The Great GOP Tax Heist of 2017

This isn’t an article describing the Republican Tax Heist of 2017 as a historical account.  That has been done and done well already, and will be sourced throughout.

Vice News –>

This Tax Cut monstrosity was a bill thrown together and designed by business lobbyists to cut taxes for the donor class and monolithic corporations. Here is one page of the 479 page bill:

GOP Tax Heist of 2017 WP.jpg

The details were hidden  not only from the public, but from the actual legislators who were to be voting on its implementation.  The hand-written notes on the 479 pages aren’t notes in between drafts, they *are* the final draft.

This is Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) holding up the monster bill as was handed to him moments before with just a little more than an hour before he was expected to vote on it (from a video he posted to his Twitter feed).

Tester and the Tax Screw MM WP

Twitter –>

This Frankenstein’s Monster of a bill was thrown on the desks of Senators only 25 minutes before  it was to be voted on.

There was no time for anyone to read it.  No one in America representatives or their constituents had any clue as to what to expect from the thing, except that every non-partisan, independent scoring firms confirmed that it will throw between 13 and 24 million people off any healthcare; that it will balloon the US debt between $1-4 trillion; that it will raise the taxes of the middle class significantly while lowering taxes of the rich significantly; and that there are no organizations of any type that approves of it in any way.

Mother Jones –>

This secrecy was not a flaw, but an intention, because had the public gotten to see what it actually had in store for them, Republicans would never have been able to force a vote on it.  The public — Democrats and Republicans alike — would have seen that this was a golden calf for the families of the super-wealthy oligarch class that fund these corrupted Senators’000 campaigns.

It would have been way too radioactive to earn a YES vote.

But, the Republicans successfully hid it from everyone but the lobbyists who crafted it, and they were able to force a vote on it.  Of course, on a straight party-vote, it passed.

NYT –>

And, here we are.

All we can do is keep RESITING and drown the dying Republican party in a MASSIVE BLUE DEMOCRATIC WAVE in 2018.  We have to suffocate ANY further damage to America and Western Civilization that Trump can do before he is removed from office.  We have to get the Congress ready for the Democratic President we will be electing in 2020, at which time we will be able to erase every pen-stroke that Trump scribbled in his shameful time in office.

GOTV 2018 WP.jpg


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