Texas Governor Proves More Dangerous Than Trump

Arkema Plant Houston WP.jpg

I’m sure you’ve heard that multiple GIANT toxic chemical storage facilities at Arkema Chemical have or are set to explode in the biblically-flooded Houston area. The first explosion has already released untold amounts of untold chemicals into the air and water in an area that already has the most Superfund sites in the United States.

You’ve heard that it has gone snap, crackle pop-sizzle-boom, but you very likely have no idea how untold the amount of untold chemicals there even are there to be about to blow. And, there’s a reason for that.

Crazy Klanmeister Texas Governor Greg Abbott is hiding that information from you. Texas refuses to regulate where chemicals can be stored. No zoning ordinance whatsoever in this anarchist’s dreamscape of a state. In 2013, a chemical facility next door to a school and an apartment exploded, leveling the entire town. But, only 15 women and children were killed, so GO TEXAS!

It inspired Abbott (still the Texas Attorney General at the time) to sign a “ruling change” that essentially said the public no longer has the right to the information about the chemicals Texas companies use or store; what risks they pose to Texas citizens; or what measures the companies plan to implement in case of emergency.

Arkema’s plan apparently included turning tail and running like cowards with their tails tucked up under their ass crack as they just let it all burn.


Houston already has the most SuperFund sites of any county in the US. Now, the entirety of South Texas is a very likely a giant flooded Superfund site because Abbott and the rest of the Republican “leaders” in the state are owned by the Chemical, Oil, and Pharmaceutical lobbies and don’t have any shits to give about the Citizens of Texas.

Now, sleep tight knowing that the entire rest of the Arkema plant, along with their untold types and amounts of chemicals are about to explode. Not might be. ARE getting ready to.

BBC –> http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41104451

Below is Joy Reid filling in for Rachel Maddow tonight interviewing Matt Dempsey of the Houston Chronicle about his investigative pieces in the newspaper exposing the shade.

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1 Response to Texas Governor Proves More Dangerous Than Trump

  1. Great article, sourcing, and OMG, “outing!” This is so shameful, I don’t think these people can criticize any foreign powers who keep their citizens vulnerable to chemical deaths. *!!!!!*

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