Grand Ol’ Cross Burns Anew

Klan GOP Reunion WP

The people who imagine themselves “conservative” are herded into a guns n glory march with the super-wealthy masters of their everyday.  This engineered base of folk tend to have a penchant for nationalist, largely nativist cultural identity.  They tend to unite behind a misguided reverent fondness for the slave state confederate traitors against the United States.  There is an undeniable bigotry and shameful belief in their superiority as melanin-deficient hairless apes.

And, now the KKK is de-hooded and proudly marching in step with their Nativist brothers in arms.

David Duke openly praises Trump for defending the White Supremacy movement, showing neo-Confederate and neo-Nazi white supremacists shade and encouraging their race hate.

Independent –>

It’s always been there, the ancient vile race-hatred.  It just cowers in shame in the dark closets of the scumbags who harbor it.

Trump has deemed it honorable to be a white power neo-Nazi in his fiefdom.  And, now, the FBI has declared the effort to have created an Americn ISIS, easily as dangerous as their desert cousins.

Independent –>

Good people aren’t this, though.  The “Grand Old” party of the incoming generation’s parents handed down to them a rote loyalty to what turned out to be the party of hate, bigotry, misogyny, and the Ku Klux Klan.  And, in their defense, they hearken back to a hero of their message, Joseph Goebbels.  Goebbels was a sick man who was Propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler’s 3rd Reich who believed, in a nutshell, that you can convince people that “he who smelt it, dealt it.”

Joseph Goebbels Accuse Other Side WP

Young Americans and their parents are starting to come to full grips with the scope of the con through which they were led to base their worldview.  It took them a while, but it takes some hard proof that Santa was just manipulative parents keeping their children young, naive, and dependent on them.  They are waking from a long, dreamless sleep.

Trump, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan are about to be on their own.  An awakened youth won’t be going down with this shamed ship.




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1 Response to Grand Ol’ Cross Burns Anew

  1. Hard-hitting. I like the link that you’ve included to bolster your position. I would say that all Intel, meant to protect us, is baffled at the way that they have been placed in a subservient position, dismissed by the leader of the country that they live and die for.

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