Texas Flood Jesus God Oh Fuck 1

It’s been all fun and games for Republicans since 2009.  They have lived on a diet of “Screw science and the black guy, Jesus saves.”  They mock the concept of global man-made climate change, playing lap-doggie for BigOil, who has and continues to enrich at all of our expense.

“But, don’t worry, folks.  Global climate change is a hoax and if you pray real hard, you’ll be protected from the liberal plot to take your guns.” ~Pastor Whoever

Texas Flood Jesus God Oh Fuck 2

Well, it looks like Texas prosperity-doctrine evangelicals are getting their big chance to prove the existence and RAW POWER of Jesus.  I’m ready to see his burning bush lift the Lone Star State above the rising floodwaters and save everyone’s stuff.

More likely, we’re in the middle of God proving evolution / natural selection in real time.  Not that it would any of it be better if Democrats had been in office as the Hurricane broke, because this global warming crisis was decades in the making.  People just wouldn’t have to shake off the fairy dust out their stupid eyes to rescue / recover and prep to do how Democrats do and clean up for expensive messes ultimately caused by Republican corporate greed and delusional denial.

I fully expect Evangelical Churches and loudmouth televangelists to put their money where their money-making yappers are and charity-fund the emergency efforts to save Texas.  They talk a big game about how the government shouldn’t fund government things — that churches can take care of all of it.  Let’s see how full of shit they’re surely not.


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  1. Excellent. *smiling to self*

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