No Defeat on Preet Street

Preet Bharara was well known amongst the lawerly-types to be a ferocious prosecuting attorney.  He was the the prosecuting  attorney on the public corruption circuit who has actually been putting Trump-types in prison.

Donald Trump “hoped” that Bharara — the “crusader prosecutor” sub-species — would dutifully tender his white-flag resignation to Trump’s Putin-charged coup of the US Government.

What do you think happened?

Baharara wasn’t shocked or awed.  He dug in and forced Donald to fire him.   By putting Bharara on the defensive, Trump was going out of his way to make a mortal enemy of a man known as the Wyatt Earp of the public corruption landscape. Not wise.

Here is Bharara breaking his silence, then going hog-wild on Sunday Talk shows.


It’s nice having another smart guy with credibility and an actual resume put a deeper shine on our Blue.  He will help insure we have a magnetic North to set our compasses by.  He’s not our savior, by any means.  Not sweeping in and saving America from this Despotic idiot-slob of a President we’ve allowed force himself upon us.

Nope, we have to save ourselves.  What he can do, though,  is speak for the resistance where the government itself must #RESIST enemies  foreign and domestic.

Trump doesn’t fully grasp the Pandora box he has stupidly pried open.

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