The Baskin Robbins of Deplorable

Trump Voters Cartoon WP

One of my friends tried his best to differentiate between Tea Party Republicans; “Trumpster” Republicans; and the “regular” conservatives.  

As if there is a difference between them.  The reality that I believe all Democrats — progressives, liberals and centrists or whatever moniker the resistance to the darkness that is enveloping us are calling themselves now — is that there is no difference between any of them. 

Zero difference betwixt.

They are one-and-the-same.

Do you remember what “Brownshirts” were?  From your history study way back in the day? 

Refresher:  they were the loudmouth thug Reich pant-tuggers of the Nazi party leading up to WWII.  The Tea Party movement was artificially created to play an identical role in Neocon and Alt-Right populist, nativist movements in America that the Republican party sponsors. 

The SA, or “Sturmabteilung,” played a “bigly” role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 20s and 30s. 

Sturmabteilung at Wikipedia –>

Just as Tea-staomed “trumpeters” did and do for Trump, the “brownshirts”  provided protection for Nazi rallies, disrupting the meetings of and physically fighting opposing parties, and intimidating minority citizens, unionists, and people who pray / pray differently then they pretend to.


Bigoted thug paramilitary forces.  Unfortunately for America, *this* S.A. militancy is armed and entitled — shown that they can “stand their ground,” killing their foes with impunity as policing us do the same in all of our names.

Say it again, loud and proud:  There is ZERO difference between Tea Party mouth-breathers; Trump Brownshirts; the Christian Hypocrite coalition; and the entitled faux-centrist Republicans who would like you to consider “mainstream.”

Think of it like this:  they are all guilty of the bank robbery and the murders that ensued regardless of whether they were in the bank when it happened or just in the car idling waiting to innocently drive off and buy another yacht with the score.

Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors.  May they ALL burn.


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I'm JSD. John. Here, that means Johnny S. Doe. Whatever. We all have jobs and life that makes being neon us on a billboard a liability to people around us / to ourselves. I can yap as JSD and not cause hell and a handful of headaches. I’d never put a soul in a tough spot, but, I can write about some shadowy dots that might help make a more complete pic of how reality jenga’s itself together behind all the frames you see while you’re armchairing about it. For all intents and purpose, outside that function, I’m just John. I work seamlessly behind the seams of the political process you do or don’t take part in. I’m not going to get into much of the about me here. I write for fun at Magnana Mouse Citizen Media with a couple other contributors. Nate Silver says there's a 99.9989 percent chance this will be the only place you will ever see me. If you actually know me, you’d pass out in shock realizing this was me flaunting around here. So, you won’t. That’s all. Now, you, back to work.
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3 Responses to The Baskin Robbins of Deplorable

  1. Authenticity based on past history. Seeing from above the forest like and eye in the sky. Your blog begs everyone to consider our next step as a society.

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