Trump BS: Obama Second Amendment War Over

Trump NRA Speech WP

Trump spoke to Militia extremist weapons manufacturers who go by the “NRA,” Friday.


Like clockwork, the dodo bird BS shot out of his mouth at the gutter-bottom of the hour.  Knowing the cameras were all on  him and like he was campaigning for king of  Snakeoil Mountain.  Today, it was blindly dumb slander about how President Obama had waged an 8 year war on the 2nd Amendment — on every Americans’ right to own firearms.

Bullshit, because nothing like that happened.  Firearm sales rose to the highest level in US history under President Obama’s watch.  Democrats need guns, too.  But, that’s another subject for another time.

What Obama was for, and what EVERY Democrat fights for is for laws REGULATING the possession of firearms by people who are clinically psychopathic, violent felons, and people on the terrorist watch list.

Obama Gun Rights 1

What your last legitimate President wanted was to do all the things possible to see to it that every mentally-at-risk person gets the help he or she needs so that they don’t pose threats to themselves or those around them should they eventually participate in firearm ownership.

Obama Gun Rights 2

What is supremely disappointing is that we have a President that supports the LIES the NRA tells.   Disappointing, but nothing that anyone didn’t see coming from a country mile away.  See, Republicans — led by these DIRTBAGS who gather as the “NRA” — WANT violent, dangerous, insane people armed.  Because they care about the children so much.

Hypocrites, EVERY one.  And, if they aren’t, they need a quick lesson in the old trusty adage: “You’re known by the damn company you keep.”  Fly by the flag, die by the flag.


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