Security Alert: Google Privacy Update

This isn’t a notification of a security threat as much of an alleviation of one.  Google is letting its users of  new feature allowing you to erase some of the data on you that they store and have previously sold.  Regardless of what their plans are to use / not use / sell / or promise not to sell, your data is like your DNA.  Best to know what companies are trying to do and benefit from the hard work of people who are keeping them all in check.

Here is the link to the update link that Google sent out:

Google –>

The URL has “signin” in it, so there’s a chance only their clients are invited to read it.  If that’s the case, and you aren’t their customer, you should still be allowed to read their update.  So, I screen-grabbed mine and here ya go:

Google Privacy Updates
Do watch gotta do.  Just know whatch gotta know in a routine “look before you leap” kind of way.

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1 Response to Security Alert: Google Privacy Update

  1. Good to see what Google is doing, though I can’t really tell how extensive it is. I cleared up my cache. Facebook and Twitter released new TOS too. Get something up about those, too. All good to know.

    A couple things:

    1. Stay logged out of all of the above unless you are actively using them. Never have any combination of them logged in at once. When you search on the web, do so on DUCKDUCKGO, which does not record any of your private data. Don’t be logged into ANY other sites while you surf.

    2. Link your FB to a DUMMY Gmail acct. Make one. Use it for FB, and only have that acct open when you FB. Don’t use it as an email acct. for any other purposes.

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