Howard Dean WP.jpgEveryone wants Trump not just to be impeached, but to face charges of espionage and high treason.

Only problem is that there are those who make the argument that a sitting US President can’t be held responsible for criminal activity.

Well, he’ll likely be impeached, but while he’s waiting out the obvious, everyone around him involved in any way will warm up the chair for him.  Starting with his favorite son, Junior.    Howard Dean and I are on the same page on this one.

Dean Junior will BURN.JPG

Really, the only question is in which order will the dominoes drop?  We all get to enjoy the office pool returns as this and that shoe drops.

He will burn in the dumpster fire he has stoked for so long.  Just don’t bother trying to call all the shots.  Know in the depths of your being that they will land.  The traitors will all meet Lady Justice.

Oh, and don’t forget, Kellyanne Conway looks like a dried-out piece of beef jerky.

Kellyanne DRIED UP WP

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One Response to Dominoes

  1. I think that for as much extra Secret Service protection President Obama needed, that’s nothing compare to what Trump needs. Obama had a bunch of knuckle-dragging mouth-breather bigot clowns gunning for him. Scary, but amateur. Easy work for Secret Service.

    If (when) Trump goes down, he is going to be a GIANT LIABILITY for a lot of ppl with DEEEEP pockets and super-villain power. The target Russian Oligarchs and the Reich of embedded agents alt-right here at home is serious bizniz.

    The Secret Service has a GIANT task on hand and needs to protect all these dirtbags so they can face American Justice in OUR court system. These ppl are going to wish Vladimir got to them.

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