Stoopid Spice SNL Promos

Spicy Spice McCarthy On Street WP

Tomorrow night is a stellar one for SNL. Melissa McCarthy — who plays Sean Spicer brilliantly — hosts the episode. So, a lot more of Melissa.

For those who don’t remember, she isn’t always a less impish Sean Spicer. As can be appreciated in this lovely promo that NBC got Lorne Michaels to do. Which I am sure they are a million x grateful:

And, in a brilliant move, SNL had McCarthy saddle up the ol’ podium and give it a spin around the streets in front of 30 Rock. Of course, it was phone-cam’d proper. I have a feeling SNL filmed it too, and we’ll be seeing it in a Saturday skit.

And, you didn’t think that was going to be all, did you? It’s not.

In another promo for the show, NBC released edits of an interview between Melissa McCarthy and Vanessa Bayer:


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3 Responses to Stoopid Spice SNL Promos

  1. Steven D says:

    That was the worst episode of SNL this season. The Spicer skit was good, but McCarthy was unimpressive outside the role IMO. And, who the heck was that band? They ruined music. Disappointed in the set of whores using SNL as an outlet for their talentless friends to take the stage and pretend to sing. That was offensive. You used to look forward to what SNL would introduce you to. Now, you DVR it so you can fast forward through it.

    • Um, yeah? The irony is delicious. The show bitches incessantly about the Republican Right wing and political / financial nepotism and the like, and THIS? Lorne Michaels needs to tighten his ship before it sinks. Again. Remember the 90’s and 2000’s? SNL was a yawner. It’s been so much better, but this is how it dies.

  2. Here’s the skit worth watching:

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