Trump — Low on Blow Supply — Gets Sluggish in Israel

People are saying that Trump is ill.  Something that slowly kills obese cokeheads over the age of 70.  Well, the coke part isn’t something people in the public eye have associated with his “illness.”

Nicer words just call the old, fat, cokehead “exhausted.”

Acosta Trump Tweet 01 WPHe King Dumbass doesn’t much like having to face Muslims he has damned as “Islamic Terrorists” when he’s meeting with their monarchy.

One can also deduce that he doesn’t like facing Israelis he screwed over, either.  We all remember how he released their top-secret intelligence to Russians, who share with Iran.  Dumbass.  Since Trump has been warring with US Intelligence, he has been releasing all kinds of top-secret info — putting all kinds of US operatives and assets in grave danger.

He just wants to come home to Mara-Lago.  Where he can score blow.  Yeah, on the road, he doesn’t have access to his coke dealer, many are speculating.   Everyone knows he has all the stamina, so simple, natural “exhaustion” is kind of a silly excuse, right?

Trump Exaustion Tweet 01 WP

Illegitimate wannabe King Baby hands is a low-energy, coked-out, dried-up, Russian double-agent.  All evidence points to that reality.

And, he really wants to come home — looking for dog-ate-my-homework excuses to skip the pop quizzes and get home before something happens.

Any of a number of possible somethings.

He’s super-concerned that whoever-the-hell-you-name-it-from-any-side might assassinate him while he’s blowing his weak-sauce hot air in foreign lands.  So much so, they created a bomb-proof ROOM IN HIS HOTEL for his 1000-member billion-dollar-a-day entourage .

NBC –>

That being said, we have to be thankful for this insane security overkill.  We DEFINITELY don’t want this illegitimate POS to get off easy with a quick death.  There is a humiliating trial and execution waiting for him right here at home.


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2 Responses to Trump — Low on Blow Supply — Gets Sluggish in Israel

  1. BOMB-PROOF-ROOM? Woa! I’m just tickled by the fact that his handlers have asked foreign leaders to prepare briefs in pictures, mention his name everywhere to make him listen, and keep it short as he has no concentration. This is the U.S President? Great article!

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