Healthcare Grand Theft 2.0


We all saw this coming, but here it is.

You thought Sara Palin’s papa McCain was some kind of hero?  For disallowing the last theft of our healthcare?

Well, he’s onboard the vote to burn the Affordable Care Act, taking healthcare from 30 million Americans.

Taking away protection for citizens with preconditions.

Not allowing children to stay on their parents’ healthcare plan until they leave home as adults.

Destroying Planned Parenthood altogether.

Los Angeles Times –>

This is much worse than either of the former ridiculous Trump Republican Repeal-Replace bills that crashed and burned a little more than a month ago.  Fight to the bitter, bloody end to stop the Republicans from succeeding in this vile gutting of the remaining soul of our country.



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2 Responses to Healthcare Grand Theft 2.0

  1. johnnysdoe says:

    Sen. McCain said his deciding factor in his vote on the upcoming bill would be how his Arizona governor felt about it. Well, the gov gave Sen. McCain the go ahead.

  2. johnnysdoe says:

    You have SEVEN days left to save Obamacare. After this, rich get their balls tickled golden and you get to watch your family suffer and die.

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