Meet The NRA’s New Face of FEAR

Dana Loesch has apparently replaced disgraced singer Ted Nugent as the new face of their hate-propaganda. In the video of their newest propaganda advertisement, they have Loesch all but directly call out for members to utilize their “2nd Amendment Rights” to take up arms against anyone who dares oppose the Reich:  King Baby Hands and the festering will of the Nazi Legislature of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

If they can’t sneak it in while we sleep, they’ll put us all down and walk in a bill taking away all of our health care so the rich can get even richer.

Brave of you, Loesch.  Mama must be real proud.

VOX News released this video. They wrote a very informative article about the video, with a transcript of Loesch’s tersely-delivered manifesto.

VOX –>


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3 Responses to Meet The NRA’s New Face of FEAR

  1. They’ve tried to glossy up war and death weapons with a new face. A woman’s face. It’s a confusing message for sure. Why shouldn’t women carry weapons? Why should anyone have military grade weapons? Do we kill off our future by glorifying guns?
    Thanks for the thumbs up, all wrapped in shine. No thanks. A world to look forward to is preferable.

    • It amazes that the NRA — some gun rights crazy grandpa group has such pull. Until you take into consideration that the NRA is a weapons manufacture lobby. Military infil. So, going up against isn’t a sit-in kind of battle in a war against . . . war.

      Thanks for discussin’!

  2. Steven D says:

    Remind anyone of the sea-change that drowned Dennis Miller’s career? Was this lady even ever worth her weight?

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