Trump’s Torture Goddess To Head Our C.I.A.?

Gina Haspel WP

Gina Haspel was once the head of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) “Extraordinary Rendition” (torture) program.  What kinds of torture did Gina Haspel met out to her clientele?

She “rectally fed” them.  Meaning that she starved them and kept them alive by forcing food up their asses and back into their stomachs.

She froze them to death.  Stripped people naked and left them in the freezing cold, sitting on concrete, until they were dead from hypothermia.

People were “waterboareded” over and over.  They were drowned and revived.  Over.  And, over.

Haspel had prisoners forcefully kept awake.  For weeks at a time.  Until they went mad.  Or died.  And, this does kill people, so we’re clear.

Here is a list of things that Gina Haspel’s Torture program accomplished, and arguments from Haspel’s supporters, courtesy of a group that pays pretty close attention to all of it.  Enjoy an article entitled: “Haspel’s CIA Torture Defenders Have No Case:


You can use your darkest creativity to come up with other methods and fall far short of where Trump’s angel of suffering took the U.S. Torture program.  And, of course Trump sees her as a fair choice to head out C.I.A., because as infamous as she is for her torture-arts, she’s just as well known for obstructing justice by destroying classified documents that documented her war crimes.

Today, Gina Hapel was grilled by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of her nomination / confirmation process.  She justified her evil by saying she wouldn’t do it again.  That torturing gave them good information (this has already been proven false).

When asked if she considered what she did “morally sound,” she clammed up and refused to answer.  Here is a video of Sen. Harris holding her up to light:

It is usually best to always steer clear of using the c-word.  In this case, it’s been cleared for takeoff.  This evil CU#T needs to be denied ANY role in the U.S. government.



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1 Response to Trump’s Torture Goddess To Head Our C.I.A.?

  1. The only argument I can even see to justify a yes-vote by anyone in Senate is that Ms. Haspel is respected by her peers in the C.I.A.. This isn’t something to brush off. Torture is sickening. The buck stopped with Dubya and Cheney. That sick chapter is *hopefully* done with. I didn’t like the hearings. Still rec a NO, but in context, I can respect a YES.

    Knowing Trump, Haspel may be as good as it gets, though. Could he get John Bolton in there in her stead?

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