ISIS Caliphate Society Blueprint Uncovered

We’ve defeated ISIS, right?  Like we defeated Al-Qaeda.  Uh huh.  And, that Boko Haram bunch?  Never heard of it.  We just lob in some bombs and poof  Nothing to see here.  Just give us some more $$ and let us worry about it.

Well, oil is only about a 6th of their income and they can’t be so easily bombed into submission.  From their rubble comes a society.  As bleak, violent, and ugly as it is.  Seems that they keep power on better and trash pickup is more a regular thing.

It’s like they’ve invented Utopia.  Look at how beautiful the Ideal Society is when you get to cut off heads and melt gay people alive:

ISIS Aftermath

This is a great New York Times expose on exactly how their caliphate replaced its predecessor societies. 

NYT –>

Why not?  Trump dodged the draft for the Vietnam War.  He just wants to slow-walk us all through his elementary U.S. history education and all the potholes we tripped through the last couple times.

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1 Response to ISIS Caliphate Society Blueprint Uncovered

  1. Well put, John. Thanks for finding this. I miss the days when I started with the NYT. Nice summary!

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