffocates every ideal progressives stand for in the process. The Republican ol’ boys’ club arranged to get the PR propagandist Tad Devine to work with a very easily manipulable campaign manager, Jeff Weaver. The “Bernie or BUST” ideology and organization that formed around it was never more than a play operated by an alliance between the U.S. Right and Russian Intelligence.

Bernie Sanders or Bust WP

Bernie may have been caught up in it as a board member in BernieCo. Or, he may have been a useful idiot of a less-than-willing beneficiary. How you come down on the subject is binary, really. People either love him like a teen idol or they hate him.

I don’t think that’s necessary and I don’t think it’s healthy and I don’t think it’s helping ANYTHING.

Whatever he was doing, I see him touring with Democratic President Tom Perez and I see a guy happy to be helping guide idealistic young people into the open and inviting BLUE TENT.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing myself a minority. I see articles like this posted by good Democrats who I would assume would be hopeful about all of these new recruits, and it makes me sad.

Rewire –>

I’m worried that the hate displayed for the old man shown by Democratic loyals is like a really deep bruise that we keep charlie horsing so we can’t forget it. It lingers. Festers. I’m hoping that we can find a way to MOVE FORWARD.

What is the current scoring on the schadenfreude orgasm of crushing Bernie’s little head like a bug vs the need to guide his admirers into the Blue Tent?


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