Trump, the Not Funny Comic

Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin kicked out 755 American diplomats.

Ambassadors to the United States.  Russia just in effect deported them triple time.  755 hard-working American citizens just lost their jobs because the leader of a hostile nation expelled them from the country they work in without cause.  Their boss — their President thrown against a wall launching him into a defensive tirade.

Our President raised HOLY HELL!

Just kidding.  He did NOTHING.  Nothing except for guaranteeing his place in US history as the most vile appeaser to an American enemy EVER.  By bending over and letting Vladimir Putin take him from behind without so much as a whimper, Trump guaranteed he would forever be as cliche a traitor as Benedict Arnold.

Trump was asked WTF by a stunned press.  His only answer was to actually THANK Putin for “firing all those “expendable employees” from the rolls, because he had meant to go in and clean house, anyway.

With one impotent trip over his own bloated, old diabetes foot, Trump has emasculated our nation and ceded our leadership role in the world to Russia, China, and Germany.


That’s in the macro.  But in the microcosm, here, Trump has just put 755 families in dire straits.  Former Ambassador to Russia, Mike McFaul booked on MSNBC today to explain just how far-reaching and damaging a move this weak leadership is proving to be.  There are Kids now unable to eat.  Children with no health coverage when they are sick.  The risk of actually losing a roof over their heads is as real as nuclear war.

And, those are just the American diplomats.  Pile on that list of expendables, the couple thousand American assets in Russia who are now unemployed and absolutely unemployable as virtual enemies of the Russian State, and Trump’s funny joke just ruined thousands of heroic lives and very likely led to the end of hundreds.



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I'm JSD. John. Here, that means Johnny S. Doe. Whatever. We all have jobs and life that makes being neon us on a billboard a liability to people around us / to ourselves. I can yap as JSD and not cause hell and a handful of headaches. I’d never put a soul in a tough spot, but, I can write about some shadowy dots that might help make a more complete pic of how reality jenga’s itself together behind all the frames you see while you’re armchairing about it. For all intents and purpose, outside that function, I’m just John. I work seamlessly behind the seams of the political process you do or don’t take part in. I’m not going to get into much of the about me here. I write for fun at Magnana Mouse Citizen Media with a couple other contributors. Nate Silver says there's a 99.9989 percent chance this will be the only place you will ever see me. If you actually know me, you’d pass out in shock realizing this was me flaunting around here. So, you won’t. That’s all. Now, you, back to work.
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