Trump Insures a Million More!

Trump Healthcare Confusion

Big BREAKING BAM BOOM.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just came out, and Mitch McConnel’s Senate version of Trumpcare takes insurance away from a million less ppl than Ryan’s House Trumpcare bill!  22 million ppl get the boot instead of the 23 million that Paul Ryan would leave sick in a gutter to die!

That’s wonderful.  Really helps Trump keep his promise not to take away Medicare or Medicaid from Americans.  Oh, except BULLSHIT.  It totally still rips the programs from the needy.

Trump blames the evil of the bill on Democrats, Tweeting like a drunken mama-basement keyboard warrior that the Democrats aren’t helping be complicit in killing the now-popular Affordable Care Act by writing its heartless replacement Law.  It’s rough owning the Presidency, the House, and the Senate when trying to force shit legislation through, huh, baby-hands?

trump tweet blames Dems

Enlighten up via ABC News on the CBO’s report o0n the Senate bill:

ABC –>

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  1. Sad and oh so true. This no longer feels like America.

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