The Don’t Care HealthCare Republiplan

The Republican DontCare No-HealthCare bill just passed in the House of Representatives, 217-213.

House Vote 3 WP.jpg

I have a list here of how every congressperson voted. Of course, you want to ATTACK every one of the bottom feeders who voted YES in support of this bill.  You want to administer justice to the ones stripping healthcare from millions of people while bankrupting millions more.

Of course. They have a “what’s comin'” to get to worryin’ about.

New York Times –>

That said, I urge everyone to look HARD into every Republican who voted NO. The ones who voted NO like Democrats voted. These Nazis are an interesting specimens of Rochus Rebublicanus,  You can’t take them at face value.  When you study the above doc, I urge everyone to keep a piercing eye on the Republicans who joined Democrats in voting NO. 

Chances are, the NO-publicans are in districts where they are at risk for being the Nazis they are.  They can’t hide from the reality that the TrumpCo Reich helped arrange their slot for a strategic NO-vote to save their seat in 2018.  Very manipulative game of politics that in most circumstances would give them the expected shade.

Not this time.  These are the most vulnerable seats, I am imagining.  Their TOKEN and very safely-arranged, irrelevant NO vote is extra manipulative this time.  Especially since it was a negotiated arm-twisting by Commanders Trump and Pence, themselves.

The RESISTANCE needs to be extra diligent and unforgiving with these poseurs.  It’s time for them to flatline as a movement.

Trump Life Support WP

As an ideology.

They are Tea-bag Reich-lowlives and appeasers of all the heartless, cruel, anti-American Russian Mobsters by default.  They must receive ZERO forgiveness for their token vote.  They are on life-support after this suicidal vote.

They are no different than the worst of Trump and Ryan’s minions who did vote YES.  If they were in any way redeemable, they would caucus with Democrats.  But, they don’t, so no stay of execution.  Their Democratic replacement will be a thousand times better on their worst day.

This vote was their DO NOT RESUSCITATE ORDER.  Time to let them pass on.  We should be so kind as to help them along.

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I'm JSD. John. Here, that means Johnny S. Doe. Whatever. We all have jobs and life that makes being neon us on a billboard a liability to people around us / to ourselves. I can yap as JSD and not cause hell and a handful of headaches. I’d never put a soul in a tough spot, but, I can write about some shadowy dots that might help make a more complete pic of how reality jenga’s itself together behind all the frames you see while you’re armchairing about it. For all intents and purpose, outside that function, I’m just John. I work seamlessly behind the seams of the political process you do or don’t take part in. I’m not going to get into much of the about me here. I write for fun at Magnana Mouse Citizen Media with a couple other contributors. Nate Silver says there's a 99.9989 percent chance this will be the only place you will ever see me. If you actually know me, you’d pass out in shock realizing this was me flaunting around here. So, you won’t. That’s all. Now, you, back to work.
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