Jen Kerns: Engineered White Nationalist Irrelevance

Jen Kerns WP Preview.jpg

Who is this Trump Sycophant?  Did she exist before MSNBC trained her how to be a woman-hating woman who licks Trump and Sarah Huckabee “Aunt Lydia” Sanders spit off the sidewalk?

You wouldn’t remember her as the page at the California fringe-right minority Republican party.

Why would you?   Fart outside and it doesn’t warm the weekend up.   Her college career and internship in the golden state’s sad white nationalist minority were kind of like that.  Her first and only brush with infamy of any kind was when she was the chubby-faced spokesperson for the UNCONSTITUTIONAL anti-gay Proposition 8 from 2008.  Remember, the one that the LDS cult ran out of Nevada and funneled $20 Million into the state to campaign?

Mormongate — The Church’s Cover-up of its Prop 8 Funding
Huffington Post —>—-the-churchs_b_163016.html

Kerns is like an even more clinically obese blond version of Huckabee-Sanders that MSNBC created as a funny little cartoon character to parrot Trump Reich talking points.  But liberals / Democrats / media pundits won’t put a target on her back.  We won’t poke and prod her with a clever, little “trumpian” nickname.  It’s not how we roll.  Liberals see all of the lies and the hate she argues for as her crown.

People like her are specters we don’t need to name. But, just for posterity . . .

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1 Response to Jen Kerns: Engineered White Nationalist Irrelevance

  1. I’m thinking you did give her a ‘trumpian’ name.

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